12 Dec

X-Men Apocalypse and the New Age

x-men apocalypse

I’m going to analyze X-Men Apocalypse for you like no one else can nor will. Before we start let me just tell you that I dreaded watching this movie. My life is at a point where I don’t even want to absorb this junk anymore. That is how I know I am deprogramming somewhat successfully. You can achieve deprogramming like this as well. It took me a few months and I still have a ways to go.

If you want to play an insane drinking game try doing a shot every time there is an occult reference in X-Men Apocalypse. Spoiler alert. You will be dead from alcohol poisoning 15 minutes in. I’m going to blow the doors off this movie in heavy detail. I may not catch every detail. I may not have it all figured out. But my goodness I do have a lot of it figured out.

Do not think for one moment this movie has nothing to do with the Bible. Quite the opposite. This movie does whatever it can to violate the Bible. I need to prove this before we even get started. Divination for example. Divination is forbidden in the Bible. Tarot cards are tools for divination. To “celebrate” this movie 20th Century Fox (the film corporation behind the movie) released these tarot cards to promote X-Men Apocalypse at the San Diego Comic Con. Clearly there is heavy occult imagery in those cards. This is just one example surrounding this movie.

The Four Horsemen are a critical concept to this movie’s plot. If you look at the credits on IMDB you will find actors who played the Horseman of Pestilence, the Horseman of Death, the Horseman of War, and the Horseman of Famine in the movie credits. The concept of the Four Horsemen is straight out of Revelation 6 and no where else. Another name for the Book of Revelation is The Apocalypse of John. None of this is accident. One more point to show these people know what they are doing. Look at the poster to the movie. Now google “skull scrying”. You probably didn’t even know what skull scrying was. Now you do. Skull scrying is something witches and warlocks do for divination. I already told you divination is forbidden in the Bible. I am proving this movie is violating the Bible on purpose the whole way through.

I understand this movie has comic book history behind it. I am familiar with the comic book history of Apocalypse found here. Louise Simonson created this comic book character in 1986. If you look at Louise’s Wikipedia page you will find her comic book writings promote warlocks and magick and witches. Louise is promoting everything the Bible condemns. She has been for decades. Look at the characters these Marvel comic book writers surround Apocalypse with. You will see characters named Baal, Exodus, Moses, Genesis, etc. If you have read the Old Testament then you are well aware of what these things are. If you do not recognize this then its time to start reading your Bible immediately! You should be reading it anyways (or listening to it on audio book).

Basically I am saying this Apocalypse comic book character was an abomination to the Bible long before this movie was created. Now this movie has screenplay writers. They are Simon Kinberg, Bryan Singer, Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris. These people piled on. They piled abominations on top of abominations. This is serious stuff. The people involved in this X-Men Apocalypse screenplay are producing content so offensive to Christianity that Judas Iscariot may as as well be listed in the credits. Of all of the comic book characters available this is the character Marvel chooses to make a blockbuster film about!? These people hate Christianity. I will show you right now.

This movie opens up the scene in Ancient Egypt trying to establish that the ancient Egyptian sun god Ra is the same as the God of Abraham. This Apocalypse character later admits this in the movie when he claims to be Elohim. First of all read Exodus 20. Yahweh brought his people out of Egypt. Yahweh isn’t the same god as Ra. Anyone who says otherwise is in direct contradiction to the Bible.

The beginning of this movie is jam packed full of Egyptian symbolism. If I wrote about all of the Egyptian gods and symbols in this movie this post may never end. See my other posts about Gods of Egypt and Katy Perry if you need to brush up on your Egyptian occult references. You already know that if I am going to push to the side most of the Egyptian symbology in this movie as “not even that important” you know I’m about to show you some giant abominations.

The New Age

Around the 7:20 frame begins an insightful scene. The film rushes through “ages of human history”. I can point them out to the best of my ability. The first is the Egyptian Age as you are shown the Eye of Horus. Then the Age of Christ. Then the star of Ishtar (however this confuses me because Ishtar was thousands of years before Christ so perhaps this is the Persian Empire?). Then the Roman Empire as symbolized by the eagle. Then the Third Reich as indicated by the swastika. Then the Soviet Union and then America (even showing the twin towers for the truthers out there!). Finally this scene presents a vault door and then we are taken in the vault. What was secret isn’t secret anymore. The New Age is here.

