31 Dec

The Weeknd and Revelation

I have some interesting things to say about The Weeknd. This is mostly concerning his music videos and the Bible. I must give credit to the Vigilant Citizen for writing up 2 posts about The Weeknd. The first of which concerns three Weeknd music videos and then another concerning the StarBoy music video. I appreciate the Vigilant Citizen for teaching me some things about these music videos. With that said I can bring some additional things to the table that the Vigilant Citizen did not point out.

The first thing I want to say is analyze the name “The Weeknd”. I find it very ironic that the exact name Lucifer is mentioned only once in the King James Bible. The Prophet Isaiah mentions “Lucifer” but one time

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! – Isaiah 14:12

Think about that for a minute. Weaken the nations? As in weakened the nations? As in “weeknd” the nations? Yeah. Also dropping the “e” makes the name 6 letters. Some of you may have picked up on this before I told you. If not now you know.

If you do some light research you are going to find that the Weeknd has a real name and his real name is Abel Tesfaye. Yes you read that correctly. His real first name is Abel! You darn well know that Lucifer is out to get this guy. To win the soul of a man named Abel is a joy for Satan. It is a perfect blaspheming scheme all the way back to old school Genesis. You can bet Lucifer wants to corrupt Abel Tesfaye. Re-naming him after his only Bible verse is the cherry on top.

Abel Tesfaye will tell you what happened to himself. He will tell you clear as day. I don’t have to tell you. Just watch the I Can’t Feel My Face music video. His song is appealing. His talent is strong. The audience is not impressed. Who transforms his career? As Vigilant Citizen has pointed out Lucifer lights Abel’s career on fire (quite literally) …

I want to expound on this topic a bit further because you are going to see it in quite a few of the Weeknd’s music videos and the Vigilant Christian did not point it out. In one sentence the Weeknd loves referring to the Book of Revelation. Now if he knows this or not I cannot say. The fact remains that he does it often. Consider this for example. There is a concept of the Unholy Trinity from the Book of Revelation. If the Holy Trinity is Father God, Christ, and The Holy Spirit then the Unholy Trinity is Satan, The Beast, and the False Prophet. You will find much on Google about this concept. Also note The Weeknd made an album in 2012 called “The Trilogy”. Now follow my logic. If the False Prophet is the fake Holy Ghost then it isn’t too hard to imagine there is fake Holy Spirit fire. This would be False Prophet fire. Follow me so far? It is my opinion that is what you see in the music video I Can’t Feel My Face. You are watching Abel Tesfaye getting “baptized” by Lucifer with the False Prophet fire. The result? Abel Tesfaye becomes super popular. The side effects? Dude is a False Prophet weakening the nations right now.

I don’t want to single out Abel. That would not be fair. I am actually leaning towards calling all hip hop artists False Prophets. Is that shocking news? Or did you just not want anyone to ever put it in writing? I present to you some Bible verses. Here are !44! Bible Verses about “talking too much“. What are rap songs? Songs where the goal is to talk as much as you can. Make it rhyme. Set it to a beat. That is rap in 3 sentences. What about lyrical content? If you can “beef” with another hip hop artist that is good for business. Translation – speak wickedly about your neighbor and you become a bigger idol. How many hip hop artists don’t curse? The Bible has a thing or two to say about that. I’m going to dedicate a post to cursing sometime soon. Beyond cursing are any commandments ever encouraged to be broken in rap music? Its hard to type such a question without laughing out loud. Only murder, adultery, envy, stealing, idolatry, and sometimes hatred of parents. This doesn’t happen behind closed doors. These songs are on the radio! I was at a party just a few days ago. I heard a friend say “I used to like Mase then he turned to God” with a rolling of the eyes. She knows. But she doesn’t know. She knows someone makes music that is appealing to the ears that might not be of God. She is not sure whom.

Consider the sequel to I Can’t Feel My Face which is Tell Your Friends …

The Vigilant Citizen does a good job of analyzing this video here. I’m just expounding on the analysis where I see slightly different meaning. You will notice that The Weeknd loves killing himself in music videos. The Vigilant Citizen describes this as moving up in the degrees of the occult. That is as fine an explanation as any I have heard. That may very well be the best explanation. One Biblical explanation that comes to mind is being born again …

There was a man of the Pharisees, named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews:

2 The same came to Jesus by night, and said unto him, Rabbi, we know that thou art a teacher come from God: for no man can do these miracles that thou doest, except God be with him.

3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. – John 3:1-3 KJV

And so perhaps there is also credence to an anti born again process where The Weeknd continuously kills himself over and over again in the music videos. There are other hip hop stars who famously killed off themselves in music videos. I have written about Snoop Dogg – Murder Was The Case. Also Jay-Z in 99 Problems. There are probably many more instances. Perhaps you can find some I did not remember. Killing yourself in music videos isn’t a positive message. There is something intrinsically wrong with that. It is murder against yourself. A direct violation of Exodus 20:13 “Thou shalt not kill”.

