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Christianity 301

Christianity 301

We continue with Christianity 301. This is a series of educational posts to get you up to speed on Christian concepts that you really should understand but the world has let you down in tremendous fashion. And so I have done my best to step in and address concepts that I wish every Christian knew.

If I were to sum up all of this information provided in Christianity 101, Christianity 201 and Christianity 301 it is this. Truth does not come easy. You must dig. These posts I have provided are general Christian concepts I wish I was taught as a child. Instead I learned it much later and I only learned it by relentless digging.

This is heavy duty stuff. Red pill material. Holidays will be ruined for you. Some things from your childhood will be trashed. Be brave …

You are convinced meat eaters are wicked people.

I am still trying to figure out how vegetarians and vegans can be at peace with nature and not lecture the lions, the sharks, the wolves, etc. There are predators in nature. You live in a fallen world where no man no woman no animal and no plant escape an eventual flesh death sentence. Animals eat other animals here. This is the law of the land. If you want to be a vegetarian go for it. But when you start condemning meat eaters as second class citizens it is blatantly apparent you are the one who does not understand how nature works.

You were taught to love yourself. You have the Christ Consciousness.

This is common New Age thinking. I mentioned Matthew 22:34-40 KJV in my post Christianity 101. The enemy must truly despise this verse. It is attacked so often. It astounds me that those with the “Christ Consciousness” don’t know nor follow most things Christ said. You would think someone possessing the thoughts of Christ would know what the man said. Not so. Beware of hypocrites. Steven Bancarz is a good example of a New Ager who has come to Christ. See his videos on YouTube.

You thought Disney has your best intentions in mind.

This one is a hard pill to swallow for Christians. Face this one when you are ready. Here comes the truth so brace yourself.

Disney is built on magic and witches and wizards and warlocks. The whole enchilada is condemned by scripture. Because you have been brainwashed to love witches and warlocks since childhood it may take time to come to grips with this. I was as guilty as the next person. To those with ears let them hear …


You don’t know what actual witches and warlocks do.

Four words. Wheel of the Year. Browse google images for “Wheel of the Year”. This is the witch and warlock holiday schedule. This is huge knowledge. Do you recognize any of their holiday seasons? That is just the tip of the iceberg. If you are a Christian and you know the ways of real witches and warlocks you will learn so much about the world around you. It is one of the most valuable insights you can have in the world today. For example …

Let me describe for you a mild witch. They love Halloween and Santa Claus and Easter. Often found in a yoga class. They may consider themselves superior to meat eaters. They use profanity (it is called “cursing” for a reason). Their music and entertainment is rife with profanity and vulgar comedy (they take in curses). They may endorse drug use / smoking / alcohol (alcohol is called “spirits” for a reason). Attracted to horoscopes and zodiac signs. Tattoos are likely. Feminism and LGBT viewpoints are likely. Big fans of Disney. They don’t know jack about the King James Bible.

Is it a problem that I just described a typical American woman? You tell me.

Higher up the witch food chain. Sky clad (desire to be seen naked). Meditation / opening the third eye / chakra stuff (channeling fallen angel beings). Astral projection (leaving your body to “travel” elsewhere). Spells, rituals, enchantments and sacrifices. Goddess worship in many forms. Pantheism (god is all things). God is rock. God is tree. God is me. Self love. Claiming of the Christ Consciousness. Self godhood. Still don’t know jack about the King James Bible.

Is it a problem that I just described the typical Hollywood celebrity? You tell me.

You were taught America is a Christian nation.

Until you understand what real witches and warlocks practice you don’t really understand the world around you. Let me give you a fundamental example. What do the names the week mean? How about the names of the months? Can you even conceptualize how deep this rabbit hole goes? Once you understand paganism, ancient babylon, the Thelema, the Wheel of the Year, Wicca, Freemasonry etc you will have a clue. At that moment whoa momma the world begins to look a lot different.

In two short sentences here is what is happening in America today. You were pitched patriotism. Instead you got witchcraft.

