19 Mar

Lex Luthor is Illuminati

Lex Luthor Illuminati

This is my last post on the Superman vs Batman movie for a while. It took me four posts to cover this movie in full. It isn’t my fault they put so much occult imagery into this film that it makes my head spin. We need to talk about Lex Luthor in this movie. What is Lex’s deal in Batman vs Superman? First he gives a speech about Prometheus being honorable and misunderstood at his gala (a red flag because Lucifer is often compared to Prometheus). He blows up the entire Senate to take out Senator Finch whom disagrees with him on Kryptonite policy (ends justify the means). He lectures Superman on the God of Abraham claiming God “cannot be all powerful and all good” (ye shall be as gods knowing good and evil). Lex call’s Superman’s mother a witch to Superman’s face (very aware of witchcraft). He also tells Superman “and now God bends to my will” (self god). Can you connect the dots? What religion am I describing in the parenthesis examples?

I am here to tell you there is a religion where the God of Abraham is the bad guy and Lucifer is a hero to mankind. You may commonly know these people “the Illuminati” or “the elite”. Really we should call them the Luciferians. In this movie Lex Luthor is showing us what Illuminati believe. Basically there is more truth in this “fictional” movie than anyone would ever want to believe. That is why I wrote many posts about it!

Are you familiar with Jonathan Kleck and his videos? If so then no doubt you will notice two very strange things happening in this movie Batman vs Superman. The first is that Lex Luthor cuts himself to combine his DNA with alien DNA to create a new creature called Doomsday around 1:19:26 in the movie. Cutting yourself is an Old Testament ancient occult ritual thing to do. This very much reminds me of the prophets of Baal in 1 Kings 18. In this movie the modified DNA monster Doomsday will destroy Superman and Metropolis (New York City). Ironically Jonathan warns us about a new race of beings being spawned in Lucifer’s image on the earth many times in his videos. Also the destruction of New York City is another thing Jonathan warns us about many times (it is printed on our currency). By the way when Lex cuts himself in this film is at 1 + 19 + 26 = 46 which Jonathan explains to us is a significant number when combining DNA. I do not know about you – but to me this movie is hammering home what Jonathan is saying. Read your Bibles ladies and gentlemen. I would read the KJV or the NIV versions if I were you.

Not only did these things remind me of Jonathan Kleck but the scene where Lex Luthor discusses his father’s painting is fascinating. Lex Luthor is convinced the painting of angels coming down from heaven in his father’s office should be flipped upside down. He wants the painting flipped because “devils don’t come from hell beneath us, no, no, they come from the sky” around 33:33 into the movie ironically (33 a very significant number in Freemasonry) …

Lex Luthor Painting - Angels Demons

There is truth to this. It was Lucifer whom was cast down to the earth for his iniquity thus becoming the Satan we are familiar with today (read Ezekiel in the Bible). To be cast down Satan originally came from the sky – and so Lex is right on this. However there is duel meaning. Flipping the painting upside down can represent the God of Abraham and Jesus torment Lex as devils would. To Lex the God of Abraham and Jesus are the enemy. This is the reality for the Luciferian. This reminds me of Jonathan Kleck very much because he often preaches flipping things upside down / backwards to find the truth. Lex reinforces this by requesting the painting be flipped upside down. In the end, Lex gets his way. The painting the police find is upside down …

Lex Luthor Painting Upside Down

Lex Luthor ends up in jail at the end of the movie. Does anyone seriously think he will stay in prison for long? I don’t think so. He will be out of jail in no time in a sequel making more Illuminati decisions guaranteed. Learn to identify what it means to be a Luciferian and you will be able to spot Illuminati. Lucifer as the good guy (similar to the Prometheus myth), becoming your own god / self god, ends justify the means, there is no good and evil, pagan things, sun worship etc are all excellent hints to identify them. Know them by their fruits.