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Eminem’s Demons Explained

Eminem Demons

I am writing this post for young people who refuse to believe that Eminem is possessed by demons. I was one of those young people. Years ago I tried to write about Eminem on this very website. My tune changed on him depending on the day. Sometimes he seemed like he wanted out of this mess. I sympathized with that and I still do. However I must tell you things that I didn’t know back then. I didn’t have the Biblical knowledge required nor did I know enough about demons to be honest. I scrapped the old post. We can do a better job right here right now. I’m going to finish what I started. This time we do it proper. Marshall Mathers if you read this post stick around to the end my friend. Believe it or not I’m here to help.

Slim Shady

Slim Shady is a demon. Marshall Mathers is not a demon. Slim Shady is. I put it in plain black and white. Is this breaking news to you? Not only is Slim a demon I have a pretty good idea which demon Slim is. I will explain. Eminem has written hundreds of songs. Which song would you consider “the authority” if you wanted to find out exactly “what” Slim Shady is? May I suggest the song “The Real Slim Shady” of course. So I decided to look up the lyrics to “The Real Slim Shady” for the first time in years. When I read the lyrics I almost fell off my chair.

Now please don’t be offended. These are the lyrics from that song which lept off the page to me …

My bum is on your lips/
My bum is on your lips/
And if I’m lucky you might just give it a little kiss/

Would you be shocked if I told you that this is a ritual of witches? Witches have a ritual called osculum infame (kiss of shame) where witches kiss the buttocks of “the devil” in order to pledge allegiance to the devil. It is folklore for the devil to manifest as a black goat during this particular ritual. Now whom specifically is “the devil” in this disgusting act? Well there are a handful of choices. Satan is the most likely. However I found texts describing the summoning of Asmodeus for this particular ritual. So Asmodeus is definitely in the running. Another possible candidate is Azazel. Azazel is the scapegoat from Yom Kippur. Yom Kippur is an ancient Jewish holiday where the sins of the people are cast unto a goat in Leviticus 16. This is how we get the scapegoat. In some versions of the Bible the scapegoat is translated as demon “Azazel”. So collecting this insight has lead me to believe that when Marshall Mathers channels Slim Shady he is either channeling Satan himself, the demon Asmodeus, or the demon Azazel. Perhaps you are thinking “I can gather this from just one song”? This doesn’t just happen in one song. Look to the songs Superman, Cold Wind Blows, Criminal, If I Had, The Re-Up, Without Me, Still Don’t Give A F*ck, So Far, Crack A Bottle, and Welcome To Hell. I think if you mention a witch ritual in TEN of your songs its kind of a big deal.

Now I can’t find anything that associates musical talent to Azazel or Asmodeus. Azazel is known for things like teaching men how to craft weapons. He also teaches women how to apply cosmetics which isn’t much help here. Asmodeus is a demon of lust, anger, and revenge. Asmodeus is more Slim Shady’s style. But I would put my money directly on Satan in this case. Why? The musical talent to rhyme of course. I refer you to this Bible scripture …

Ezekiel 28:13 – Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created.

Ezekiel is describing the demon who possesses the King of Tyre in the Bible (not the King of Tyre himself). This demon is commonly known as Satan. Ezekiel is actually describing Lucifer in the good old days before Lucifer was cast out of heaven. When Lucifer got tossed out he lost his natural beauty. He was mutated into the dark evil “traditional” Satan commonly seen in tv and films. Now here is Biblical knowledge. There are times when demons can transform back into angels of light temporarily to fool humans. This is straight out of the Bible …

And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. – 2 Corinthians 11:14 NIV

This is the trap that snares the New Ager and the Freemasons. They worship the light. It is all fun and games until you get deceived by a dark angel masquerading as an angel of light. Then you have big problems. According to the Bible fallen angels have this skill.


