27 Dec

Is Yoga Evil?

Chakras and Christianity

Do you have friends who love yoga?  Or perhaps you practice yoga yourself?  Have you ever wondered if yoga is evil?  I wondered this for a while.  To answer the question I must provide a disclaimer about judging evil.  I judge evil by the scripture in the King James Bible. Perhaps you do not. You should ask yourself this question before you read on. Have you ever considered how you judge evil? Perhaps you decide good and evil on your own. After all you have the power to do so by inheritance of the choice made by Eve in the Garden of Eden. This is Luciferianism by the way. To judge good and evil – not by the God of Abraham or by Jesus in scripture – but by your own rules is a Luciferian core concept. Maybe you did not know that. Now you do. Anyways I choose to use the King James Bible for my authoritative reference on judging evil instead of the Luciferian alternative.  I suggest you do the same. That was a little heavy for the intro paragraph. I am sorry about that but I felt I needed to explain that. It is a message that you do not hear often in the mainstream.

I had a lot of reading to do to write this article.  Specifically I wanted to know more about yoga and in detail the chakras according to its own authoritative texts.  By the time I was done researching this topic I was able to answer the question is yoga evil for myself.  I will share that answer with you – but I stumbled upon much more than I bargained for.  This is an important topic for me.  I have many yoga friends.  I put the work in on this research.  This is what I found.

Let us start with popular opinion.  I have heard it said that Jesus justified the third eye and thus endorsed the chakras.  Many on the internet echo the same thing.  What does that mean?  They are referring to Matthew 6:22 – 23 of the King James Version of the bible which reads as follows …

The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. – Matthew 6:22-23 KJV

Fine and dandy.  I see “thine eye be single”.  I understand why people infer the 3rd eye from that text.  The concept of the third eye comes from Hinduism.  This is important. Hinduism is a separate religion from Christianity.  They are not one in the same.  I find it fascinating that people are attempting to mix Hinduism and Christianity in our life and times.  This especially happens in Freemasonry.  They mix the two to create something that is neither.  Anyways the third eye is also called the ajna.  It is the 6th chakra (which essentially counts from the bottom of the spine up to the top of the head in 7 regions).  They are essentially represented as “wheels of light” with spokes.  Or the petals of a lotus flower.  Either way they are seven regions of light on the human spine respectively connected by a “web of ether”.  These are Hinduism concepts and I refer to The Serpent Power as my reference.

Here is the first problem.  The issue is I interpret the exact opposite meaning than the interpretation that Jesus approves the third eye.  Here is my logic as follows.  As soon as you apply the concept of the chakras you imply a system of divided light.  The divided light I am referring to is of course the 6 regions of the chakras (some recognize 6 chakras and some recognize 7 chakras).  The system of chakras by definition infers fragmenting “the light of the body”.  But Christ says the light of the body (single) is the eye (single).  He is telling us do NOT fragment the light of the body.  Do not separate and compartmentalize the light.  He is speaking against the chakras in Matthew 6:22-23.  If you do not agree that is fine.  If your interpretation is different I understand.  Just know that it can be interpreted the exact opposite way of endorsing the third eye and the chakras.

As I read The Serpent Power (which is truly a difficult and confusing read) I was astonished at other findings.  It is such a super complicated hierarchy to understand the chakras to the fullest.  I kept thinking about Matthew 11:30 KJV which says …

For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. – Matthew 11:30 KJV

Basically there is no way the yoke is easy and the burden is light when learning and practicing the chakras.  Right out of The Serpent Power it says that it could take multiple reincarnations to master it.  By the way reincarnation is not compatible with Christianity.  Well actually for fallen angels who demon possess humans throughout the generations then reincarnation is a real Christian concept. Not the pleasant evolving kind though. The bottom line is Hinduism is complex. If I may quote Albert Einstein …

The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple. – Albert Einstein

Take note of Hinduism and how incredibly complicated the religion is (multiple “reincarnations” are often necessary just to “get it right”).  Take note of Freemasonry and the “secret degrees” and how incredibly complicated the system is.  Take note of the Kabbalah.  Take note how the Kabbalists pour over the Torah until they can “find hidden meaning” in the Torah (the original 5 books of the Old Testament).  Until black is white and white is black.  Until the exact meaning is not.  The occult and the esoteric are complex on purpose.  They must create confusion to justify lies.  The yoke is not easy.  The burden is not light.  It is not endorsed by Jesus in scripture of Matthew 11:30 KJV.