As I said earlier the Weeknd is often referring to scripture concerning Revelation. Let us talk about this a bit more. Consider The Hills …

The Hills is a music video where the Weeknd emerges from a terrible car crash. Definitely bad enough to injure or kill someone. He definitely has a wound on his head. I noticed that right away. It reminded me of …

And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast. – Revelation 13:3 KJV

No maybe I am out of line to associate Revelation 13:3 with The Hills music video. Why would I make the claim? Well let me paint a picture for you. You just got in an awful car wreck where your head is bleeding. Do you 1) call for an ambulance and wait for it to arrive or 2) walk through the neighborhood and enter a mansion looking for Lucifer to heal your wounds? The Weeknd is teaching you something. Lucifer has healing powers. You are not messing around with some chump demon. There are unspeakable eternal punishments if you take him up on the offer – but Biblically it is clear Satan has power on the earth. I have said this many times. You don’t get hundreds of millions of Youtube views without a higher power helping you. All this does – this analyzing of The Weekend music videos and similar efforts – it reinforces the truth in the Bible. That is what is being accomplished. That is why we do this exercise.

Moreover concerning The Hills. The Hills is probably short for Hollywood Hills as Vigilant Citizen explains. Vigilant Citizen also makes a connection to the movie Mulholland Drive. VC may be right on the money with that. I have never seen Mulholland Drive. Maybe I need to check that out. Additionally an obvious movie reference is the lyric “The Hills Have Eyes” which is a reference to an American Horror Film The Hills Have Eyes (actually a series of horror films including sequels and remakes). Horror movies are demon programming. They are not of God.

Now we get to StarBoy …

Start with this Bible Verse to understand …

But in his estate shall he honour the god of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things. – Daniel 11:38 KJV

Is it an unbelievable thing to say the Star Boy music video takes place in an estate where precious stones and pleasant things honour the god of forces? All of these music awards and the platinum albums represent precious stones and pleasant things. The Weeknd spends much of the video trying to destroy the precious stones and pleasant things in an estate with a giant red glowing cross. Clearly Christian symbolism. I relate this to Daniel 11. The King of the North’s estate comes to mind. This is commonly considered Antichrist prophecy. Perhaps meaning Abel Tesfaye has become an Antichrist figure in his own mind – but he does not thrilled about it. Thats fair enough. I know how to fix that for him. We can achieve great things with this website. This is instruction directly for Abel Tesfaye if you read this blog post. Come out in interviews and tell everyone exactly what you did. Describe it in great detail. Describe any occult affiliations. Describe any deals with Satan. Renounce it all to the public. Stop sinning in song and performance. Pick up a Bible. Start reading it. Apply it to your life. Reverse the curse my friend. Until that happens we continue to analyze. Test what I say if you must. You will find truth in it.

Now a Bible Verse about Star Boy …

And the Beast which I saw was like a leopard, and his feet were like those of a bear, and his mouth like the mouth of a lion. And the Dragon gave him his power and his throne and great authority. – Revelation 13:2 KJV

Screenshot from StarBoy …

Black Panther Leopard

Did you know that black panthers in Asia and Africa are leopards (Panthera pardus)? Now you do. A few more observations from the StarBoy music video. Vigilant Christian makes the association to the Morning Star. A fine observation. I would also point out the religion of Astrology in general. Astrology is the religion of the stars. It is the foundation for most pagan and occult religions. It is fully endorsed by Satan.

We just keep going. Consider the music video MANIA …

This is the sequel to Star Boy. This MANIA video reminds me so much of Kanye West’s Runaway Short Film. I need to write about Runaway again sometime (I tried once). MANIA is a music video where the Weeknd is seduced by a beautiful woman. First you will see the same Beast from Star Boy. Then you will see the woman. This is not just any woman. This woman has power. She dances by herself yet is surrounded by a crowd. She is the focal point. She is raised up on a glowing vesica piscis stage. I am very much reminded of the Coco Chanel Jonathan Kleck vesica piscis video analysis.

What is the true identity of this powerful female figure that seduces? We are about to find out. A man approaches the Weeknd in a bathroom with a knife to attack. Fearing getting stabbed Abel flinches. The attacking man doesn’t make it to Abel alive. You hear the clearly audible growling of a black panther. Blood splatters everywhere. There stands the powerful woman in black. She is spattered in blood. The attacker is dead on the floor. Who is she? I know who she is. Read Revelation 17 and you will see her described. Don’t believe me? Examine these lyrics to MANIA …

Got up thanked the Lord for the day/
Woke up by a girl I don’t even know her name/
Woke up by a girl I don’t even know her name/
Woke up by a girl I don’t even know her name/
(repeat 3x)

Over the top endorsement of fornication. You can see the false prophecy in front of your face. As I stated earlier I am leaning towards most hip hop artists being False Prophets. Let me be direct. These lyrics are coming from fallen angels. Be it demons. Be it a legion of False Prophet spirits. Be it Lucifer himself. This message brought to you by someone who used to own hundreds of hip hop CDs. I learned my lesson.

