02 Aug

The Red Dragon of Old

Planet 7x Nibiru

I haven’t been writing much. For the most part I have just been living out my Christian walk, minding my own business, not fearing a virus, living in a general state of shalom (the Hebrew word that translates into “peace”). The Lord will convey any message that I need to receive in it’s due season. The due season must be here to discuss The Fiery Red Dragon of Old.

My cousin sent this theory to me. The thought of it never crossed my mind in my adult life. When I was a child I had dreams of the End of Days. One of them was as follows. May this be a testimony of it. I had a dream that I was standing outside in the front yard. It was dark outside. In the sky was a red planet approaching earth getting larger and larger as if a collision was possible. It woke me up in fear. It’s not a dream I think about often. I don’t claim to be a prophet – but I can testify I did have this dream.

I also had a dream that it was midnight and the sun was still bright in the sky as if it were daytime. I definitely had these two dreams when I was younger. These two dreams now apply to the theory of The Fiery Red Dragon of Old.

This is not my theory. As far as I can tell, this is the theory of astronomer Gil Broussard. It is called the Planet 7x theory. You can see all of his work at http://planet7x.net/ . I’m going to highlight some of the theory in this post for those that are new to this. I find it extremely fascinating.

When we talk about the Planet 7x theory we are talking about a red metallic planet (possibly composed of iron) which comes in close proximity with Earth every few hundred years to wreak havoc. Not every close encounter of Earth and Planet 7x results in annihilation – although some events could possibly fit into this narrative. I suppose it depends how close the encounter comes in that particular year. Even more fascinating is Gil Broussard’s proposition that certain Biblical Events fit this Planet 7x narrative – not only in the past – but of things to come.

You may be asking yourself “what kind of havoc can an iron planet 7 times bigger the size of earth cause in close proximity”? Good question. Some examples include meteor showers, hurricane winds, earthquakes, tsunamis, lightning strikes that wipe out miles of land, and large asteroid strikes to name a few. This Planet 7x is capable of massive destruction on Earth.

I think it’s important to mention why this planet is considered 7 times the size of earth. I believe the reason is as follows. Allow me to explain the “3 hours” at the end. Let’s start with the moon. Because the moon is only capable of a total solar eclipse for 7 minutes 31 seconds at a diameter of 2,158 miles, then a solar eclipse of 3 hours would equal a mysterious planet of 51,792 miles in diameter causing such a 3 hour solar eclipse. Now because Earth’s diameter is 7,917 miles then 51,792 divided by 7,917 is equal to about 6.54x the size of Earth in approximation.

Now where did this 3 hour solar eclipse window come from? From the Bible …

Now from the sixth hour there was darkness over all the land unto the ninth hour.

Matthew 27:45

This 3 hour solar eclipse mentioned in scripture is something I have never meditated on. Matthew 27:45 needed pointed out to me specifically to force me to question what phenomenon could have caused a 3 hour solar eclipse? Well, the answer is a 50,000 mile planet could explain this. A planet 7x the size of Earth could explain this.

A reliance on Biblical Events separates Gil Broussard from other Nibiru / Planet X / Nemesis / The Destroyer / Wormwood / Hercolubus / Comet Typhon theorists. Gil uses Biblical text to support this theory in many instances. Personally I find the Planet 7x intriguing – and quite possibly the truth!

I want to encourage you to explore this theory for yourself – as Gil indicates that 2021 is another candidate year for the return of Planet 7x according to scripture. This is a particular hint worth noting from The Book of Revelation …

And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars

Revelation 12:1

In this case the astrological sign Virgo (the woman) will have the moon under her feet in the spring of 2021. The crown of 12 stars can be explained as the constellation Leo above Virgo. Therefore 2021 is a candidate for a Planet 7x arrival. But more than that, 2021 is a candidate for the Book of Revelation to be fulfilled – if Revelation 12:1 is read as an astrological event. Is this scripture an allegory to a star chart? It needs to be considered.

There is a tremendous amount of free resources available at http://planet7x.net/ . Also a paid digital download is available on that website. Virtuous Dreams is not compensated in any way for any products ever (just fyi). But specifically worth examining are the images in his Planet 7x Shared Google Drives which are just spectacular in visuals and detail.