I now build my case further with stronger evidence.  I ask a simple question.  How does the God of Abraham wish to communicate with us?  Surely through the words written down of Jesus.  But what if he chooses to communicate with us in these life and times?  Are opening the chakras required for Godly communication / Godly union?  I am reminded of the God of Abraham’s brilliant words in Numbers 12:6 …

And he said, Hear now my words: If there be a prophet among you, [I] the LORD will make myself known unto him in a vision, [and] will speak unto him in a dream. – Numbers 12:6 KJV

The God of Abraham tells us in plain black and white how he communicates with “the prophets”. If anyone is to get a clear message from God then the prophets would be the people to get clear communication.  Numbers 12:6 does not say “Hear my words.  Open up your chakras if you wish to communicate with me.”  He absolutely does not say that.  No one ever leans on Numbers 12:6 when looking to justify the opening of the chakras.  This is because you need not tap into the astral plane for supernatural communication with the the God of Abraham.  He never instructed this is the way!

Let me make one thing clear before we move on.  I have zero doubts that the chakras have power.  I absolutely do not doubt supernatural powers and messages come through the chakra orbs / portals / channels / whatever.  I do not doubt it at all.  But if not from the God of Abraham then from what being does instruction via the chakras come?  What governing gods speak through the chakras?  Actually each chakra has a god associated with it.  They are Hindu gods.  I now refer to the text The Serpent Power …

Deities residing in each of the Cakras or centres without propitiating whom it is impossible for the practitioner to lead the Kundalini through these Cakras. – The Serpent Power

Ladies and gentlemen the chakras (which are in each and every form of yoga whether you know it or not) have non-Christian dieties associated with them by their own authoritative text. As a Christian I cannot endorse paganism and polytheism.  The chakras each have a Hindu god. This is SEVEN Hindu gods in your body if you maximize the chakras within you. I cannot say it any clearer.  These are idols.  How much clearer can this be?  Do I really need to reference all of the King James bible verses that oppose polytheism and paganism?  How about this one  …

He that sacrificeth unto any god, save unto the Lord only, he shall be utterly destroyed. – Exodus 22:20 KJV

We also have the first commandment in Exodus 20.  You get the point.  The God of Abraham is not a fan of competing gods and idols.  He absolutely is not. How can the chakras mix with Christianity when we know each chakra is regarded as its own god in the authoritative text on chakras?  The answer is simple.  It isn’t. And it can’t.

I could stop right here – but I can’t – because it gets much worse.  There are grander conspiracies surrounding all of this.  If you sift through the confusing platitudes that is The Serpent Powers you will stumble upon a concept which dominates the chakras.  That concept is the kundalini.  It appears 320 times in the book The Serpent Powers.  And the word “yoga” appears a staggering 615 times.  This is yoga at it’s maxim.  The kundalini is the goal!  But what is kundalini?  Let me now quote The Serpent Powers to describe the concept of the kundalini to you …

I have here called the Serpent Power.  Kundala means coiled. The power is the Goddess (Devi) Kundalini, or that which is coiled; for Her form is that of a coiled and sleeping serpent in the lowest bodily centre, at the base of the spinal column, until by the means described She is aroused in that Yoga which is named after Her.

What is the kundalini?  It is called goddess Devi (sure not Jesus).  It is called the serpent fire.  It is called the cosmic energy in the body.  It is called the static form of the creative energy.  It is called Prana Devata.  It is called Shshti-sthiti-layatmika.  There are many names.

Can you think of a few not-so-obvious names for the kundalini?  I will now illustrate the not-so-obvious for you if I may.

The first that comes to mind is Nehushtan.  Nehushtan is a fascinating idol.  In the Old Testament the God of Abraham instructs Moses to put a bronze fiery serpent on a pole to protect the Israelites from poisonous snake bites after they got a bit rebellious with the creator.  It is a common symbol on hospitals and ambulances to this day as a symbol of healing.  It is a biblical example of serpent worship. Notice that the God of Abraham never said to worship the serpent.  It was meant as a temporary fix.  The serpent wasn’t meant to be worshiped as a pagan god.  But serpent worshiping was (and still is) a problem.  In 2 Kings 18:4 KJV worshiping the brazen serpent is condemned.  Yet the practice of serpent worshiping is exactly what the kundalini concept is.  2 Kings 18:4 is yet another bible verse against chakras and the kundalini.

