30 Oct

The USA Sabotaged Ukraine

USA Sabotaged Ukraine

Did you know that in the early 1990’s Ukraine had 5,000+ nuclear weapons to defend itself? Did you know that it was the United States that disarmed Ukraine? Buckle up dear reader. We have the receipts. This is my attempt at a simple summary to understand how the USA sabotaged Ukraine over the years and the ramifications thereof.

Let’s go back to the glory days of American history known as the 1990’s. It is during this time that the Clinton White House put immense pressure on a country named Ukraine. Do you know what this pressure was for? Well I’ll tell you. The Clinton Administration was desperate for Ukraine to forfeit all of its nuclear weapons during the years of 1992 and 1993. The Lisbon Protocol had Ukraine give some nukes back. But that wasn’t good enough. Fascinating details on Clinton’s actions can be found here …


Ukraine finally agreed to this terrible policy in 1994 when it definitively handed over it’s entire nuclear arsenal.

In return, the USA, Russia, and the United Kingdom agreed to “protect” Ukraine in the event of a future attack (as well as commit to financial aid etc). This was called the “Budapest Memorandum”.

The Budapest Memorandum was, of course, a foolish and devastating plan with an obvious giant gaping flaw. What if one of the three “protectors” invades Ukraine? Which is, of course, is exactly what happened in the future. Thanks America. Now Ukraine is a punching bag without nukes to defend itself.

So the Clinton Administration – aka the USA – started this mess by disarming Ukraine in the early 1990’s. Had Ukraine kept it’s nuclear arsenal it is extremely doubtful that Russia would have been so emboldened to invade. But it wasn’t just Bill Clinton pushing for the disarmament of Ukraine. There was an ambitious USA Senator pushing this same agenda too.

Care to guess what Senator was desperate to disarm Ukraine? None other than Senator Barack Hussein Obama from Illinois! Senator Obama was pushing for disarming Ukraine above and beyond just nukes. He wanted the “destruction of more than 400,000 small arms, 1,000 anti-aircraft missiles, and more than 15,000 tons of ammunition”. Senator Obama championed for a weak Ukraine – ripe for invasion – long before even becoming President.


But wait! There’s more! It’s not just the Democrats. In 2008, President George Bush Jr. fueled the fire. George Bush “strongly supported” a bid by Ukraine to join NATO. Russia strongly did not support this. Here we can see a giant crack forming in the Budapest Memorandum. Details about Bush supporting Ukraine (and Georgia) membership can be seen here in this Guardian article from 2008 …


Now these things discussed so far are pretty easy to understand. It was the United States who disarmed Ukraine – and their efforts started as early as 1992. It was the United States that sabotaged Ukraine and is responsible for them being a sitting duck. These are facts.

Now if we want to look into it more, there is likely USA interference in Ukraine affairs around 2014 as well. I found some interesting stuff about this. I want to state this up front. This article I’m about to share claims the United States was involved in the “Ukrainian Maidan Coup”. There is evidence provided in the article.

One would have to disprove the evidence to dismiss it. Receipts hold more weight than propaganda.

With that said, you can read this article for yourself and judge. Enter John McCain, Joe Biden, Victoria Nuland and Hunter Biden onto the scene …


Also this article from the same author is fascinating …


Even if you dismiss those 2 articles as propaganda – it doesn’t really matter – the United States already did Ukraine dirty long before they likely piled on in 2014. The USA is definitively not “the good guys” in this Ukraine and Russia conflict. How could the USA possibly be the good guys sending $80,000,000,000+ to “arm Ukraine” when we are the ones who “disarmed Ukraine” in the first place? Propaganda cannot overturn the track record. The USA is a giant reason for this ongoing war. We have the receipts. I am disgusted by the receipts.

Let me end this article by stating – quite logically I might add – if the United States had not injected itself into the Russian Ukraine conflict of 2021 then the Russian Ukraine conflict would have ended long ago with minimum casualties. The Eastern Half of Ukraine would have likely fell quickly. Very few in the USA would have cared – unless the corrupt mainstream media instructed them to care. Most American Citizens have no dog in this fight – unless you have relatives in Ukraine or Russia – which I do have remorse for those impacted.

But alas, we are ran by psychos and criminal war mongers that want to create maximum chaos in Ukraine. These are the same that hate the well informed American Citizen. These are the same that want World War III. These are Devils.