You can find many parallels between Revelation 17 and this music video MANIA. Not exact matches but many striking parallels. I highlight for you this scripture from Revelation 17 …

And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth. – Revelation 17:9

The Angel says the seven heads are seven mountains? Count the plateaus the woman of power stands on in the MANIA video …

MANIA Seven Mountains

Don’t think I didn’t notice The Weeknd standing behind her …

But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men. – Matthew 16:23 KJV

When I look at the Weeknd and his popular music videos I see the Bible. How about you?

23 Dec

Snapchat and the Bible

Snapchat Isaiah 57:4

Did you know that Snapchat is Biblical? Absolutely. I have been building a case against Snapchat for quite some time. There are several things I want to share with you about Snapchat. If this were an app were private messages were sent back and forth between friends there wouldn’t be much controversial. This is not the case. Snapchat has many evil things baked in. The Bible has a lot to say about this app. Let me show you …

Against whom do ye sport yourselves? against whom make ye a wide mouth, and draw out the tongue? are ye not children of transgression, a seed of falsehood – Isaiah 57:4 KJV

Whom do you mock, making faces and sticking out your tongues? You children of sinners and liars! – Isaiah 57:4 NLT

Who are you mocking? At whom do you sneer and stick out your tongue? Are you not a brood of rebels, the offspring of liars? – Isaiah 57:4 NIV

I present to you Exhibit A. The first set of Snapchat Filters …

Snapchat Isaiah 57:4

Do you see Isaiah 57:4 when you see these Snapchat Filters? I do. Not only do these filters draw out the tongue they make the wide mouth. You can see the unflattering terms Isaiah attributes to Snapchat users. He describes them as the children of sinners and liars. He describes them as the rebels and the children of transgression. He’s not wrong. Its just more of Isaiah’s prophecies coming true. Isaiah was making prophecies about Jesus 700 years before Christ arrived on the scene. Little did we know he would prophecy about Snapchat as well. It’s really not too hard for me to fathom this. Snapchat has 100,000,000 users. It is quite a big deal in the world today. It is definitely offensive enough to prophecy about.

But wait there’s more! Here is Exhibit B. More Snapchat Filters …

Snapchat Devil Filters

Some of these filters aren’t active right now. Snapchat swaps them in and out all the time. The filter that turns your eyes black is active for me right now. If you think for 5 seconds that an app that endorses turning your eyes black is of God you have a strong delusion. This app makes me cringe daily. I have it on my phone for just simple messaging. All I can do is show you that making the mouth wide and sticking out the tongue is in the Bible. You can see the filters for demon horns and black eyes and whatever else wicked. I have pointed out it is not hard to conceptualize Isaiah prophesied about Snapchat 2700 years ago. Yet more proof how accurate the Bible is. Do I think everyone who uses Snapchat understands these things? Not even close. Few to none. That is why I am writing to tell you about it.

Ok check this out. Lately the media is talking about some kind of “fake news” problem. The fake news the media is talking about is so insignificant it isn’t even worth talking about to be honest. I consider it fake news about fake news. I will now show you a story a thousand times more important. The true issue is called “wicked news”. Snapchat is the global leader. Ladies and gentlemen when I show you what Snapchat is doing to young people it is infuriating. Young people are being destroyed by this wickedness. I did something about it. I wrote about it. The question is will you spread the message? Ok so these are some screenshots I collected over ONE MONTH of Snapchat Discover “news stories”. These are stories promoted to you whenever you login to Snapchat …

Snapchat Discover News

Do you see with your own two eyes what Snapchat is promoting (especially young people)? Jesus knew this would happen.

But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and [that] he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh! – Matthew 18:6-7 KJV

At first I thought I was the only person on the planet to be outraged by Snapchat Discover. I was actually considering asking a lawyer to find out if it is illegal to show this garbage to minors. I found out there is at least 1 other decent human in the United States who agrees. There is a lawsuit against Snapchat for literally displaying NC-17 material to your children. This lawsuit was filed in July. The Snapchat app only requires its users to be 12 (yes TWELVE) years old. There was mild media coverage about this lawsuit. It was picked up by the LA Times, the San Jose Mercury News, USA Today, The Verge, Fortune, and a few others. Do you know who did not pick up the story? ABC, NBC, nor CBS. Don’t you worry. The major news outlets are covering the “fake news conspiracy”. They could care less if your kids are shown porn, astrology, devil worship and the most vile content humans can possibly create in Snapchat. Literally it is impossible to promote content more destructive than Snapchat Discover does. If Jerry Sandusky was posting naked snaps from prison it is my opinion that Snapchat would sign him to a publishing deal and promote him to your children in Snapchat Discover. Jesus said “for it must needs be that offences come”. I am showing you the offences. Jesus was right yet again.

Look I understand young people see vile things all day every day – believe me. This isn’t the point. The point is what Jesus said. The point is offenses will come but woe unto those by whom the offense comes. I am pointing out some of the most grievous offenses and they are coming from Snapchat. This is my point.