The kundalini is the journey of a cosmic serpent that according to Laya Yoga rests dormant in all of us.  As it is aroused it travels up the spine from chakra to chakra to the top of the head.  The kundalini energy serpent makes its way through the chakras through the spine like an organic serpent den.  I am not making this up.  That is what the kundalini is as described in depth in The Serpent Power.  More blountly the kundalini is the entire purpose of Laya Yoga and in truth other yoga styles as well (just not emphasized in all cases).  Just read The Serpent Power if you can stomach it.  You will see.  Next time you go to the YMCA to burn off a few calories in yoga class think about that.  The whole dichotomy of yoga – its very purpose – is to prepare the physical body for a serpent energy to pass up and down your spine from chakra to chakra.  They will sell you on the other “health benefits” but that is the goal.  What else need we say about serpent worship?  Are you familiar with Roger Morneau?  Are you familiar with his book “A Trip to the Supernatural” and his narratives of Nehushtan?  Please get familiar.

In which direction would you like me to continue?  I didn’t even mention the obvious serpent in the garden of eden which tempted Eve.  In Christianity serpent worship is condemned.  But not to a “Christian” man named Mahatma C.W. Leadbeater.  Mr. Leadbeater wrote an authoritative work called The Chakras.  He studied under an ascended master.  If anyone knows the chakras it is C.W. Leadbeater.  This is a man who clearly feels that Christianity and Hinduism can and do mix.  Are you prepared for this?  Enjoy Mr. Leadbeater’s explanation of why the two can mix …

The force of kundalini in our bodies comes from that laboratory of the Holy Ghost deep down in the earth. It belongs to that terrific glowing fire of the underworld. That fire is in striking contrast to the fire of vitality which comes from the sun, which will presently be explained. The latter belongs to air and light and the great open spaces; but the fire which comes from below is much more material, like the fire of red-hot iron, of glowing metal. There is a rather terrible side to this tremendous force; it gives the impression of descending deeper and deeper into matter, of moving slowly but irresistibly onwards, with relentless certainty. – C.W. Leadbeater – The Chakras

Let me just ask you a quick question.  If you are a Christian do you believe the Holy Spirit lives in the underworld?  Do you feel the Holy Spirit is a “terrible tremendous force”?  If so then maybe the chakras are for you.  If so then Hinduism is right up your alley. If not maybe read Matthew 12:40 …

For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. – Matthew 12:40 KJV

Turns out Jesus didn’t want to stay in the heart of the earth. Imagine that. Who knew but it turns out deep down in the earth is actually where hell is according to Matthew 12:40 KJV.  Turns out that hell is not the home of the Holy Spirit according to scripture.

Let me go one level deeper just in case you are not convinced. I now propose an actual conspiracy.  So many styles of yoga incorporate the kundalini. Kundalini is serpent worship. Those are easy associations.  But let me peel back the onion yet even a little further.  Actually I need to bring up Satanism at this point.  That’s right.  We have made a full leap from “is yoga evil?” to “here is a crash course in Satanism”.  This is how far removed we are from Christianity at this point.

Sooo in the Satanic Bible there are four crown princes of Hell.  They are Satan, Lucifer, Belial, and one other.  Do you know the 4th?  I know the fourth crown prince.  It is none other than Leviathan.  Leviathan is sometimes a sea monster.  Sometimes a serpent.  Always a powerful demon.  Ironically I found a Satanist website where the Leviathan is described as “an unstoppable force from within man”.  I care not to link to that page.  Geez that description sounds a lot like – the kundalini.

I have made the case for yoga and the chakras being in direct opposition to Christianity.  I go so far as to propose a conspiracy.  I compare the kundalini to the Fourth Crown Prince of Hell known as Leviathan.  I justify this from authoritative texts and persons on the chakras and Satanism as I have quoted above.  Check my sources.  I hope this is food for thought for you.  It sure was food for thought for me.