Gil explains dozens of Biblical Events in terms of Planet 7x encounters. From Noah’s Flood to Sodom & Gomorrah to the Exodus of Egypt to Hezekiah’s Sun Dial to the very hour of the Son of Man’s crucifixion. Gil has insight into 20+ events with this theory. This is worth your time exploring. The year 2021 is coming soon and is a candidate.

16 May

COVID-19 Natural Remedies

Healthy Lemons

Greetings all. Over the last few months as the coronavirus has surged in popularity I have been paying attention to folks providing testimonies on natural remedies that may help prevent COVID-19 – or at least assist in fighting the virus once you catch it. Disclaimer – I am no doctor. I do not claim these to be cures at all. However I like options. I especially like natural options. Therefore I’m going to summarize some of the things I have seen other people trying. You can be the final judge.

I know at least 5 people personally that have caught this virus. These 5 have shown extreme coronavirus symptoms – although not all were tested. These 5 beat the virus. Some of them tried some of these things described (which I will highlight when I get to them). I value the testimony of someone who beat this virus over those who have not. Your opinion may differ.

Before we dive in, I want to teach you something about search engines. Almost all search engines of importance are compromised. What do I mean to say “compromised”? I have been a Google Expert for years. I know most of the important ranking factors of almost every major search engine in existence. You will often be shown lies near the top of the search results – especially if it is controversial. This includes YouTube. How does a person get around the propaganda? Simple. Often the truth is found on page 3, page 4, page 5 and so on. Get acquainted with digging a little deeper when you do a Google search etc. Sharpen your discernment. I cannot tell you any more plainly, Google will show blatant lies on page 1 when you search for something controversial. This is especially relevant for COVID-19.

How can you trust me? Well first and foremost this website is not monetized in any way whatsoever. Secondly this website is anonymous. I simply write when I feel inspired by the LORD of Hosts to deliver a message to my brothers and sisters.

On the topic of whether COVID-19 came from the Wuhan Lab, came from Satan, or came from the LORD of Hosts as punishment – my comment is this on these details. Man may have created it in the lab, man may have extracted it from a wild animal in a lab and spread it, Satan may have helped, but nothing occurs without the approval from the LORD of Hosts. If the LORD of Hosts wants to crush COVID-19 out of existence in the next moment, it would be His will and easily done. The scripture Numbers 25 is a hard lesson. In my own life I use caution to not contract the coronavirus, but if I am to get it – even die from it – the LORD of Hosts will be done. I am reasonable and cautious and not scared. I encourage you to be the same.

Okay! Onto the possible natural remedies. I LOVE OPTIONS …

Quinine / Chloroquine and Zinc Together

I had to dig down like 7 pages on DuckDuckGo to find this article. This is how suppressed this information is on the search engines. But alas I did find this article which is a tremendous explanation of how Quinine / Chloroquine and Zinc work at the cellular level to fight viruses …

I do understand chloroquine is not a “natural remedy” – but quinine is natural and closely related. Quinine comes from the bark of the chincona tree. The combination of quinine / chloroquine AND zinc can possibly be effective against viruses. Zinc and Quinine can be purchased organically. Getting the correct levels of these is not my area of expertise and varies from person to person. Here is my in-depth analysis. “Some is possibly better than none if you have COVID-19”.

Iron Levels

This is an interesting natural remedy that is not talked about much if at all in the mainstream media. On Twitter I saw Dr. David Sinclair talking about an iron levels study related to COVID-19. Disclaimer – I don’t endorse everything Dr. Sinclair says – but he is a scientist that is suggesting things to try without hesitation and for that I am very appreciative. Cooking your food in an iron skillet is possibly a good idea! Vitamin C helps the body absorb the iron! Possibly boosting iron may help. See these tweets about iron levels and COVID-19 …

Vitamin C

I found this article very interesting. It highlights several hospitals giving high doses of Vitamin C to COVID-19 patients. Feedback was positive according to this article …