Snapchat was dirty and immoral from the jump. It was built around the guise of private messages. In reality it condoned (probably advocated if I research it) sexting. Now privacy itself is an honorable thing. Snapchat couldn’t even get that right – the privacy is gone. I don’t believe this company. I believe absolutely nothing they say. John 8:44 sums them up quite nicely.

One more thing in closing. Who is the man behind the plan? Who answers for this filth? Woe to that man by whom the offence cometh. That man is Evan Spiegel. I hope Evan reads this post, understands the words I am saying, and takes action to correct his abominations against mankind.

16 Dec

Eminem’s Demons Explained

Eminem Demons

I am writing this post for young people who refuse to believe that Eminem is possessed by demons. I was one of those young people. Years ago I tried to write about Eminem on this very website. My tune changed on him depending on the day. Sometimes he seemed like he wanted out of this mess. I sympathized with that and I still do. However I must tell you things that I didn’t know back then. I didn’t have the Biblical knowledge required nor did I know enough about demons to be honest. I scrapped the old post. We can do a better job right here right now. I’m going to finish what I started. This time we do it proper. Marshall Mathers if you read this post stick around to the end my friend. Believe it or not I’m here to help.

Slim Shady

Slim Shady is a demon. Marshall Mathers is not a demon. Slim Shady is. I put it in plain black and white. Is this breaking news to you? Not only is Slim a demon I have a pretty good idea which demon Slim is. I will explain. Eminem has written hundreds of songs. Which song would you consider “the authority” if you wanted to find out exactly “what” Slim Shady is? May I suggest the song “The Real Slim Shady” of course. So I decided to look up the lyrics to “The Real Slim Shady” for the first time in years. When I read the lyrics I almost fell off my chair.

Now please don’t be offended. These are the lyrics from that song which lept off the page to me …

My bum is on your lips/
My bum is on your lips/
And if I’m lucky you might just give it a little kiss/

Would you be shocked if I told you that this is a ritual of witches? Witches have a ritual called osculum infame (kiss of shame) where witches kiss the buttocks of “the devil” in order to pledge allegiance to the devil. It is folklore for the devil to manifest as a black goat during this particular ritual. Now whom specifically is “the devil” in this disgusting act? Well there are a handful of choices. Satan is the most likely. However I found texts describing the summoning of Asmodeus for this particular ritual. So Asmodeus is definitely in the running. Another possible candidate is Azazel. Azazel is the scapegoat from Yom Kippur. Yom Kippur is an ancient Jewish holiday where the sins of the people are cast unto a goat in Leviticus 16. This is how we get the scapegoat. In some versions of the Bible the scapegoat is translated as demon “Azazel”. So collecting this insight has lead me to believe that when Marshall Mathers channels Slim Shady he is either channeling Satan himself, the demon Asmodeus, or the demon Azazel. Perhaps you are thinking “I can gather this from just one song”? This doesn’t just happen in one song. Look to the songs Superman, Cold Wind Blows, Criminal, If I Had, The Re-Up, Without Me, Still Don’t Give A F*ck, So Far, Crack A Bottle, and Welcome To Hell. I think if you mention a witch ritual in TEN of your songs its kind of a big deal.

Now I can’t find anything that associates musical talent to Azazel or Asmodeus. Azazel is known for things like teaching men how to craft weapons. He also teaches women how to apply cosmetics which isn’t much help here. Asmodeus is a demon of lust, anger, and revenge. Asmodeus is more Slim Shady’s style. But I would put my money directly on Satan in this case. Why? The musical talent to rhyme of course. I refer you to this Bible scripture …

Ezekiel 28:13 – Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created.

Ezekiel is describing the demon who possesses the King of Tyre in the Bible (not the King of Tyre himself). This demon is commonly known as Satan. Ezekiel is actually describing Lucifer in the good old days before Lucifer was cast out of heaven. When Lucifer got tossed out he lost his natural beauty. He was mutated into the dark evil “traditional” Satan commonly seen in tv and films. Now here is Biblical knowledge. There are times when demons can transform back into angels of light temporarily to fool humans. This is straight out of the Bible …

And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. – 2 Corinthians 11:14 NIV

This is the trap that snares the New Ager and the Freemasons. They worship the light. It is all fun and games until you get deceived by a dark angel masquerading as an angel of light. Then you have big problems. According to the Bible fallen angels have this skill.


Tell me why Eminem made a song called G.O.A.T.? Is it because “GOAT” is street slang for Greatest of All Time? Yes – but it has double meaning. The first words to the song are “I’m willing to borrow your grass”. Goats eat grass. The double meaning is not lost on Marshall Mathers. He darn well knows the significance of a goat. But alas there is triple meaning. “You want a Shady, well/ You got it, man, I ain’t apologizin’ for sh*t”. The greatest rapper of all time is Slim Shady. Slim Shady is a goat. Satan likes to manifest as a goat. Triple meaning.