We jump right into the classroom scene around the 8:29 frame. “Peace Turned to Chaos – Pandemonium in Paris” is the newspaper highlighted. There is a ton of meaning here. Concerning chaos – do you know who Adam Weishaupt was? He is the founder of the modern day Illuminati created in 1776. He believed in the Law of Fives. Law One is Chaos. Law Five is Aftermath as in Apocalypse. Google it if you like. You may as well google “pandemonium origin of word” while you are at it. Pandemonium is the city of all demons. Right below the newspaper headline is the Beast and they mystic (Mystique). There is a whole lot of meaning in this one Newspaper headline.

The professor presents something to the class very interesting. The professor says of Mystique “she has become the symbol of a New Age” – but she never calls her by name. I have a theory on this. We know the actress who plays Mystique. Perhaps she doesn’t say the name because she is referring to the actress herself Jennifer Lawrence. How ironic this would be. Jennifer Lawrence stars in The Hunger Games movies as well as X-Men. We should talk about The Hunger Games briefly. The Hunger Games is a book / movie series dedicated to the New World Order government of the future in a country called “Panem” composed of 12 districts where children fight each other to the death for District pride. I just pointed out the “Pandemonium in Paris” newspaper headline in X-Men Apocalypes. What is the common thread? Pan is the common thread of course. Pan is a pagan god of nature. The New Age worships nature. The New Age loves Pan. Any religion that is a fan of Pan is not of Christ.

Perhaps I will dedicate a post to The Hunger Games. Until then I can’t not tell you this. The Hunger Games is about Molech worship. One way to worship Molech is to burn your children alive as a sacrifice. If you saw The Hunger Games movie then you indeed saw character Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) offered up as a child sacrifice for District 12. “Katniss” is a plant of Sagittara genus known as the “arrowhead”. Sagittarus is the 12th astrological sign which is symbolized as the archer who shoots an arrow. Astrology is definitely embraced by the New Age. When Katniss arrived in Capitol City what do you notice about her clothes that is special? Now you know why I said Molech worship. Katniss is “passing through the fire”. This is Old Testament knowledge (a friendly reminder to read your Bible). One more thing. That movie’s logo a mocking bird on fire sure does remind me of a phoenix rising which is the topic of entire occult books. More about the phoenix below. My point is The Hunger Games is New Age propaganda as well.

Back to X-Men Apocalypse and the New Age. Here I will list 6 major concepts of the New Age. Keep these things in mind as I break down this movie further …

1) Pyramid Power
2) Raising your consciousness
3) The Pineal Gland
4) Psychic abilities
5) Astral Projection
6) The Demiurge

Do you recognize these things? I will explain them to you. If you want to find them in the movie before I tell you where to find them that is cool. Here is the explanation behind these things …

1) Pyramid Power is a real thing in the New Age. See an example of this at frame 3:58 of the movie. Also see frame 7:26 which is a view of the pyramid from directly above which shapes a large “X” for X-Men of course. I have never made the correlation between the X and a pyramid but I did just now. This explains an occult meaning for “XXX” to me aka three pyramids at giza.

2) Raising your consciousness is a key concept in the New Age. It has several meanings. I will highlight some of them for you. It can mean to “open your mind”. It can mean to meditate. It can mean to open up the third eye ajna chakra. It can mean to sharpen your “psychological gifts”. It can mean to channel energy through your spine up to your brain known as the serpent power which is also known as kundalini yoga. It means all of these things. Now I will tell you what few Christians will tell you. Most of the time this is channeling demons and obtaining demon power. I cannot state this any clearer. This is not of Yahweh. This is not of Christ. This is how to 1) call in demons into your body and b) get demon power. You are being programmed to accept yoga and Hinduism and Luciferianism which is NOT Christianity. You have been warned.

3) The Pineal Gland is a representation of the human brain if you cut it in half. You can see this symbol in the movie on the 7:29 frame (it moves by quickly). Also referred to as the Eye of Horus. Also the Third Eye. Also the ajna chakra. Also the All Seeing Eye. Also the Eye of Ra. Also the Grand Architect of the Universe. It is all of these things.