Vitamin D

Here we have Vitamin D being highlighted as a weapon in preventing COVID-19 complications by scientist David Sinclair …

Licorice Root

Licorice root is one of the things that officials in China have suggested for natural remedies against COVID-19. I find it disturbing that United States officials seem to suggest zero natural remedies to fight viruses, but I digress. Licorice root is well known to fight viruses. See this enthusiast talk about licorice root on YouTube …

Manuka Honey / Propolis

Manuka Honey combined with Propolis is the natural remedy that my friend directly took to fight the coronavirus when my friend was reporting a high fever for longer than one week with brutal coughing and chills. My friend told me that whenever she got the worst coughing, she would take manuka honey with propolis and that would calm down the symptoms. For this reason I am giving you her testimony. It may benefit you. You will have to decide if you would like to try this or not.

Here is an article on the benefits of Manuka Honey …


Here is an article on the benefits of Propolis …

Lemon Water

Lemon water – specifically warm or hot lemon water – has been described as a possible natural remedy for COVID-19 on social media and other outlets. If you Google “lemon water COVID-19” you will be bombarded with “fact check” articles trying everything under the sun to convince you not to do this. It’s absolutely ridiculous how much the mainstream media fears lemon water as a natural remedy. Of course this makes me believe this probably works. In fact this is one thing my friend did and she was able to beat coronavirus without needing to go to the hospital – even though she had a brutal cough to overcome.

Possibly baking soda and lemon water combined provides relief as an elixir. See this post from brother in Christ Raymond Carrington on his YouTube channel …


My brothers and sisters, I have done more for you than all “health” branches of the USA government when it comes to publicly suggesting things you can try to fight off COVID-19 / coronavirus naturally. The United States won’t even sign off on lemon water. Every man woman and child must fend for themselves. I have not claimed any cures. I have suggested some natural remedies that can be tried and I have cited sources.

I love having options. Maybe you are like me.

20 Apr

Voting Integrity

Vote Banner

A few months ago the Democratic Iowa Caucus voting process melted down. I do not understand why the United States does not enforce a voting system that ensures voting integrity. I have been thinking about the fundamental processes needed for a trusted vote and I’m going to write these things in this post. The voting process in the United States is being handled in absolutely reckless and cavalier fashion by many states. I question whether these loose voting systems are implemented intentionally to allow back door voter fraud. Here and now I am taking a stand for voter integrity. I’ll do better than just take a proverbial stand. I’ll propose a full blown solution for voter integrity.

Here is my proposal …

1} A voter’s identity should be authenticated before and only before entering the voting booth. A Voter ID card would be ideal. This Voter ID card would grant the right of passage to enter into the active voting booth. The Voter ID card would not be tied to your actual vote. Once you proceed into the voting booth anonymity begins.

2} Voting should route through the state .gov websites locally. The voting booth should connect directly to the local state .gov website for real-time results. If no internet connection is available at the voting booth, the votes should accumulate in an encrypted batch file on the PC. This batch file will then be transported to an authorized state .gov internet connected PC for a bulk upload of encrypted votes.

3} A random and anonymous Voting-Session-ID hash value is generated for your individual voting session. This one time Voting-Session-ID is not related to your person in any way.

4} Your vote results are saved and assigned to your random and anonymous Voting-Session-ID hash value. The bulk upload file would contain all of these Voting-Session-IDs. These are all eligible for audit which will be described in step 7.

5} Votes can be sent between state .gov websites via secured API calls if needed a) for a National vote or b) for aggregated National statistics.

6} You can request a receipt of your Voting-Session-ID such that you have record of your vote ad infinitum. However, your actual votes are not shown printed on this receipt. It is simply an output of random letters and numbers.

7} You can view your vote any time in the future by visiting the correct state .gov website you voted in. Then enter your Voting-Session-ID to look up your vote.

8} We The People can and will audit as we see fit. We can look up our random and anonymous Voting-Session-ID at any time in the future on the correct state .gov website to verify our vote was recorded accurately and still is recorded accurately.