Tell me why Eminem made a song called G.O.A.T.? Is it because “GOAT” is street slang for Greatest of All Time? Yes – but it has double meaning. The first words to the song are “I’m willing to borrow your grass”. Goats eat grass. The double meaning is not lost on Marshall Mathers. He darn well knows the significance of a goat. But alas there is triple meaning. “You want a Shady, well/ You got it, man, I ain’t apologizin’ for sh*t”. The greatest rapper of all time is Slim Shady. Slim Shady is a goat. Satan likes to manifest as a goat. Triple meaning.

Confession of a Demon Possession

You still don’t think Marshall Mathers is demon possessed? Maybe you should pay attention to his own lyrics where he confesses it himself. You best study the lyrics to Demon Inside, Bad Meets Evil, Criminal, Devil’s Night, Infinite, Murder Murder, I’m Having A Relapse, Music Box, Still Don’t Give A F*ck, Bad Influence, Go To Sleep, My Darling, Crazy In Love, Evil Deeds, 3 AM, Evil Twin, Kings Never Die, Dr. West, and Rap God. Do you seriously think this is a crazy coincidence that the most skilled rapper in our life and times constantly raps about demons and murder and violence and rape and the worst profanity in most of his songs? Put two and two together! If you had a life or death answer to what kind of spiritual being endorses the lyrics of Slim Shady would you pick 1) an angel or 2) a demon? You know darn well which one you would pick.

Let us discuss the Eminem songs Not Afraid and Monster for a minute. I purposely didn’t bring these up yet. Maybe you don’t recognize this but these songs are pleas for help against demon possession. Marshall Mathers will tell you himself around 2:38.

Now here is knowledge. You can’t get power over demons unless you clean up your act. You seriously need to start Bible reading and acting more like Christ. You can’t produce profanity and murder laced music for public consumption and expect freedom from demon possession. You are doing exactly what the demons want! They aren’t going anywhere. I am not necessarily saying Eminem has to give up rapping. I am saying the message has to change dramatically. Here is a good rule to live by. The words that come out of your mouth can’t be demon endorsed. This goes for EvErYoNe. If the words coming out of your mouth are demon endorsed then guess what? Demons enjoy being around you. Demons enjoy living inside of you. Demons aren’t leaving. Chris LaSala can teach you a thing or two about this with his YouTube video found here …

Rain Man

Now on the topic of Rain Man. I have a theory on Rain Man. If you have read Judges, Kings and Chronicles in the Old Testament then you are familiar with the pagan god Baal. Now Baal was a supreme god to the Canaanites and the Phoenicians as well as other tribes of ancient Biblical times. He is chief rival god to the God of Abraham. Not only was Baal considered the sun god he was considered the storm god. The storm god brings rain to the crops. And there it is. Baal is an ancient rain god made famous by the Canaanites and the Phoenicians. Apparently it is a cool thing to do for musicians today to channel Rain Man. This is how Jay-Z gets his lyrics without writing them down. Baal tells Jay-Z the lyrics without pen and paper.

Some people have kind of caught on to this – but not quite. There is a popular Youtube Video called “The Music Industry Exposed” by Farhan Khan …

Farhan never connects Rain Man to Baal. He does get some things right though. Rain Man is a devil (a demon). Throwing money in the air and “making it rain” is an intelligent observation of rain aka Rain Man. Eminem, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Jamie Foxx, Gucci Mane, and Rihanna have called themselves Rain Man. However Farhan is stuck on this “blessings from above” definition for the word rain. That definition is from Old English which is relatively young. Take it back to the Canaanite and Phoenician days thousands of years before Christ to understand Baal is Rain Man. Farhan would need to read his Bible to understand that. No offense but he is stuck in the Quran which is the wrong book for understanding Baal. The point of all this? Marshall Mathers channels the ancient rain god Baal and so do other super famous hip hop artists. Baal may or may not be the same demon as Satan. Ask Marshall. He probably knows better than I on this one!


