07 May

GetVaccineAnswers.org is Blatant Propaganda


I keep hearing radio commercials for GetVaccineAnswers.org. So I stopped by the Get Vaccine Answers Org website to see what they had to say. These clowns at GetVaccineAnswers.org are pushing a narrative of heavy biased propaganda in favor of vaccines. So I fixed their “Vaccine Safety” page for the average reader. I now present to you an unbiased version that people can make an unbiased decision based on reality. My own commentary can be found within the inserted brackets …

Vaccines are approved or authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) [the current authorization is “Emergency Use Authorization” (EUA) only because alternate treatments like hydroxychloroquine, zinc, chlorine dioxide, ivermectin, and Vitamin D were suppressed and slandered by mainstream media and big tech so that emergency use only approval would go through], which sets strict standards for clinical trials [a typical vaccine development timeline takes 5 to 10 years to assess whether the vaccine is safe and efficacious in clinical trials according to Johns Hopkins University and the current batch of COVID-19 vaccines have not been tested for even a year] and rigorously evaluates scientific data submitted by vaccine developers [vaccines are killing people at +4,000% in 2021 according to VAERS data]. Once vaccines are made available to the public, the FDA continues to monitor vaccines very closely for safety [COVID-19 vaccines are only approved under emergency use only by the FDA – use at your own risk – a tremendous risk with possible irreversable side effects].

Researchers began developing vaccines for COVID-19 more than a year ago in January 2020 [not even close to the standard 5 to 10 year vaccine development / clinical trial window], based on decades of understanding immune response and how vaccines work [in those decades, the FDA has never approved an mRNA vaccine due to disastrous results in animal trials]. Thousands of volunteers participated in clinical trials that started that spring [hereby known as “the guinea pigs”], making sure we can trust the vaccines to be safe and effective [honorable doctors have zero clue what the medium to long term health effects are of mRNA vaccines].

Based on the results [due to the insane supression of alternative treatments that actually worked], the FDA has authorized multiple vaccines for public use [emergency use only]. In December 2020, the FDA authorized two versions of COVID-19 vaccines (Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech) for the American public. A third (Johnson & Johnson) was added in February 2021 and is currently available for use in the United States after a pause in April 2021 [due to coagulation in the blood – also known as blood clots]. Doctors and medical experts with many years of experience regulating vaccines evaluated information about the safety, effectiveness, and manufacturing quality of the vaccines prior to making their decision [and also 100,000+ doctors and health professionals known as “Doctors for Truth” oppose the COVID-19 vaccines].

After a vaccine is authorized [emergency use authorization only – take at your own risk] by the FDA and made available to the public, experts continue to closely monitor the vaccines for ongoing safety [Facebook and Twitter will delete your posts if you have something negative to say about vaccines] and to help us learn more about questions like how long vaccines will provide protection [people who are vaccinated are still catching COVID-19 and also the cycles on a PCR test can be adjusted easily to make it look like someone has / doesn’t have COVID-19].

Here is the original biased propaganda article for your viewing pleasure …


You will find this fascinating disclaimer on the GetVaccineAnswers.org website “the answers on this site were developed with and vetted by the CDC”. Their blatant propaganda tells you everything you need to know about the CDC.