Confession of a Demon Possession

You still don’t think Marshall Mathers is demon possessed? Maybe you should pay attention to his own lyrics where he confesses it himself. You best study the lyrics to Demon Inside, Bad Meets Evil, Criminal, Devil’s Night, Infinite, Murder Murder, I’m Having A Relapse, Music Box, Still Don’t Give A F*ck, Bad Influence, Go To Sleep, My Darling, Crazy In Love, Evil Deeds, 3 AM, Evil Twin, Kings Never Die, Dr. West, and Rap God. Do you seriously think this is a crazy coincidence that the most skilled rapper in our life and times constantly raps about demons and murder and violence and rape and the worst profanity in most of his songs? Put two and two together! If you had a life or death answer to what kind of spiritual being endorses the lyrics of Slim Shady would you pick 1) an angel or 2) a demon? You know darn well which one you would pick.

Let us discuss the Eminem songs Not Afraid and Monster for a minute. I purposely didn’t bring these up yet. Maybe you don’t recognize this but these songs are pleas for help against demon possession. Marshall Mathers will tell you himself around 2:38.

Now here is knowledge. You can’t get power over demons unless you clean up your act. You seriously need to start Bible reading and acting more like Christ. You can’t produce profanity and murder laced music for public consumption and expect freedom from demon possession. You are doing exactly what the demons want! They aren’t going anywhere. I am not necessarily saying Eminem has to give up rapping. I am saying the message has to change dramatically. Here is a good rule to live by. The words that come out of your mouth can’t be demon endorsed. This goes for EvErYoNe. If the words coming out of your mouth are demon endorsed then guess what? Demons enjoy being around you. Demons enjoy living inside of you. Demons aren’t leaving. Chris LaSala can teach you a thing or two about this with his YouTube video found here …

Rain Man

Now on the topic of Rain Man. I have a theory on Rain Man. If you have read Judges, Kings and Chronicles in the Old Testament then you are familiar with the pagan god Baal. Now Baal was a supreme god to the Canaanites and the Phoenicians as well as other tribes of ancient Biblical times. He is chief rival god to the God of Abraham. Not only was Baal considered the sun god he was considered the storm god. The storm god brings rain to the crops. And there it is. Baal is an ancient rain god made famous by the Canaanites and the Phoenicians. Apparently it is a cool thing to do for musicians today to channel Rain Man. This is how Jay-Z gets his lyrics without writing them down. Baal tells Jay-Z the lyrics without pen and paper.

Some people have kind of caught on to this – but not quite. There is a popular Youtube Video called “The Music Industry Exposed” by Farhan Khan …

Farhan never connects Rain Man to Baal. He does get some things right though. Rain Man is a devil (a demon). Throwing money in the air and “making it rain” is an intelligent observation of rain aka Rain Man. Eminem, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Jamie Foxx, Gucci Mane, and Rihanna have called themselves Rain Man. However Farhan is stuck on this “blessings from above” definition for the word rain. That definition is from Old English which is relatively young. Take it back to the Canaanite and Phoenician days thousands of years before Christ to understand Baal is Rain Man. Farhan would need to read his Bible to understand that. No offense but he is stuck in the Quran which is the wrong book for understanding Baal. The point of all this? Marshall Mathers channels the ancient rain god Baal and so do other super famous hip hop artists. Baal may or may not be the same demon as Satan. Ask Marshall. He probably knows better than I on this one!


Has anyone else noticed Marshall Mathers is starting to prophecy? Look at his lyrics to Kings Never Die …

I can hear the drummer drumming/
And the trumpets, someone’s trying to summon someone, I know something’s coming/
But I’m running from it to be standing at the summit/
And plummet, how come it wasn’t what I thought it was, was it/
Too good to be true?/
Have nothing, get it all but too much of it then lose it again/
Did I swallow hallucinogens, ’cause if not, where the hell did it go?/
‘Cause here I sit in Lucifer’s den by the dutch oven just choosing to sin/
Even if it means I’m selling my soul, just to be the undisputed again/
Do whatever I gotta do just to win/

Compare that to Revelation 9. Mind you the song is titled “Kings Never Die”. In Revelation 9:1 we have the 5th angel blowing the trumpet and in Revelation 9:11 we have a King named Abaddon being summoned by the 5th angel’s trumpet. Only Marshall knows if he has been reading Revelation or if he got this prophecy from other means (demons of course). Its much more fascinating if he hasn’t been reading Revelation.

That is just a coincidence right? Okay.

In all fairness that Abaddon song is a remix. The original is called “Soldier”. My point is even the people remixing his music are dropping demon references.