Look to some of the largest symbols of Americana. The Statue of Liberty, the Washington Monument, the Pentagon, the Congressional Medal of Honor, Columbia, Christmas, Easter, and Halloween. All of these American as apple pie. I am telling you the apple pie has poison in it. None of the stuff I just listed is Christian at its core. You may not believe me right now. I invite you to dig. I have written about most of these things on this website.

Surely your local church knows these things.

If your church is preaching these things you deserve the biggest apology ever from me. I happily apologize to you and your super stellar church. In fact I would love attending your service. Furthermore I am jealous that I do not have a truthful church like this around me. Just try finding a church that doesn’t celebrate Christmas and Easter.

You don’t know what the prophets said or predicted.

This is one of the mistakes the Pharisees made (Jewish teachers) when Jesus walked the earth (amongst other things). They didn’t realize their own scriptures predicted Christ (and in which fashion). Do not make the same mistake. Know your scripture. Old Testament and New Testament.
The prophets will also obviously teach you about things to come!

You don’t know the conversation that happened in the Garden of Eden.

Read Genesis 3 over and over because it keeps repeating itself over and over. I want to take this opportunity to mention a free software called e-sword. With e-sword you can hover over words from the Bible (the KJV+ tab in the software) to see their true Hebrew meanings. Very useful. Don’t trust what everyone “claims the Bible says”. Download e-sword and do some digging!

You watch TV programs but you never considered you are being programmed.

If you find any television programs that happen to promote cursing, vulgarity, drugs, alcohol, violence, LGBT, blasphemy, adultery, feminism or magic just let me know. I am being highly sarcastic. Most TV shows and movies and popular music promote these things. Take note how many commercials mention the word “magic”. The witch and warlock ways are being promoted to you on a grandiose scale. Most do not know this. Even the TV shows that make me laugh have a tendency to make me cringe in the same episode. And you will cringe too once you understand magic is a request to a fallen angel to do something supernatural for you.

You didn’t know Christians have power.

Please read 1 Corinthians 12 to understand the supernatural gifts given by the Holy Spirit. If your church is preaching 1 Corinthians 12 it is better than most.

You don’t know how to defeat the enemy.

You get saved.

This is the only win here. People ask “how do you fight the Illuminati”? The answer is you get saved. Then you teach others how to do it. Consider this. Fallen angels have had thousands of years to set traps for you. You have a few decades to figure this out. This is your life. What is the purpose of life? I have just told you.

No one told you how to get saved.

Look to scripture. Read Luke 9 , John 3 , John 10 , Acts 2 , Colossians 3 and Revelation 3 of the KJV to name a few. Think R and R. Not rest and relaxation! Repent and Resist. Repent for everything you can recall being a sin in your life (to Jesus or the Father is my personal style). Resist the sins that plague you.

I have seen testimony of some freed from all sin instantly. This is super if that happens to you. For me it was not so. I am still battling some large sins (specifically in the lust category). I am happy to report progress across the board in general. Some I have totally kicked. How well can you do this?

Get a taste for repent and resist …

1) Try not cursing for a week.
2) Practice not getting angry.
3) Pick a good time to read scripture daily.

There are many more things. Read your Bible and this website to find more!

In Closing

Thank you for checking out Christianity 301. Most of this stuff is factual. Why are these facts not told to you in public school or college or churches? If we have to dig for truth then I can only reach one of two conclusions. Either we are mis-educated on purpose or we are educated by fools. I am not sure which.

Remember this article the next time you hear “we need more funding for education”. I just gave you more education than any Christian school on the planet in less than 2000 words. And I did it for free. I hope these things make you think. I hope you dig.

10 Dec

Christianity 201

Christianity 201

We continue with this crash course in Christianity series. Today we are covering more topics that I wish every Christian knew about. Let us pick up where we left off from Christianity 101.

Welcome to Christianity 201! Your average Christian walking down the street does not know these things. This is red pill material. Read on only if you are prepared to deal with me ruining some holidays and horoscopes for you. As was the style in the previous post I’ll present a common misconception followed by some supporting comments. We start with the topic of blasphemy …

You don’t recognize blasphemy very well.