9} Mail-in votes need to follow the same procedure. This would require at least two forms being mailed. The first mail-in form would be a “request to vote” form that includes your personal information and your Voter ID number. The point of this form is for authentication. This form is the right of passage to get your actual voting form.

10} The state receives your “request to vote” form in the mail. An authorized state employee creates your random and anonymous Voting-Session-ID online, prints it on the form and mails you “the voting form”. The Voting-Session-ID on the form but remember this is random and anonymous. The Voter then fills out “the voting form” and it is mailed back. An authorized state employee then enters the data into the state .gov website just like all the other votes.

I cannot stand these foolish excuses anymore for this voting buffoonery that still exists. I have provided a proposed solution. I mean for this article to be an act of true patriotism. Hopefully someone can use this information to further voting integrity.

18 Mar

The Bell Has Been Rung

The Bell Is Rung

There was a man on the earth that cracked the code to the meaning of the virus named COVID-19. I wasn’t the one who cracked it – but I do know who did – and I’ll tell you all about it.

Before we get to cracking the secret meaning of the name COVID-19, I did find the following strange coincidence on my own. Have a look at this hip hop album cover from 1996 …

Busta Rhymes - Woo-Hah!! - Got You All In Check - Album Cover - 1996
Busta Rhymes – Woo-Hah!! – Got You All In Check – Album Cover – 1996

This is the artwork to the hip hop single “Woo-hah!! Got You All In Check” released in 1996 by rapper Busta Rhymes. Fast forward 24 years later. The year is 2020 and the world is being quarantined (got you all in check) by a virus supposedly originating from Wuhan, China (Woo-hah!!). How can that be explained?

I have said this before. Rappers get their lyrics from somewhere. Are these rappers getting their lyrics from the same source planning lethal viruses 24 years in advance? Have you seen some of Busta Rhymes other album titles? The Coming, When Disaster Strikes, Extinction Level Event, It Ain’t Safe No More, Anarchy, Year of the Dragon? I notice a theme here. Do you?

Back to COVID-19. There is a Preacher in Texas. There is a Prophet in San Antonio. He has taught me many things. His name is Jonathan Kleck. I am a big fan of his. He knows scripture well and he has an ability to find hidden meaning in many things to bring darkness to the light. He brings forth a theory that the mainstream media encodes secret messages via strong’s concordance in news stories.

The purpose of Strong’s Concordance is not to provide content or commentary about the Bible, but to provide an index to the Bible. This allows the reader to find words where they appear in the Bible. This index allows a student of the Bible to re-find a phrase or passage previously studied. It also lets the reader directly compare how the same word may be used elsewhere in the Bible. In this way Strong provides an independent check against translations, and offers an opportunity for greater, and more technically accurate understanding of text.


Using Strong’s Concordance, each number from 1 to 8674 is assigned a different Hebrew word used in the King James Bible (Old Testament). Similarly, numbers 1 to 5624 also have a Greek word assigned (New Testament).

Jonathan Kleck teaches that these numbers are used by mainstream media to convey secret messages encrypted using Strong’s Concordance. He demonstrates this over and over in his YouTube Videos. His interpretation of COVID-19 is perhaps the crowning achievement.

C = 3rd letter of the Alphabet = 3 = Strong’s Greek for 3 = Abaddon, the angel of the abyss

OVID = Ovidius in Latin origin = ovis = sheep

19 = Strong’s Hebrew for 19 = ibchah = slaughter

One translation of COVID-19 = Abaddon sheep slaughter

There is only one mention of Abaddon in the Bible. It is Revelation 9:11 …

And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.

Revelation 9:11 – King James Bible

To be clear, Abaddon is only mentioned once. He is King of the locusts from the pit in the Book of Revelation. This is end times prophecy. I suggest reading all of Revelation 9 to grasp the full story of Abaddon and the locusts from the pit. There are entire movies based around this concept. It is not obvious to those whom do not know scripture. It is blatantly obvious to those who do know scripture. Two vivid examples …

What do you see at the Finish Line of Wreck It Ralph? …

Is this “Steppenwolf” or Abaddon with his locusts in Justice League?

