22 Jan

The Real News Awards

Hidden History Native Americans

Donald Trump has created a new thing called the Fake News Awards. This just may be Donald’s most noble act. His notion that the mainstream media produces fake news for the American people to consume is something. From where I sit Donald Trump has plenty of faults. I do my best to stay out of politics. The majority of politics is the Hegelian Dialectic personified to me (aka both sides are wrong). However I can certainly get behind this particular Donald agenda. To fight back against mainstream media for lying to the American people is truly making America great again. This is not an endorsement for Donald the man. The Father can do the judging on that.

Disappointingly in true Trump fashion the #FakeNewsAwards were all about himself. Which is a shame because there are plenty of other fake news nominees deserving of Fake News Awards. You can probably think of a few.

I thought it would be a great idea to borrow Donald’s idea. However instead of fake news I am going in a different direction. I am creating the REAL NEWS AWARDS honoring outstanding and truthful content from the past year. The point is to highlight news that neither mainstream media nor mainstream church are not telling you – but they should be.

I tried to pick topics that personally I never heard of before. When that wasn’t available I picked content that I thought brings significant value to the table. One final note. These winners just happen to be some of my favorite content producers on the Internet. I openly admit bias here! I only picked one video from each content producer. There are eight winners this year. Without further adieu I present to you the Real News Awards!

8) Lea DiNonno – The Truth About Disney

I get a happy feeling anytime anyone trashes Disney. Once you know the truth about Disney then you will too. Until then you will find that statement appalling. That is normal and part of waking up. When I watch Lea DiNonno destroy Disney in this video I see a female warrior in the spirit. Like something out of Gladiator or the movie 300. Swiftness and precision. I feel she would give a great speech. In fact I would like to nominate Lea DiNonno to give a speech at a future Women’s March. What an education those in attendance would get on that day! Her husband James does a great job of creating videos as well. Together their ministry is making a difference. Disney being wicked isn’t new. Some of the things she says in this video are. Thanks for bringing us real news on Disney Lea.

7) Raymond Carrington – The Friendship

Raymond is one of my favorite Christian content producers on YouTube. Raymond creates videos often reporting on Christian dreams and visions he recieves. He has a great personality and sense of humor as well. This video wins the award because it discusses the friendship with Jesus which Raymond weighs heavily across many of his videos. I think that is a strong message that you don’t hear very often in the mainstream. This particular video takes a while to set the scene but once Raymond gets going you will see why it belongs here. Also see his videos concerning this topic such as A Conversation Amongst Friends and I Created Man to Have a Friendship with Him Father God and Mankind Spitting on God and Jesus.

6) William Schnoebelen – Dark Portals into Your Home

Bill Schnoebelen is the person responsible for waking me up. This is a man who used to be a Warlock and a Satanist high priest. He knows more about the occult than anyone on the internet in my opinion. We only know what he knows because he came to Christ. If you want to read about his journey then pick up a copy of Lucifer Dethroned. I would describe Bill’s delivery as scholarly. There are plenty of his videos scattered across YouTube. Most of his genius content is older so you have some homework to do if you are not familiar with him. I picked this video because Bill has things to say about televisions, phones and computers that not many folks think about. Food for thought at worst. Brilliance and a call to action at best.

5) Richie From Boston – Planned Parenthood and the Church of Satan

I enjoy the Richie From Boston YouTube channel. Richie creates a LOT of content. It is a lot to sift through. I can’t say I agree with every take the man has. That’s okay. The bottom line is Richie makes me think about stuff I would have never thought about. For that reason alone he brings a lot of value to the table. His delivery reminds me of a local you might find in dive bar on a Saturday night. I don’t mind that at all though. It makes him more personable and more real. Point blank Richie’s content is riveting. I feel his video on Planned Parenthood partnering with the Church of Satan should have been front page news. Sadly it wasn’t. But it does win a Real News Award from me.

4) Steven Bancarz – Ye Are Gods

I actually dedicated an entire post to Steven Bancarz concerning this video last year Psalm 82 and John 10 Ye Are Gods Explained. Steve has a fresh take on a topic that often leads many astray into the New Age.