I promised at the start of this post that I would help you. View the Chris LaSala Youtube Video on fallen angels. You will know more about demons in 30 minutes than most people know in a lifetime. Know that if you are using profanity it is the demons that taught you to do this. Know that if you are glorifying murder and rape in the music you listen to the demons like this music. They like producing it too. The same goes for drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, homosexuality, all of it. It is all demon influence. It could be from demons inside you and it could be from demons passing by. You can have more than one demon in you. In fact you can have thousands of demons in you. Jesus pulled 7 out of Mary Magdelene. While the rest of the world is watching Family Guy and X-Men movies I’m reading about how demons were created. I’m researching what they do to people. I’m applying what I learn to help me deprogramming from demon doctrine and it is working for me and it can work for you. So you can believe me or believe someone else. I told you the truth. It is hard to find ONE person without at least one demon in them. It will change your entire outlook on the world once you realize this foundation of demons is real FYI.

Here is the good news. You can get many demons out by yourself. I will give you some steps. Lets use profanity as an example. The first step is to feel bad that you are speaking like a demon. Humbling yourself is a great first step. Then confess to Jesus that you don’t want to speak like a demon anymore. Do research on generational curses. Perhaps demons have been passed to you through the bloodlines. You can break generational curses. Put some research in to find how to do this. Now this is the most crucial ingredient. You must start walking the path of Jesus. Basically “what would Jesus do”? Would he create a song full of curse words? No? Ok then. You shouldn’t do that either. Would he listen to songs full of curse words all day? No? Ok then. Cut back on profanity laced music. Over time your taste will change from demon approved things to Jesus approved things. It takes some time to overcome some things. Not every demon habit leaves cold turkey.

Here is an example of a prayer to help. Perhaps you can’t go a day without a beer. Say a prayer like this. “Father God, weaken these demons causing me to drink. Jesus, you did not need strong drink, help me be more like you”. Literally that prayer takes less than 10 seconds. Over time you will realize you have the most high God weakening demons who were cursing you. There are some things expected of you. You need to put forth your best effort to resist. You will have bad days. Get back on the horse. From personal experience I have quit swearing, quit drinking, quit listening to demon music, quit watching demon movies, etc. I still have issues. We all do. Be a work in progress. Be able to say “I used to have 5 beers a day now I have 2” and then keep going! Eliminating demonic influence is not so different from getting into shape in the gym. As your spirit gets stronger in the Lord you will be able to accomplish greater things!

12 Dec

X-Men Apocalypse and the New Age

x-men apocalypse

I’m going to analyze X-Men Apocalypse for you like no one else can nor will. Before we start let me just tell you that I dreaded watching this movie. My life is at a point where I don’t even want to absorb this junk anymore. That is how I know I am deprogramming somewhat successfully. You can achieve deprogramming like this as well. It took me a few months and I still have a ways to go.

This movie does whatever it can to deride the Bible. I need to prove this before we even get started. Divination for example. Divination is forbidden in the Bible. Tarot cards are tools for divination. To “celebrate” this movie 20th Century Fox (the film corporation behind the movie) released these tarot cards to promote X-Men Apocalypse at the San Diego Comic Con. Clearly there is heavy occult imagery in those cards. This is just one example surrounding this movie.

The Four Horsemen are a critical concept to this movie’s plot.  If you look at the credits on IMDB you will find actors who played the Horseman of Pestilence, the Horseman of Death, the Horseman of War, and the Horseman of Famine in the movie credits.  The concept of the Four Horsemen is straight out of Revelation 6 and no where else.  Another name for the Book of Revelation is The Apocalypse of John.  None of this is accident. One more point to show these people know what they are doing. Look at the poster to the movie.  Now google “skull scrying”. You probably didn’t even know what skull scrying was.  Now you do.  Skull scrying is something real witches and warlocks do.

I am familiar with the comic book history of this Apocalypse X-Men character found here.  Louise Simonson created this comic book character in 1986.  If you look at Louise’s Wikipedia page you will find her comic book writings promote warlocks and witches and magick.  Louise enjoys promoting everything the Bible condemns.  She has been for decades.  In fact look at the characters these Marvel comic book writers surround Apocalypse with.  You will see characters named Baal, Exodus, Moses, Genesis, etc.  If you have read the Old Testament then you are well aware of what these things are. If you do not recognize this then its time to start reading your KJV Bible immediately (or listening to it on audio book).

Now this movie has screenplay writers. They are Simon Kinberg, Bryan Singer, Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris. These people pile abominations on top of abominations. This is serious stuff to Christians. Of all of the comic book characters available this is the character Marvel chooses to make a blockbuster film about!?

This movie opens up the scene in Ancient Egypt trying to establish ancient Egyptian gods as X-Men.  See my other posts about Gods of Egypt and Katy Perry if you need to brush up on your Egyptian occult references.  Check out these screenshots for proof …

Anubis Osiris Set X-Men

From left to right we have Anubis (jackal helmet), Osiris (ostrich helmet), and Set / Seth (set animal helmet).   Here is a better look at the ostrich helmet Apocalypse wears …

Apocalypse Ostrich

When these “Egyptian gods” remove their masks you will see they are X-Men.  There you have it.  Direct correlations between X-Men and Egyptian gods.