Read Revelation 9 in the King James Bible. Then look at this flying thing from Resident Evil: The Final Chapter …

I have made this point over and over again. Hollywood is relying heavily on the Bible for content. Yet very few of the American population reads their Bibles. So you may as well read the Bible to understand these movies!

We have covered a secret COVID-19 translation which is Abaddon slaughters the sheep based on Strong’s Concordance and “ovid” translating to “sheep”. This is credited to the Prophet Jonathan Kleck (whom would no doubt credit the LORD God for showing him this – as he always does). But there is one more thing I want to cover in this post. Mr. Kleck puts out volumes and volumes of data to share with all the believers, but there is one item in particular I still want to talk about. That is the meaning of his name.

You see, Jonathan Kleck’s birthday is March 16th. His name and birthday is literally John 3:16. His name translates into “Yahweh has given a bell ringer” from Hebrew and German. On his birthday, March 16th 2020, Jonathan Kleck rang the bell. This is the equivalence of sounding the alarm to the true church spread around the globe that the King of Kings is coming back. I am sharing with you this news to be prepared. We know not the day or hour of the exact return. However, you are to be prepared for the return. That is the message.

See the incredible artwork Jonathan Kleck created in his own back yard. It is essentially a small church with a bell tower …

See Jonathan ringing the bell on March 16th his birthday. This is a message for you, the reader, to prepare for the return of the King of Kings. We know not the exact time nor hour. We do know that a Prophet has rung the bell. We do know to be on high alert for the Son of Man to return …

The message is to prepare NOW. The same message is in front of your face in the movies if you know where to look …

04 Mar

Cinderella’s Secrets

Cinderella Secrets

Cinderella – Plot Summary

In a tiny kingdom lived a widowed gentleman and his daughter Cinderella. Feeling that his daughter needed “a mother’s care” he remarried another woman with two daughters. Those two daughters were named Anastasia and Drizella. Upon the death of Cinderella’s father her Stepmother Lady Tremaine reveals cruelty and jealousy towards Cinderella. Lady Tremaine owns a black and white cat named Lucifer.

Stepmother Lady Tremaine chooses to focus all her care towards her own daughters. This leads to the downfall of the family estate. The chateau soon falls into shambles with the family fortune spent on the two Stepdaughters. Cinderella is forced to become a servant in her own household. She is swamped with chores by her Stepmother.

Then one day the King prepares a Grand Ball to find the Prince a Princess. Cinderella very much desires to attend this Grand Ball. After all she is eligible to attend – but her mean Stepmother dumps more chores on her. Cinderella prepares a gorgeous dress with the help of her animal friends – but Anastasia and Drizella tear her dress to pieces. They do this to assure Cinderella will not attend the Grand Ball. In frustration Cinderella rushes out of the chateau into the garden to cry in despair on a bench. A woman manifests. This woman claims she is Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother. She intends to help Cinderella go to the ball.

Using her magic wand, the Fairy Godmother turns a pumpkin into a coach, four of the mice into horses, the farm’s horse into a coachman, and the family dog into a footman. The final touch is fixing Cinderella’s dress. The dress is transformed into a beautiful white gown and matching glass slippers. These magic tricks will only last until midnight. Off she goes in her pumpkin coach to the Grand Ball.

Cinderella shows up and the Prince notices her off in the distance. The Prince is immediately attracted to Cinderella – even overlooking Anastasia and Drizella. The two begin to waltz. Cinderella and the Prince are having a wonderful time waltzing – but midnight soon approaches. She must leave in haste before she transforms back out of the magic spell. She leaves behind a glass slipper as the only clue to her identity.

The King is furious Cinderella ran off in haste. As a response, the King orders The Grand Duke to find the owner of the glass slipper even before the next day. Lady Tremaine and her Stepdaughters do everything they can to deter the Duke from finding Cinderella including locking her in her room and then shattering the glass slipper – but Cinderella escapes her locked room with the help of her animal friends fetching the key. Cinderella produces the other glass slipper as proof. It is good enough for the Grand Duke. Cinderella and the Prince get married.