3) The Black Child – Charlie Sheen

The Black Child may be the most popular truther that I follow. The man has talent. He seems to have insight into Freemason rituals that quite simply most of us do not have. He has the ability to back mask music and find gold in those reversed lyrics. His favorite topics include the Illuminati, MK Ultra, the gay mafia, etc. He’s not really in the mold of a Christian preacher (most of the other content creators I follow are in that mold). Regardless Black Child creates incredibly informative videos. One that specifically comes to mind this previous year is Charlie Sheen being accused as a pedophile by actor Corey Feldman. Corey himself has re-tweeted The Black Child’s video concerning this. I would say that adds some weight.

In my opinion you will never see a greater example of fake news than how the media handles the Charlie Sheen pedophile accusation. This story should be the modern day O.J. Simpson trial. It should be that huge of a deal. Try googling “Charlie Sheen pedophile”. You will find a few sparse mainstream media stories covering this. You will also find they are not digging to discover if it is true or not. They want this to remain hidden if it is true.

I have no idea if Charlie Sheen is a pedophile monster. Don’t you think someone out there in the mainstream media should be digging to find out though?

2) Jonathan Kleck – Wreck It Ralph

Jonathan is a personal favorite. This is a man who breaks more news about the enemy than almost anyone. The “double you” concept. The dead sheep. The vesica pisces. Giant altars with female anatomy. The apocalypse printed on U.S. currency. These are just a handful of topics I have come to know through Jonathan. The exclamation point is the fascinating coincidences that happen to this man. Johnny describes those coincidences as supernatural. I am on board with that. See his video about Wreck It Ralph for a taste of what I am talking about.

1) Now You See TV – Hidden History of Native Americans

Now You See TV (NYSTV) is a great YouTube channel with quite a variety of content. Often their videos are in radio show format. Some of the hosts include Jon Pounders, John Wall and Jacob Grant. Other prominent guests include David Carrico, Rob Skiba, William Schnoebelen, and Zen Garcia to name a few. I would describe Now You See TV as an all star cast of truthers that deliver Christian oriented powerhouse videos. One thing to note about Now You See TV is the videos tend to be long. Great for binge watching on a rainy day. They have many tremendous videos but perhaps my favorite video specifically this year was Hidden History of Native Americans. When you see how much the Native Americans living in North America have in common with Ancient Hebrews you are going to be shocked to your core. This was something I have never even heard of before. For this reason the NYSTV Native American video takes home my Real News Award blue ribbon best of show.

Congratulations and thank you this year’s winners. You are providing the human race with real news. I want to point out that all of this year’s winners have brilliant older content that deserves your attention. Their content is more entertaining than anything found on Netflix or Cable TV. So please do explore their older content. There you will find knowledge more valuable than any college has to offer.

01 Jan

Christian Jedis

Star Wars Christian Jedis

Something strange is happening to the super heroes you and your kids know and love. In previous posts I have highlighted a conspiracy that Hollywood is converting its super heroes into ancient gods as of late. If they weren’t already ancient gods to begin with. Thor and Loki are clearly from the Norse pantheon. Aquaman is inspired from the Greek pantheon. And then we have the ancient Babylonian pantheon. We have Batman whom I am convinced Hollywood is converting into Nimrod. There is Wonder Woman whose “real name” Diana is inspired by the Roman goddess. She is now being marketed as Ishtar. Finally Superman has taken on Tammuz characteristics recently.

Some of this is has been happening for decades. However I am seeing an accelerated conversion of super heroes into ancient pagan gods. That in itself is quite a fascinating conspiracy as the ancient pagan gods are direct competition to Christianity. If you just understand that last sentence you are smarter than most Christians walking around on the planet.

Now new Star Wars movies are being made. Spoiler alert if you have not seen them yet. However you can get by and understand this post without seeing them. I will see to that. Now we proceed.