Don’t feel so bad. Most people can’t recognize blasphemy. Few to none are bold enough to call out a church for it. As you become a stronger Christian you will gain insight into this. That is commonly called discernment.

Consider John the Baptist when it comes to discerning blasphemy. John lived in the woods wearing camel’s hair clothes eating locusts and wild honey. Does that sound like a man living lavishly? Jesus told us none were greater than John the Baptist that were born of a woman. Do you think John the Baptist’s style would endorse wearing a giant golden Jesus head necklace like these rappers do? John said he wasn’t even worthy to unbuckle a sandal on the foot of Jesus. Do you think John the Baptist would appear on a magazine cover wearing a crown of thorns? Kanye West kind of taught me what blasphemy looks like. Use some of his rotten fruit to learn. See my post about Kanye West to understand blasphemy a little better.

No one taught you what paganism is.

I’m covering topics for you that are hard for normal Christians to understand. If you are a brilliant Christian you should be able to tell someone else what paganism is. You are light years ahead of other Christians if you have this particular knowledge in my humble opinion. I make your life easier. See my post pagan things.

Someone told you Jesus is just a copy of older pagan gods.

This is an argument pagans like to make against Jesus to be nothing special. Actually Jesus corrects this misconception with his own words. Luke 10:18. When you witnessed Satan fall from heaven like lightning then you are older than Tammuz. Pagans like to appeal that Tammuz is an older god. In short pagans don’t believe the words that Jesus actually said documented in scripture. They often say things contradictory to what Christ said. Sometimes you just either believe what Jesus said or you don’t. Also known as faith.  But if you want something to convince you, consider when Jesus was dying on the cross, there was a 3 hour solar eclipse at that exact time.  If that isn’t convincing enough the man was special, I don’t know what else to tell you.

You were taught Constantine was a great Christian.

You really should read my post what did Constantine do before making that giant assumption.

You thought Christ is the reason for the season of Christmas.

More people are figuring this out (praise God). Are you aware Jesus was likely born in September? It likely wasn’t winter. Shepherds were sleeping in the fields during the time of his birth. Very likely too cold to do that at the end of December in Bethlehem, Israel. It was also the time of the Census of Quirinius. Back then you had to travel to your home town for a census taking. Can you imagine the uproar there would be in the United States if a census demanded everyone return to their hometown in the winter? We don’t even schedule weddings much during the winter. Hence the phrase “wedding season”! The truth is the ancient pagan festival season of Yule occurs around this time. Yule is actually older than the commonly mentioned Saturnalia (typically used to explain the Christmas celebration). December 25th and the winter solstice in general is a popular birthday for ancient pagan gods. This practice pre-dates Christ walking on the earth. Not surprisingly December 25th was the birthday of Nimrod before it was the “birthday of Jesus”. All roads lead back to Babylon.

And then there is this. Have a look at the perception of Santa Claus around the world …


Other countries that we would consider “first world” view Santa as evil! The people of Italy, Germany and Finland have more discernment about Santa Claus than Americans. Read Jeremiah 10 to learn what the Bible says about Christmas trees. This is Constantine’s doing. He made it trendy to place Christian holidays on top of ancient pagan holidays. I know why he did it. But with the internet we don’t have to be fools anymore.

One final note on this. December 8th is the modern day Immaculate Conception date. That date actually makes sense. Add nine months. You arrive at early September for a true Jesus birthday.

You thought Easter is about Jesus.

In one sentence Jesus was superimposed on top of Easter. Consider this. Easter is named after the pagan german goddess Eostre. Witches (who don’t worship Jesus) celebrate Ostara (just another name for Eostre). Where do the rabbits and eggs and ham come from? Why is the date of Easter calculated from the spring equinox? Semiramis and Constantine are responsible for this. As I just said a paragraph ago Constantine set the trend for placing Christian holidays on top of ancient pagan holidays. Also Constantine hated the Jews. Jesus was a Jew. Choose your Christian authoritative figures wisely.