The Fairy Faith

Here is one of the biggest secrets in all of Disney. Disney didn’t invent fairies. Fairies are much older than Disney itself. What Disney did was tap into the ancient Fairy Faith religion. Now there are several versions of “Fairy Faith” and they are not the same and they can have different spellings. There is a Feri Tradition which was founded in California in the 1960’s by the Americans Victor Henry Anderson and his wife Cora Anderson. But there is much older Faery traditions than that my friends. The book that taught me the most on this subject is The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries By W. Y. Evans-Wentz. That Book is older than Disney itself (originally published in 1911). We know Disney likes to take inspiration from the works of the Brothers Grimm. Those gentlemen lived in the 1780’s. But the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, in fact, were part of a rich oral tradition − passed down from generation to generation. These are ancient stories.

Now what is fascinating about Cinderella in the Brothers Grimm original tale was that there was no Fairy Godmother. There was instead a bird in a hazel tree which produced the dress and slippers. Disney injected the Fairy Godmother into Cinderella – not the Brothers Grimm. But when you read a book like The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries it becomes very clear that Fairies are worshiped by Celts. Fairies are from a real ancient religion. You will find Fairies in many Disney movies and TV shows. The truth is that Disney is very religious – they just don’t advertise what that religion is. It is the Fairy Faith and it is ancient pagan – especially Celtic of origin. This traces all the way back to the Tuatha De Danann …

The Tuath(a) Dé Danann (Irish: [t̪ˠuəhə dʲeː d̪ˠan̪ˠən̪ˠ], meaning “the folk of the goddess Danu”), also known by the earlier name Tuath Dé (“tribe of the gods”),[1] are a supernatural race in Irish mythology. They are thought to represent the main deities of pre-Christian Gaelic Ireland.[1] The Tuatha Dé Danann constitute a pantheon whose attributes appeared in a number of forms throughout the Celtic world.


The Tuatha De Danann are the original Fairies. This is a real and ancient religion. This is ancient Celtic witchcraft. Read The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries sometime. You will see for yourself all this to do about Fairies is real religion. How many Christian parents do you think knows this in the world about Disney? One in 1,000? One in 10,000? One in 100,000? If even. Disney doesn’t want you to know this secret knowledge.

The Grove

But wait – there’s more. Did anyone notice in the Cinderella film where Cinderella runs to after Anastasia and Drizella damage her dress? She runs outside into a grove to pray on her knees. Her exact words in the 1960 cartoon version are “there’s nothing left to believe in” as her Fairy Godmother manifests to console her. There is a peculiar statue in the scene. Little do most people know this is straight out of the Old Testament. A scene mentioned many many times in scripture but few pay attention to it today …

Thou shalt not plant thee a grove of any trees near unto the altar of the LORD thy God, which thou shalt make thee.

Deuteronomy 16:21

And it came to pass the same night, that the LORD said unto him, Take thy father’s young bullock, even the second bullock of seven years old, and throw down the altar of Baal that thy father hath, and cut down the grove that is by it.

Judges 6:25

And when the men of the city arose early in the morning, behold, the altar of Baal was cast down, and the grove was cut down that was by it, and the second bullock was offered upon the altar that was built.

Judges 6:28

And on and on in Judges 6:30, 1 Kings 15:13, 1 Kings 16:33, 2 Kings 13:6, 2 Kings 17:16, 2 Kings 21:3, 2 Kings 21:7, 2 Kings 23:4, 2 Kings 23:6, 2 Kings 23:7, 2 Kings 23:15, and 2 Chronicles 15:16 this same scene is described.

This tale of the groves and the idols / graven images in those groves is told over and over in the Old Testament.

What do we see in Cinderella the 1950 Version? A grove and an idol where a Fairy Godmother appears …

What do we see in Cinderella the 2015 Version? A grove and an idol where a Fairy Godmother appears …

What does “grove” translate to in Hebrew?

From H833; happy; asherah (or Astarte) a Phoenician goddess; also an image of the same: – grove. Compare H6253.

In other words, a grove is comparable to The Asherah Pole

Do you think Disney created a scene described as an abomination in the Old Testament 15+ times by accident?