21 Oct

The Truth Program

Bug Zapper

Let’s talk about a concept I like to call deprogramming or de-programming. It is an honest re-evaluating of what you have been taught. It is an awareness to be careful what media you consume. It is a humbling to accept that actually you were fooled, the boldness to reject what you previously believed, and the discernment to press forward excavating for a truth that so few even know where to dig.

It has become clear to me that de-programming may not be the best word to describe all of this. There is a truth that exists underneath the tonnage of dirt that is lies. To accept that truth is a program in itself. There exists a “truth program”. It is – in three words – whatever actually happened. A better phrase would be “Truth Programming” rather than De-Programming or Deprogramming.

Deprogramming isn’t easy.  There are traps along the way. I have friends who are convinced they are awake. Little do they know they are actually Luciferians. That is what happens if you don’t make it all the way to Yahweh. There are many attractive detours into Luciferian doctrine on the path to salvation.  The power the Devil has on the earth is enticing and deceiving.

Let us recall that Lucifer is a being of light by scripture. He has power and can give power here. A bug zapper has power too. Insects are attracted to the light of the bug zapper. Imagine trying to convince the mosquito that the light of the bug zapper kills as it ascends into it. Very similarly people are attracted to the power of Lucifer. They don’t know scripture. They don’t know witchcraft. They just know they have found a power source. They don’t know that the Luciferian power source cooks the soul like a bug zapper.

And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. – 2 Corinthians 11:14

Whatever you accept to be the truth is your programming. The Atheist is programmed. The Hindu is programmed. The Catholic is programmed. The Freemason is programmed. The Druid is programmed. Humans believe in things.  It is our nature. But the human mind has a hard time pushing the boundaries of metaphysics. Stephen Hawking himself was forced to conclude the universe appeared out of nothing in his book “The Grand Design”. He did that to avoid accepting a deity. The world considers a man who proclaims the Universe sprang out of nothing a brilliant genius.  It is deception at it’s finest.

Can the world program you into believing Halloween is Christian – even though it is the very highest holiday of Satanists because it celebrates the “Fall Climax” as described on their Frequently Asked Questions of the Church of Satan website? Can the world program you into never looking up images of the “Wheel of the Year” to educate yourself on the actual holiday schedule of real life witches and warlocks? Will you fall out of your chair as your programming collapses when you match the warlock holiday schedule up against the dates of Halloween, Christmas, and Easter? What is left of your worldly programming when you finally realize Easter is Eoestre is Ostara is Ishtar? What then?

Will you be programmed to accept yoga, the chakras, and the New Age? Few to none of the New Agers have read the Satanic Bible. If they did they would realize they are practicing what that book preaches. Google “Aleister Crowley yoga”. The self proclaimed Beast 666 wrote entire books endorsing yoga.  Wake up people!

Now I have a question. If programming cannot be escaped in the flesh, how will we ever know what is “the correct program to accept”? Look to the name of this website for an answer haha. When I read the Bible (specifically the King James Version) demons showed up in my dreams expressing disapproval.  That taught me a lesson.  The doctrine opposite of demons is what I want to be programmed with.

Experience it for yourself. If demons show up in your dreams for reading the Bible, trying to feed you strange food, trying to seduce you, trying to beat you up, and generally trying to scare you … then you are doing things right. At first it’s scary – but I encourage you to gain a new level of bravery and strength. When you figure out that you can take on dozens of them at the same time in your dreams like a powerful Christian X-Men, you will come to the realization that you have found “the one and only truth program” aka your King James Version Bible.