07 Oct

Venom Predicted This

Venom Predicted This

Recently someone sent me a clip of the interview between Stew Peters and Dr. Carrie Madej. Dr. Madej examined multiple Moderna and Johnson & Johnson covid “vaccine” vials under the microscope. What she saw with her own two eyes is mortifying. Here is the transcript if you want to see the words being spoken in this interview …

[Dr. Carrie Madej] There was self assembling going on. Things were growing. You know, they looked synthetic. And then there was one particular, I would say object, or organism, I’m not sure what to call it, that had tentacles coming from it. It was able to lift itself off of the cover of the glass slide.

[Stew Peters] It was alive!? The thing was alive!?

[Dr. Carrie Madej] It appeared – yeah – it appeared to be self aware, or be able to grow or move in space. I mean, all I can tell you is this is not something they taught us in medical school, nothing of my laboratories, nothing that I have seen before. I showed this to other people in the field and they don’t know what it is either, and I thought, when I first saw this, and I kept looking at it over and over again with a colleague with me, we both thought wow this almost appears as though it’s self aware. It knows we’re watching it. It’s just an intuition, a feeling of mine, but very upsetting.

[Dr. Carrie Madej] After 2 to 2.5 hours everything was destroyed of course. Then I thought maybe that was a fluke. Maybe it was just the one vial, and so just recently the lab was able to get more vials. Same manufacturer (Moderna) but a different batch of course. Looking at it the same way under the compound microscope and another one of those tentacle like structures appeared, this is now completely under the cover slip, there was no movement because it wasn’t on the edge. I just couldn’t believe I saw another one.

[Dr. Carrie Madej] I started crying when I saw these the second time under the microscope because it was confirmation of everything I saw the first time.

[Stew Peters] If I were looking into the microscope of something I was told was a vaccine to promote health and safety, and some self-aware tentacle equipped creature started moving, I would probably run out of the laboratory, that’s just me, I’m not scared of a lot, but that is scary that this is going into the blood of global citizens, and you’re right, they want to push this into our children.

It was literally during watching this clip I said to myself “that looks like a symbiote from the movie Venom (2018). And then I almost fell out of my office chair.


I now ask you this question dear reader. Was the movie Venom, a huge marvel blockbuster action movie released in 2018, a premonition of things to come just one year later? Are there parallels between the movie Venom and the COVID-19 “Pandemic”?

Here is the plot summary to Venom (2018) along with my color commentary.

My commentary is highlighted in blue …

The movie Venom begins with a ship owned by the Life Foundation flying around in outer space. It crashes in East Malaysia. Alien symbiotes are on board. They are blob beings the size of a pet cat with stretchy tentacles.

Eddie Brock is an investigative reporter in San Francisco. Unlike today’s mainstream media, Eddie is trying to report on the truth. He is kind of an Info Wars style reporter. Eddie finds a secret legal memo for a wrongful death claim against Life Foundation. The Life Foundation legal issue is about a “trial for gene therapy”. Eddie gets access to this secret legal memo via his girlfriend’s emails. She works at the same place Eddie does.

Gene therapy!! You know, like what the COVID-19 injections are. They are gene therapy injections.

Eddie now goes to interview the Life Foundation’s Founder. His name is Carlton Drake. At first Eddie is respectful with Carlton, but soon Eddie pushes the envelope. “You’re entire foundation has been built on dead bodies. You recruit the most vulnerable of us to volunteer for tests that more often than not end up killing people”. That comment triggers Mr. Drake.

How ironic that just 2 years later, the world’s most vulnerable would volunteer, and now be forced, into experimental gene therapy injections that are supposed to combat COVID-19 but are instead killing people.

Eddie gets fired for his hard hitting interview with Dr. Drake. His fiance gets fired too. She was his source for the truthful but dangerous accusations against the powerful doctor.

Meanwhile the Life Foundation is obsessed with merging the alien tentacle symbiotes they found on a comet in outer space with living creatures here on Earth. As Dr. Drake’s assistant Dora explains, “these creatures need to bond with the respiratory host in order to survive for any amount of time in an oxygen rich environment”.

Respiratory host you say? You mean like a being that catches COVID and needs “vaccinated”?