You thought Halloween is fine for Christians.

Literally one of the two favorite holidays of the Church of Satan. It literally says so on the Church of Satan official website it is their favorite holiday at the time of this posting.

You don’t even know what holidays Jesus celebrated.

This is just FYI. Jesus celebrated Jewish holidays because he was indeed Jewish. I know how crazy that sounds today. He definitely celebrated the Feast of Tabernacles and Passover. This is pointed out in scripture in the Book of John.

No one taught you who Helena Blavatsky is.

Helena’s books The Secret Doctrine and Isis Unveiled are useful books to understanding what Christianity is not.  Her teachings are indeed what the occult is.  Helena and her teachings are in direct opposition to real Christianity.

You were taught the zodiac and horoscopes are cool.

A pretty good explanation of why the Bible condemns these things can be found here. There also exists a folk legend that the Babylonian witch queen Semiramis corrupted the true story of the stars that Noah knew. You can choose to believe that or not. I kind of like that theory. Much like Constantine corrupted Christian holidays. More on that later.

No one taught you about ancient Babylon.

This one requires homework. Start with Semiramis. Otherwise known as Libertas, Columbia, Venus, Aphrodite, Astarte, Asherah, Isis, Inanna, and Ishtar to name a few. Research these names to verify for yourself. Why does she have so many names anyways? Read Genesis 11. The Babylonians were building the tower of Babel. They were scattered and given new languages by the God of Abraham. Thus Semiramis is that witch queen with many aliases. Same with Nimrod. Same with Tammuz. All roads lead back to Babylon. Learn about ancient Babylon and you automatically learn about the modern world. Ohhh. One more thing. Best read up on the Statue of Liberty.

You were taught the Washington Monument was a tribute to George Washington.

Once you start catching on you see how deep the rabbit hole goes. The “Washington Monument” is a 300 foot penis called an obelisk. Is that shocking to you? Sorry. Obelisks are not Christian. They are way older than 2000 years old. All roads lead back to Babylon. Best read up about Semiramis erecting her obelisk. Google it.

No one taught you about Freemasonry.

Understanding Christianity is understanding what Christianity is not. I will repeat that statement over and over. There is a lot to learn about this topic. William Schnoebelen taught me this in his book Masonry – Beyond the Light. You too can learn all about skulls, obelisks, the number 33, checkerboards, baphomet, torches and Lucifer.

No one taught you about the 13 Bloodlines.

This is another fascinating topic. Similar to learning about Freemasonry. Who are the most powerful people in the world? The answer is they are old devil worshiping families. You can read all about it in the book 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier.

No one taught you about the Thelema.

One of the greatest secrets in the modern world. The Thelema is a religion. Thelema symbolism can be seen promoted by Kanye West (specifically Power and Runaway) and Katy Perry (specifically Dark Horse and E.T. and the Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show) and Jay-Z (specifically Holy Grail) in our day. These are just a few. So very few know what I am talking about.

The Thelema is a combination of Egyptian gods, black magick, astrology, homosexuality and pedophilia. The founder is Aleister Crowley. When people talk about pizzagate they could easily be talking about the Thelema religion but most people do not know its doctrine.

Here is some knowledge about this religion. There is much to learn about it. LGBT status is regarded as superior to straight people in the Thelema. According to Crowley the meaning behind the All Seeing Eye is anal sex with a child (I am quoting Schnoebelen on this one). Does that sound like the LGBT movement and pizzagate to you?

Exercise caution but to learn more about it. In what seems like a contrary thing to say you may want to browse Thoth Tarot Cards, the Book of Thoth, the Book of Lies, and Liber Al Vel Legis (The Book of the Law). Not to become a Thelamite but to become knowledged on anti-Christianity. I highly suggest not looking directly at images you may find in these books and I do not suggest reading the magic spells word for word. Just lightly browse. You can just take my word for it if you like. Many of my older posts talk about the Thelema. Popular music artists are promoting the Thelema in their music videos. Now you know.

There is much to learn. Stand by for Christianity 301 to be posted soon.