01 Oct

Deprogramming Yourself – Part 2

Deprogramming Yourself Part 2

In Deprogramming Yourself Part 1 I was philosophical in my reasoning of what we are programmed with (although hopefully I made a strong case). In this post I am going to provide personal testimony and some supernatural events that have happened to me since I started deprogramming this way.

I Was Programmed

This is the person I used to be. I was raised in a Catholic family. I was instructed that Catholicism was the way from a very young age. I also grew up listening to hardcore rap music. For this reason I have knowledgeable backgrounds in both. I was addicted to hardcore rap music for many years. Dare I say I was amazed by it. I thought hip hop artists were the most talented people on earth. Then one day I was listening to the Jay-Z Black Album in my car and I heard a lyric in a song called Justify My Thug. In that particular song Jay-Z rhymes the following …

I am the Michael Schumacher of the Roc roster/
Traveling Mach 5, barreling, my power can stop God/ – Jay-Z – Justify My Thug

When I heard that lyric I said to myself “wow I don’t agree with this”. This shook my hip hop foundation. Now there were certainly other lyrics in other songs that could have sparked the same response but in that moment it became clear to me that hardcore rap had gone too far. The message within the song suddenly mattered. All this time I thought it was just an innocent display of talent. Was there more than just the skill? What of the true message in these songs?  Where do these lyrics truly come from?  I had some major research to do. I started researching the religions of hip hop artists. This was an interesting place to start.

At this time I learned about the religions and belief systems of hip hop artists. I came to realize quickly that I never knew some of these existed. I learned about all kinds of things called the Occult, Freemasonry, Luciferianism, the Thelema, the New Age, the Five Percenters, Hinduism, and the Kabbalah to name a few. I knew nothing about these things until one little lyric in a rap song by Jay-Z piqued my interest.

What started as curiosity in the religion of hip hop stars went off on a tangent. I wanted to know what was the religion of the world rulers as described in Part 1. These are the real influencers. I wanted to know about their religion. Quite honestly I became mortified by what I found. One thing was certain. This was not a Christian message from these world rulers or from these pop stars. I described this realization at length in Part 1. Slam Catholicism all you like (and on many topics I do) but at least the light bulb went off on that one night when I heard Jay-Z tell me that he could “stop God”. Thank you to my parents for laying down a foundation “good enough” to begin deprogramming myself. A better foundation than most – and that is scary because I was book smart but very programmed.

The Luciferian Defectors

Now when you want to learn about things like Freemasonry and Luciferianism and Devil Worship you may be hard pressed to find someone to open up about these things. I looked to people who used to be involved but claim to be involved no longer. I have quite a collection of books and bookmarks. You would think my religion is very dark if you judged me by my bookshelf and my bookmarks. I do not own these books to be like the Thelemites. I own these books to understand them.

Now a tragic truth. The dark occult religions are shrouded in mystery and secrecy by rule. This is the popular “Illuminati” stereotypes. How do you learn of such secrets? You learn from someone who was told the secret but no longer honors the secrecy. I call these the Luciferian Defectors. Some are listed on this website on the right. Do you know what is interesting? Most turned to Christianity to deprogram themselves from the Occult. Is that shocking to you? I learn much from them. I suggest you do the same. I always say this phrase. Learn from opposites. Do you know what else all these Luciferian Defectors have in common? Most claim the Bible is the way and one particular version is referenced often.

The King James Bible

I will make this logic very simple. If a devil worshiper whom now rejects that devil doctrine tells me they read the King James Bible to come out of that hellish trap then I am going to take note. And when many in that trap repeat this same thing over and over I am going to take action. Now reading the Bible can be a challenge. The words do not flow in the way we speak English today. It is similar to understanding a heavy accent. This may help you. I suggest audio books of the King James Bible online (mine came as 2 CDs). You can get these for around $10. Personally I have found it much easier to listen to the Bible than to directly read it. If you enjoy reading it then by all means do that. Fortunately for me I have a boring day job which provides ample opportunity for listening to the Bible with headphones on and my cd player. Sometimes I need to play a Chapter several times over before I understand. I have Google nearby to Google words / people / places that I have questions about (or just write them down for later).

Also I suggest a free software for Windows called e-sword. With e-sword you can get the original meaning of a word in scripture that you have a question about. For example the phrase “knew her” in the Bible often means sexual relations which it does not really mean that today. Also “sleep with his fathers” definitely has a different meaning today lol. You will pick up on these things as you listen to / read the Bible. These kinds of instances prove extremely valuable for e-sword.

Taking Action

In Part 1 I was reasoning with myself what to do to begin deprogramming myself. In this post I am taking action and telling you about it. I got results when I started doing just a few simple things. Here is what I did …

1) I started listening to the Bible on audio books often / daily if possible.
2) I started applying the words of the Bible to my life.
3) I started watching Youtube videos by a select few (William Schnoebelen, Jonathan Kleck, old Raymond Carrington, Chris LaSala, NYSTV) to fill in the gaps.

Have you ever witnessed a child watching a superhero cartoon? What happens shortly after?  Inevitably, the child imitates the superhero in the living room. This is an important lesson for adults too. You become what media you absorb. If you absorb the Bible then naturally you have a better chance to act like the heroes in it. If you absorb horror movies and hardcore rap and pornography and filthy tv shows then guess what you will act like? This is the programming we have been cursed with. They call them TV Programs for a great reason for goodness sakes!