The New Age

Around the 7:20 frame begins an insightful scene. The film rushes through “ages of human history”. I can point them out to the best of my ability. The first is the Egyptian Age as you are shown the Eye of Horus. Then the Age of Christ. Then the star of Ishtar (however this confuses me because Ishtar was thousands of years before Christ so perhaps this is the Persian Empire?). Then the Roman Empire as symbolized by the eagle. Then the Third Reich as indicated by the swastika. Then the Soviet Union and then America (even showing the twin towers for the truthers out there!). Finally this scene presents a vault door and then we are taken in the vault. What was secret isn’t secret anymore. The New Age is here.

We jump right into the classroom scene around the 8:29 frame. “Peace Turned to Chaos – Pandemonium in Paris” is the newspaper highlighted. There is a ton of meaning here. Concerning chaos – do you know who Adam Weishaupt was? He is the founder of the modern day Illuminati created in 1776. He believed in the Law of Fives. Law One is Chaos. Law Five is Aftermath as in Apocalypse. Google it if you like. You may as well google “pandemonium origin of word” while you are at it. Pandemonium is the city of all demons. Right below the newspaper headline is the Beast and they mystic (Mystique). There is a whole lot of meaning in this one Newspaper headline.

The professor presents something to the class very interesting. The professor says of Mystique “she has become the symbol of a New Age” – but she never calls her by name. I have a theory on this. We know the actress who plays Mystique. Perhaps she doesn’t say the name because she is referring to the actress herself Jennifer Lawrence. How ironic this would be. Jennifer Lawrence stars in The Hunger Games movies as well as X-Men.

We should talk about The Hunger Games briefly. The Hunger Games is a book / movie series dedicated to the New World Order government of the future in a country called “Panem” composed of 12 districts where children fight each other to the death for District pride. I just pointed out the “Pandemonium in Paris” newspaper headline in X-Men Apocalypes. What is the common thread? Pan is the common thread of course. Pan is a pagan god of nature. The New Age worships nature. The New Age loves Pan.

Back to X-Men Apocalypse and the New Age. Here I will list some major concepts of the New Age. Keep these things in mind as I break down this movie further …

1) Pyramid Power
2) Raising your Consciousness
3) The Pineal Gland
4) Psychic Abilities
5) Astral Projection
6) The Demiurge

Do you recognize these things? I will explain them to you. If you want to find them in the movie before I tell you where to find them that is cool. Here is the explanation behind these things …

1) Pyramid Power is a real thing in the New Age. See an example of this at frame 3:58 of the movie. Also see frame 7:26 which is a view of the pyramid from directly above which shapes a large “X” for X-Men of course. I have never made the correlation between the X and a pyramid but I did just now. This explains an occult meaning for “XXX” to me – aka the three pyramids at giza.

2) Raising your consciousness is a key concept in the New Age. It has several meanings. I will highlight some of them for you. It can mean to “open your mind”. It can mean to meditate. It can mean to open up the third eye ajna chakra. It can mean to sharpen your “psychological gifts”. It can mean to channel energy through your spine up to your brain known as the serpent power which is also known as kundalini yoga. It means all of these things. Now I will tell you what few Christians will tell you.  The real purpose of this garbage is to 1) call in demons into your body and b) get demon power. You are being programmed to accept yoga and Hinduism and Luciferianism with this New Age stuff.  You have been warned.

3) The Pineal Gland is a representation of the human brain if you cut it in half. You can see this symbol in the movie on the 7:29 frame (it moves by quickly). Also referred to as the Eye of Horus. Also the Third Eye. Also the ajna chakra. Also the All Seeing Eye. Also the Eye of Ra. Also the Grand Architect of the Universe. It is a symbol of all of these things.

Before you go and open up your third eye know this. What you are doing when you open the third eye is you are connecting your brain directly to Lucifer’s internet. Opening the third eye is tapping into Lucifer’s consciousness. Once again reinforcing that the New Age is Luciferianism – but most of the world doesn’t even know what Luciferianism is. If you won’t listen to me then listen to Chris LaSala or Vigilant Christian or Steve Bancarz. These people have opened up the third eye. They regret it. They will tell you all about it. You have been warned.

4) Psychic abilities are one of the “benefits” of opening the third eye. Again you are tapping into demons for this power to do this stuff. Lucifer and the fallen angels have powers like clairvoyance and divination and channeling etc. They can share them with you in exchange for your worship.

I have good news for you. If you read your Bible and act as Christ instructed in the Bible there are powerful gifts to gain from the Holy Spirit that are not of the fallen angels. I have testimony to obtaining some of these powers. I have some discernment gift. How else would I tell you things about this movie in this way? This movie is a shrine to psychic abilities. You can find an example at the 17:40 frame and many other instances in this movie.

5) When Professor Xavier puts that helmet on his head for psychic powers that is called cerebrum in the X-Men world. When he does this he is participating in Astral Projection. In real life you don’t need a fancy helmet to do this. You can see this referenced in the movie at around the 1:07:30 frame. Chris LaSala is a Christian authority on this. Listen to what he has to say about Astral Projection because he has done it.