Before you go and open up your third eye know this. What you are doing when you open the third eye is you are connecting your brain directly to Lucifer’s internet. Opening the third eye is tapping into Lucifer’s consciousness. Once again reinforcing that the New Age is Luciferianism its just most of the world doesn’t even know what Luciferianism is. If you won’t listen to me then listen to Chris LaSala or Vigilant Christian or Steve Bancarz. These people have opened up the third eye. They regret it. They will tell you all about it. You have been warned.

4) Psychic abilities are one of the “benefits” of opening the third eye. Again you are tapping into demon powers. Lucifer and the demons have powers like clairvoyance and divination and channeling etc. They can share them with you in exchange for your soul. Misery loves company. They will gladly give you demon power if you will cast yourself out of heaven forever. This isn’t of Christ.

Here is what the Luciferians nor the demons will ever tell you. If you read your Bible and act as Christ instructed in the Bible there are powerful gifts to gain from the Holy Spirit that are not of the demons. I can provide testimony to obtaining some of these powers. You best believe I have some discernment gift. How else would I tell you things about this movie in this way? This movie is a shrine to psychic abilities. You can find an example at the 17:40 frame and many other instances in this movie.

5) When Professor Xavier puts that helmet on his head for psychic powers that is called cerebrum. When he does this he is participating in Astral Projection. In real life you don’t need a fancy helmet to do this. You can see this referenced in the movie at around the 1:07:30 frame. Chris LaSala is the Christian authority on this. Listen to what he has to say about Astral Projection because he has done it.

6) I still need to explain the demiurge to you. How do you know if you are a Luciferian? Turn to Genesis 3. I will show you one of the biggest key differences between a Christian and a Luciferian. If you believe the “good guy” in Genesis 3 is the Creator then you have a chance of being a Christian. If you believe the “good guy” is the serpent who tempted Eve then you are a Luciferian for sure. Luciferians get Genesis 3 backwards.

The other way to tell if you are a Luciferian is if you decide what is good and evil contrary to the Bible. Who needs the Bible when you can just decide what is good and evil by yourself? This is what Luciferians do. Does that mean you actually “worship Lucifer”? Well Lucifer is a brilliant strategist. He convinced 33% of the angels who were already in heaven to listen to him. He did not convince the fallen angels to “worship Lucifer”. That was not his promise. His promise was that the fallen angels would “become their own gods”. He promised this to Eve in the garden. It is the same false promise over and over again. The New Age loves becoming your own god. That means the New Age loves Luciferianism. Make no mistake about it. Now you know.

It gets worse. People who are Luciferians think the Creator is some kind of idiot. They think that the “true god” is the god who convinced Eve to eat from the fruit of the tree of knowledge (Lucifer of course!). They view the Creator as the enemy because he told Adam and Eve not to eat from the tree of knowledge. They have a word for the Creator. They call him “the demiurge”. This page explains the demiurge much better than I could. The demiurge exactly describes this movie. X-Men Apocalypse paints Yahweh as a wicked god who needs to be corrected by New Agers like Professor X and Jean Grey and Mystique. This movie is a giant Luciferian New Age recruiting tool. Did their recruiting work on you?

As repulsed as I am by this movie I have the ability to turn lemons into lemonade by teaching. I show you New Age practices are forbidden in the Bible. I show you Christianity and the New Age absolutely do not mix. This movie hates the Bible so bad. There is more.

Inverted Flood

Did you notice the inverted flood scene? When Apocalypse is recruiting Magneto to be one of his new Four Horsemen he tells Magneto to “feel deep into the earth to raise up the tiny metal particles out of the earth”. Metal will rain upwards creating a metal flood. This will destroy all of creation. This is an inverted flood story. God sent the first flood in the days of Noah to destroy the Luciferians (of which was almost everyone except 8 people on the ark). That was the “first apocalypse” by the way (by water). X-Men Apocalypse inverts this. This movie mocks the flood with a metal rain scene originating from the ground instead of rain water from the sky.

Yahweh promised Noah that he would never send a flood again to destroy all of civilization. What was his symbol for this promise? It is the rainbow. Look closely in the scene around frame 1:02:46. What do you see? Do you see metal rainbows?

Metal Rainbows

Today’s Luciferian culture tries to invert the words of Yahweh and Christ as best they can. They call good evil and call evil good (Isaiah 5:20). The are trying to hijack the rainbow for gay pride. I wrote about this extensively in He Wants His Rainbow Back. Also read about Noah and the flood in Genesis 6 through Genesis 9. Do you want more?