The 4th step for me was to cut out the bad programming. This is implied if you are acting on the instructions of Jesus in the Bible in the first place. I will make it easy for you. Here are some things to do to accelerate the deprogramming process. Stop cursing. Stop watching shows with many curse words. Stop watching horror movies. Stop listening to hardcore rap. Stop pornography. Stop gossip. Stop slandering. Stop being jealous. Stop complaining. Stop saying incredibly mean things about people and friends. I do not drink or do drugs but include these as well. And it is very hard to quit these things overnight. I can tell you from experience. Why? Because we have been programmed to do these awful things!

There are days I fall flat on my face and relapse on these things. But I can say I have significantly throttled these vices back. I can say I can string together a few good days. Before this I couldn’t even string together a few good hours. This is deprogramming in action.

I Got Results

I wouldn’t write this unless I got results. This is what happened to me over several months when I started doing these things as I have described. I started having what I would describe as supernatural experiences. This is my testimony. Your results may vary. For example my imagination has come alive. There are times I feel like I could just take off and fly! It would be ever so cool if someday I actually do lol. But it feels like I could if that makes sense. Sometimes I feel like I can strafe (which is to move sideways as if pushed on ice) which is a strange feeling but kind of cool.

My dreams are the most significant result. I am talking about the real ones I have during real sleep. In my dreams I can fly on occasions. I have premonitions sometimes. Which means on occasions something in the dream will happen in the real world (usually within a few days). But most significantly are the guest appearances that started coming into my dreams. I assumed I would start to see things like angels and heroes from the Bible in my dreams – but that is not what happened. Do you know what happened when I started reading / listening to the Bible?

The devil showed up on my doorstep.

Fear Not

What happened to me may scare you. It was scary and confusing to me at first. Raymond Carrington talks about this in his older Youtube videos. However these things happened to me before I found his Youtube channel.

Demons started showing up in my dreams and they didn’t like that I was listening to the Bible. It turns out devils didn’t appreciate that I was actively cutting the junk out of my life either. They didn’t take to kindly to me rejecting their programming. They let me know their displeasure in dreams from time to time.


These dreams really happened to me shortly after beginning to listen to the Bible on CD. I will now describe some of them.

I had a female succubus try to have sex with me in a dream. She looked a bit like Medusa from the film Clash of the Titans but not as large. She had me under some kind of love spell but I actually escaped this one. I shoved her off of me in the dream and she turned to stone. Pretty cool!

One night while in a dream the fan above my bed started to drip blood. That was setting the scene. I knew I was in for an interesting night when that happened. I had a fight with a demon that resembles Jim Carrey. He attacked me in a dream. He had the ability to stretch his arms and legs in combat. He put up quite a fight with me but I am able to hold my own in these dreams. As I get stronger in the spirit I get stronger in dreams. It is very re-assuring that the Bible contains the truth when you experience this.

I have been entirely surrounded by demons resembling zombies in a zombie apocalypse setting in a strange neighborhood that I did not recognize. In this dream zombie demons were surrounding me to kill me or do me great hurt. So in this dream I told them “do you know who I am”? Like I was some kind of authority figure on my own lol. They couldn’t care less whom I was. Now here is a testimony of the power. In that same dream I said “Jesus is with me so you best back off”. Something like this I said to them. Demons are mean. Sometimes you have to physically fight them. I threw a 7+ foot tall demon over my shoulder with tremendous force in a dream. And another challenged me soon after this and I uppercut a 7 foot demon 20 feet into the air. These things feel extremely real when they are happening in the dream world. Who needs virtual reality when you have dreams like this. It feels like super powers for 8 hours out of the day!

Again, these demons do not like deprogramming from their ways. They don’t like you reading the Bible and believing in it as truth. They show up from time to time to express anger. It just re-enforces what I am doing to improve!

Not all dreams I have are demon infested. I had a dream where I was playing what I would describe as flying basketball. Basketball is much different when you are 20 feet above the hoop. Dribbling the basketball is much more challenging 20 feet in the air. You have to be careful that no one flies under you and steals the ball haha! People are amazed when LeBron James jumps 12 feet in the air. When you are playing flying basketball LeBron is not as impressive. I had to perform a 20 foot nose dive to dunk the basketball in that dream! I also had a dream where I was playing football on water. Yes not only was I walking on water like Peter I was playing football on top of an ocean field. The point is dreams like this are not normal. These are supernatural. These were quite fun dreams. Perhaps a glimpse of life in Heaven.

I do not have a supernatural experience every dream. Perhaps once a week. I am just conveying to you that indeed I am experiencing unique things when I started listening to the Bible daily and trying to do what Jesus says to do. Now there are days I fail. Some days I fail miserably. I suggest quickly repent and I get back on the horse. Sometimes I fail multiple days in a row. I am not totally deprogrammed yet. This is the true deprogramming experience.

I am describing a deprogramming that you likely are not used to. I am describing a scenario where we have been programmed by demons and the majority do not understand this. Probably not a lot of people are telling you this message. This is why I wrote this post. I hope that you find this inspiring.