Something strange is happening to Star Wars and I’m going to tell you all about it in this post. Perhaps this was planned from the beginning by George Lucas the Star Wars creator. I can’t be sure. However it is definitely apparent to me now. I want to bring up this scene from the original Star Wars film from 1977 to set the tone …

The Star Wars movie itself defines “the force” as a religion. I do want to take this opportunity to point out that the force is mentioned in the Bible …

Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all. But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things. Thus shall he do in the most strong holds with a strange god, whom he shall acknowledge and increase with glory: and he shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land for gain. – Daniel 11:37-39 KJV

I just wanted to point out that the Bible is aware of the “God of forces” and the “religion of the force”. Now you know.

Now there is a popular saying in Star Wars that I want to talk about. That saying is “restore balance to the force”. Star Wars creator George Lucas was asked what that saying means once upon a time. Did he mean an equal amount of lightness and darkness? Or did he mean something else? Many fans incorrectly assume this balance refers to an equal mix of both light and dark side users. However, as George explains in the introductory documentary for the VHS version A New Hope (Special Edition) this is not the case …

Which brings us up to the films 4, 5, and 6, in which Anakin’s offspring redeem him and allow him to fulfill the prophecy where he brings balance to the Force by doing away with the Sith and getting rid of evil in the universe – George Lucas from Star Wars A New Hope the Special Edition VHS

Breaking news. Things have changed with The Last Jedi. The original concept of “balance of the force” is no longer. Dismiss what George said in the past. Balance now means a balance between light and dark and that is a big deal. The answer is inscribed on the floor of the Ahch-To temple. There you will find this mosaic on the floor …

Prime Jedi

This mosaic is adequately named “Ying Yang 4 by Seth Engstrom” in the real world. Don’t believe me? Google it.

Let us now talk about the yin and yang since it is carved on the Jedi temple floor. It means equal light and dark. It is the same symbolism found in black and white checkered floors. It is the same symbolism “as above so below”. Luke basically quotes it when discussing the evil below the island he lives on with Rey. All of these are hammering home a 50 / 50 balance of good and evil.

Make no mistake. There is only one side this concept benefits. Equality benefits the “dark side”. Let me explain.

You probably do not realize this but equality between light and darkness is a significant attack on Christianity. There is a history that pre-dates man in the Bible. It is not popular in American culture. Specifically I am talking about Revelation 12. That book describes the recruitment of the fallen angels. In that book 1/3 of the angels were recruited by Lucifer. That would be 33%. At this time I want to point out that Freemasonry worships the number 33. I’m sure that is only a coincidence. So by the Bible the “balance” between light and darkness in the universe would be 66.6% vs 33.3% at the most. Very lopsided. Not even close to 50 / 50.

Now this is important. If Revelation 12 is a true and accurate history that occurred before the creation of man then yin and yang is garbage and your checkered floors are a lie. But wait there’s more. Consider these things about Star Wars …

What powers a light saber? crystals

Can a jedi / sith move inanimate objects using the force? Yes. Also known as magic.

Can a jedi talk to a dead Obi-Wan? What about a dead Yoda? Yes. They converse with familiar spirits.

What do you call a dead Obi-Wan talking to you? Or a dead Yoda? Familiar spirits.

Apparently Luke can now transport his spirit to another location using his mind. What is that practice called? astral projection

When Rey is talking to Kylo Ren using just their minds what is that called? telepathy

What is pantheism? A doctrine that equates God with the forces and laws of the universe.

Ladies and gentlemen I am here to tell you there is a religion that practices all these things. It is the New Age. The New Age is the religion of real world witches and warlocks. That may shock you. No one ever just comes out and tells you what real witches and warlocks do. I tell you. They are New Agers. They are not Christians.

Hollywood (or perhaps more astutely Disney) has converted Jedi Luke into a warlock. I want to describe what a Christian Jedi would look like to the contrary. A Christian Jedi knows what evil is because they read the correct book. That book would be the KJV Bible. A Christian Jedi sure doesn’t practice evil 50% of the time. Instead your training consists of pushing the boundaries of just how good you can be (where “good” is defined in the book). You will be far removed from 50% evil if you are doing things the correct way. Likely you fall short. However you are constantly pushing your “ceiling of good”.

That is what a Christian Jedi would look like to me. They are out there. I hope you are one of them. In direct contrast the new Star Wars is witch and warlock training. One path is how to get saved. The other is how not to get saved. I hope I have adequately summarized this for you.