The Life Foundation combines an alien symbiote with a rabbit. The rabbit survives. Carlton wants to begin human trials right away. His assistant Dora warns Carlton that it’s way too early for that. He subtly threatens her kids.

Sound familiar as our children are currently being threatened over COVID-19 injections?

Isaac is the first human trial. Carlton knows it’s a Biblical name. He references Abraham’s sacrifice testing of Isaac. He takes a jab at the God of Abraham with this comment …

[Dr. Carlton Drake] “I don’t know what kind of God would ask that of someone, but it doesn’t change anything from me, Isaac is still the hero of this story. Look around you. Look at the world. What do you see? War, poverty, a planet on the brink of collapse! I would argue that God HAS abandoned us. He didn’t keep his end of the bargain Isaac so now it’s down to you and me to put this right.”

Dr. Carlton Drake doesn’t like the God of Abraham. He wants to play god instead. This sounds just like Fauci, Daszak, Gates, all of their kind.

The symbiote absorbs into Isaac via the skin. The symbiote kills Isaac and exits him. Carl’s reaction is an unphased with his callous comment of “bring in the next volunteer”.

Again this sounds just like Fauci and his diabolical crew. They don’t care about the side effects and deaths of experimental injections. They only care about their sinister agenda to inject every human with an experiment. By the way, the DARPA leaked 25 page PDF report “Project DEFUSE” tells us that the COVID-19 virus spreads via nano-particles that get absorbed through the skin, just like in this movie.

Dora hunts down Eddie as she feels terribly guilty. “Everything you accused him of, you were right. It’s all true. He’s got a lab filled with poor people and they’re all signing waivers that they don’t understand, and he’s using them like guinea pigs and they are dying”.

Very similar to today where we have whistleblowers coming forward to tell the truth about this COVID-19 gene therapy injections and the nightmares and death they are causing.

Dora and Eddie then have this incredible conversation in the movie …

[Dora] “overpopulation and climate change are two things that Drake cannot control. We are literally a generation away from a non-inhabitable Earth. Drake is using his personal rockets to scout real estate. Drake sent his ship on a mission. On the way back, they found a comet. On-board computers indicated the presence of life. Millions of organisms. We brought back some specimens”.

[Eddie] “You brought back aliens”?

[Dora] “Yes. But we don’t call them that. We call them symbiotes, and they cannot survive in our environment without help. Drake believes that the union between human and symbiote is the key to our survival – but not here on Earth.

[Eddie] “Drake is trying to put aliens and human beings together just so we can live in space”?

[Dora] “We call them hosts”.

[Eddie] “That’s nuts. That’s completely insane”.

[Dora] “Yes, there’s no protocol for this thing”.

How much of this conversation is playing out right now in the COVID-19 world? Bill Gates is on record from his 2010 TED Talk Innovating to Zero prioritizing depopulation. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave this speech declaring ‘we have to take on the climate crisis with the same strength and determination we took on the pandemic crisis with’. These are the priorities of the Elite, from the mouths of the Elite.

Eddie then goes undercover in the Life Foundation’s lab when Dora sneaks him in. A homeless woman named Maria that Eddie knows from the streets of San Francisco is being detained there. She has had a symbiote in her for 7 days. Eddie breaks her out by shattering the glass. Maria attacks Eddie. The symbiote transfers to Eddie absorbed through the skin. Eddie now has the Venom symbiote in him.

A foreign woman arrives from Hong Kong to San Francisco with another of the symbiote in her. This is Riot.

Is it just ironic to me that the symbiote comes to the USA from China? Is it just ironic to me the giant RIOTS of 2020 around George Floyd?

Eddie busts into a San Francisco restaurant acting like a hungry lunatic because he has the Venom symbiote in him.

Sound familiar to the situation in San Francisco where theft is legal and break-ins are so rampant people are fleeing the city for refuge?

This movie Venom (2018) was predicting all of this just 3 years ago. Maybe you can find even more disturbing similarities between the COVID-19 plan and this movie Venom. This specific quote from Dr. Drake stands out to me.

[Dr. Carlton Drake] “What I have initiated is a whole new world. A whole new species! Man and symbiote combined.”

You mean like the New World Order !?!