Nuclear Apocalypse

Jean Grey who is an X-Men with powerful psychic gifts sees judgement day as a Nuclear War in a nightmare around the 26:45 frame. Apocalypse takes control of all of the nuclear weapons of the world around the 1:11:00 frame. Notice how all of the humans are being “possessed” and their eyes turn black in this scene. This movie is associating yet another characteristic of demons to Yahweh. It is Lucifer and his demons who possess humans and turn their eyes black. This movie is so deceptive. They have everything backwards and upside down! By the way Jonathan Kleck is a real world expert on the nuclear apocalypse amongst other things. Any video of Jonathan that talks about “CATS” is a reference to the nuclear apocalypse for example. Be sure to watch his videos.

Mocking the Rapture

Not only does this movie have an inverted flood scene but it mocks the rapture as well. I told you this movie absolutely hates the Bible. Now this is straight out of the Apocalypse of John. Here are Bible Verses about the Rapture. You will certainly notice a few verses from Revelation which is the Apocalypse of John. Now this relates to this movie by a character named Quicksilver. Do not think it is lost on me that quicksilver is another name for liquid mercury where mercury is one of the seven planetary metals in Alchemy. Think of Alchemy as the “official science of Lucifer”.

Quicksilver is on his way to meet Professor Xavier. Unfortunately Havoc blew up the mansion while he is on his way. Havoc had to destroy the cerebrum system because it got hacked by Apocalypse. Now there is tribulation at the mansion as it is blowing up and fire is everywhere. Not much different than a mini nuclear apocalypse. But Quicksilver has super speed. He is “saving” all of the X-Men before the tribulation arrives. He is picking them up and carrying them out of the tribulation like angels would pick up the elect to save them from the end of days. This sounds a whole lot like the rapture. You can see this scene around the 1:15:00 frame.

Macrocosm of the Modern Woman

If you are a woman and you are not reading your Bible (which is pretty much all modern women) prepare to be offended. I am sorry but if this is you then you need this. Now the last scene is a crescendo of occult imagery. Pick it up around the 1:57:55 timeframe. Psylocke approaches Apocalypse with a kitana blade in hand. Apocalypse thinks Psylocke will obey her and strike down Quicksilver with the kitana blade as he commands. But no. It’s not really Psylocke. It is Mystique “the symbol of the New Age” shape shifting into the appearance of Psylocke. Mystique strikes at Apocalypse with the kitana blade to his throat. This a macrocosm of the modern woman. Modern women have been utterly destroyed by the New Age of which Oprah is one of their queens of hell. I have hundreds of friends on Facebook. My women friends posts quotes all day long. There are next to zero women who post biblical quotes. Near none of the women read the Bible in our life and times. Many of them attend their yoga classes religiously. Many of them think they are good. They don’t even know what a Luciferian is. Meanwhile they are Luciferians. This scene is quite an accurate macrocosm.

Phoenix Rising

Now we have the crescendo of the movie. How is the New Age going to destroy the Creator? With the phoenix rising of course. The phoenix rising is symbolism of becoming a self god. No surprise it is the official bird of Freemasonry (of which Freemasonry is the occult of which the occult is the New Age). Everything that is occult and pagan is embraced by the New Age! Once again this is not Christian. The Bible despises the occult and pagan practices. Therefore by the transitive property in mathematics 1) if the Bible despises the occult as clearly seen in the Book of Judges, Book of Kings, and Book of Chronicles and 2) the occult is the New Age then 3) the Bible despises the New Age.

And so the great writers of Freemasonry adore the phoenix and the concept of the phoenix rising. Manly P Hall one of the fathers of Freemasonry wrote a book entitled “The Phoenix” the concept is so loved. Meanwhile the phoenix is analogous with Lucifer by their own writings. And so it goes that this movie concludes with New Age X-Men Jean Grey overcoming “wicked Yahweh” unleashing her Luciferian demon power as the phoenix rising.

Jean Grey Phoenix Rising

To no one’s surprise Jean Grey is also called Phoenix in the comic book world. The Luciferians who created this movie consider it a Great Work and a victory over the Creator. They are succeeding tremendously as this world happily adopts the New Age. In conclusion all I can say is just know to be a New Ager is to be a Luciferian 1) a traitor against your Creator and 2) a traitor against Christ. Now you know.