6) I still need to explain the demiurge to you which is an amazing concept. This is Luciferian stuff.  Lucifer convinced 33% of the angels who were already in heaven to listen to him that they could be gods. He promised this to Eve in the garden. It is the same false promise over and over again. The New Age loves becoming your own god. That means the New Age loves Luciferianism. Make no mistake about it. Now you know.

It gets worse. People who are Luciferians think the Creator is some kind of idiot. They think that the “true god” is the god who convinced Eve to eat from the fruit of the tree of knowledge (which was Lucifer of course!). They view the Creator as the enemy because he told Adam and Eve not to eat from the tree of knowledge. They have a word for the Creator. They call him “the demiurge”. This page explains the demiurge much better than I could.

The demiurge exactly describes this movie. X-Men Apocalypse paints Yahweh as a wicked god who needs to be corrected by New Agers like Professor X and Jean Grey and Mystique. This movie is a giant Luciferian New Age recruiting tool.  Don’t let it work on you.  Christianity and the New Age absolutely do not mix.  There is more …

Mocking the Flood

Did you notice the mocking flood scene? When Apocalypse is recruiting Magneto to be one of his new Four Horsemen he tells Magneto to “feel deep into the earth to raise up the tiny metal particles out of the earth”. Metal will rain upwards creating a metal flood. This will destroy all of creation. This is a mocking flood story.

God sent the first flood in the days of Noah to destroy the wicked civilization (of which was almost everyone except 8 people on the ark). That was the “first apocalypse” by the way (by water). X-Men Apocalypse mocks the flood with a metal rain scene originating from the ground instead of rain water from the sky.

Yahweh promised Noah that he would never send a flood again to destroy all of civilization. What was his symbol for this promise? It is the rainbow. Look closely in the scene around frame 1:02:46. What do you see? Do you see metal rainbows?

Metal Rainbows

Today’s Luciferian culture tries to mock the works of Yahweh and Christ as best they can. They call good evil and call evil good all the time (Isaiah 5:20). The are trying to hijack the rainbow for gay pride constantly. I wrote about this extensively in He Wants His Rainbow Back. Also read about Noah and the flood in Genesis 6 through Genesis 9. Do you want more?

Nuclear Apocalypse

Jean Grey (whom is an X-Men with powerful psychic gifts) sees judgement day as a Nuclear War in a nightmare around the 26:45 frame. Apocalypse takes control of all of the nuclear weapons of the world around the 1:11:00 frame. Notice how all of the humans are being “possessed” and their eyes turn black in this scene.

Mocking the Rapture

Not only does this movie have a flood mocking scene but it mocks the rapture as well. Here are Bible Verses about the Rapture. You will certainly notice a few verses from Revelation which is the Apocalypse of John. Now this relates to this movie by a character named Quicksilver.  By the way quicksilver is another name for liquid mercury where mercury is one of the seven planetary metals in Alchemy. Think of Alchemy as the “official science of Lucifer”.

Anyways Quicksilver is on his way to meet Professor Xavier. Unfortunately Havoc blew up the mansion while he is on his way. Havoc had to destroy the cerebrum system because it got hacked by Apocalypse. Now there is tribulation at the mansion as it is blowing up and fire is everywhere. Not much different than a mini apocalypse by fire. But Quicksilver has super speed. He is “saving” all of the X-Men before the tribulation arrives. He is picking them up and carrying them out of the tribulation like angels would pick up the elect to save them from the end of days. This sounds a whole lot like the rapture. You can see this scene around the 1:15:00 frame.

Phoenix Rising

Now we have the crescendo of the movie. How is the New Age going to destroy the Creator? With the phoenix rising of course.  The female rival.  Let me explain.

And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book. – Daniel 12:1 KJV

In this scripture the word trouble actually translates to “female rival”.  When you hear mother earth, Isis, Ishtar, Semiramis, Inanna, Gaia, the Queen of Heaven, Virgin Mary worship etc.  This is all candidates for the female rival.  Combine the female rival with the phoenix rising and you get the X-Men comic book character Jean Grey in this movie.

The authors of authoritative Freemasonry texts adore the phoenix and the concept of the phoenix rising. Manly P Hall wrote a book entitled “The Phoenix” for example. Meanwhile the phoenix is analogous with Lucifer by their own writings. And so it goes that this movie concludes with New Age X-Men Jean Grey overcoming “wicked Yahweh” unleashing her Luciferian demon power as the phoenix rising.

Jean Grey Phoenix Rising

It should come as no surprise then that Jean Grey is also called Phoenix in the comic book world. The Luciferians who created this movie consider it a Great Work. They are hellbent on promoting the New Age.

Understand the consequences.  To be a New Ager is 1) to be a Luciferian 2) to be a traitor against your Creator and 2) to be a traitor against Christ.  Pay attention to how Hollywood is turning many of these “super heroes” into ancient gods and goddesses that were worshipped in the ancient world as idols.