20 Apr

Voting Integrity

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A few months ago the Democratic Iowa Caucus voting process melted down. I do not understand why the United States does not enforce a voting system that ensures voting integrity. I have been thinking about the fundamental processes needed for a trusted vote and I’m going to write these things in this post. The voting process in the United States is being handled in absolutely reckless and cavalier fashion by many states. I question whether these loose voting systems are implemented intentionally to allow back door voter fraud. Here and now I am taking a stand for voter integrity. I’ll do better than just take a proverbial stand. I’ll propose a full blown solution for voter integrity.

Here is my proposal …

1} A voter’s identity should be authenticated before and only before entering the voting booth. A Voter ID card would be ideal. This Voter ID card would grant the right of passage to enter into the active voting booth. The Voter ID card would not be tied to your actual vote. Once you proceed into the voting booth anonymity begins.

2} Voting should route through the state .gov websites locally. The voting booth should connect directly to the local state .gov website for real-time results. If no internet connection is available at the voting booth, the votes should accumulate in an encrypted batch file on the PC. This batch file will then be transported to an authorized state .gov internet connected PC for a bulk upload of encrypted votes.

3} A random and anonymous Voting-Session-ID hash value is generated for your individual voting session. This one time Voting-Session-ID is not related to your person in any way.

4} Your vote results are saved and assigned to your random and anonymous Voting-Session-ID hash value. The bulk upload file would contain all of these Voting-Session-IDs. These are all eligible for audit which will be described in step 7.

5} Votes can be sent between state .gov websites via secured API calls if needed a) for a National vote or b) for aggregated National statistics.

6} You can request a receipt of your Voting-Session-ID such that you have record of your vote ad infinitum. However, your actual votes are not shown printed on this receipt. It is simply an output of random letters and numbers.

7} You can view your vote any time in the future by visiting the correct state .gov website you voted in. Then enter your Voting-Session-ID to look up your vote.

8} We The People can and will audit as we see fit. We can look up our random and anonymous Voting-Session-ID at any time in the future on the correct state .gov website to verify our vote was recorded accurately and still is recorded accurately.

9} Mail-in votes need to follow the same procedure. This would require at least two forms being mailed. The first mail-in form would be a “request to vote” form that includes your personal information and your Voter ID number. The point of this form is for authentication. This form is the right of passage to get your actual voting form.

10} The state receives your “request to vote” form in the mail. An authorized state employee creates your random and anonymous Voting-Session-ID online, prints it on the form and mails you “the voting form”. The Voting-Session-ID on the form but remember this is random and anonymous. The Voter then fills out “the voting form” and it is mailed back. An authorized state employee then enters the data into the state .gov website just like all the other votes.

I cannot stand these foolish excuses anymore for this voting buffoonery that still exists. I have provided a proposed solution. I mean for this article to be an act of true patriotism. Hopefully someone can use this information to further voting integrity.