Has anyone else noticed Marshall Mathers is starting to prophecy? Look at his lyrics to Kings Never Die …

I can hear the drummer drumming/
And the trumpets, someone’s trying to summon someone, I know something’s coming/
But I’m running from it to be standing at the summit/
And plummet, how come it wasn’t what I thought it was, was it/
Too good to be true?/
Have nothing, get it all but too much of it then lose it again/
Did I swallow hallucinogens, ’cause if not, where the hell did it go?/
‘Cause here I sit in Lucifer’s den by the dutch oven just choosing to sin/
Even if it means I’m selling my soul, just to be the undisputed again/
Do whatever I gotta do just to win/

Compare that to Revelation 9. Mind you the song is titled “Kings Never Die”. In Revelation 9:1 we have the 5th angel blowing the trumpet and in Revelation 9:11 we have a King named Abaddon being summoned by the 5th angel’s trumpet. Only Marshall knows if he has been reading Revelation or if he got this prophecy from other means (demons of course). Its much more fascinating if he hasn’t been reading Revelation.

That is just a coincidence right? Okay.

In all fairness that Abaddon song is a remix. The original is called “Soldier”. My point is even the people remixing his music are dropping demon references.


I promised at the start of this post that I would help you. View the Chris LaSala Youtube Video on fallen angels. You will know more about demons in 30 minutes than most people know in a lifetime. Know that if you are using profanity it is the demons that taught you to do this. Know that if you are glorifying murder and rape in the music you listen to the demons like this music. They like producing it too. The same goes for drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, homosexuality, all of it. It is all demon influence. It could be from demons inside you and it could be from demons passing by. You can have more than one demon in you. In fact you can have thousands of demons in you. Jesus pulled 7 out of Mary Magdelene. While the rest of the world is watching Family Guy and X-Men movies I’m reading about how demons were created. I’m researching what they do to people. I’m applying what I learn to help me deprogramming from demon doctrine and it is working for me and it can work for you. So you can believe me or believe someone else. I told you the truth. It is hard to find ONE person without at least one demon in them. It will change your entire outlook on the world once you realize this foundation of demons is real FYI.

Here is the good news. You can get many demons out by yourself. I will give you some steps. Lets use profanity as an example. The first step is to feel bad that you are speaking like a demon. Humbling yourself is a great first step. Then confess to Jesus that you don’t want to speak like a demon anymore. Do research on generational curses. Perhaps demons have been passed to you through the bloodlines. You can break generational curses. Put some research in to find how to do this. Now this is the most crucial ingredient. You must start walking the path of Jesus. Basically “what would Jesus do”? Would he create a song full of curse words? No? Ok then. You shouldn’t do that either. Would he listen to songs full of curse words all day? No? Ok then. Cut back on profanity laced music. Over time your taste will change from demon approved things to Jesus approved things. It takes some time to overcome some things. Not every demon habit leaves cold turkey.

Here is an example of a prayer to help. Perhaps you can’t go a day without a beer. Say a prayer like this. “Father God, weaken these demons causing me to drink. Jesus, you did not need strong drink, help me be more like you”. Literally that prayer takes less than 10 seconds. Over time you will realize you have the most high God weakening demons who were cursing you. There are some things expected of you. You need to put forth your best effort to resist. You will have bad days. Get back on the horse. From personal experience I have quit swearing, quit drinking, quit listening to demon music, quit watching demon movies, etc. I still have issues. We all do. Be a work in progress. Be able to say “I used to have 5 beers a day now I have 2” and then keep going! Eliminating demonic influence is not so different from getting into shape in the gym. As your spirit gets stronger in the Lord you will be able to accomplish greater things!

12 Dec

X-Men Apocalypse and the New Age

x-men apocalypse

I’m going to analyze X-Men Apocalypse for you like no one else can nor will. Before we start let me just tell you that I dreaded watching this movie. My life is at a point where I don’t even want to absorb this junk anymore. That is how I know I am deprogramming somewhat successfully. You can achieve deprogramming like this as well. It took me a few months and I still have a ways to go.

If you want to play an insane drinking game try doing a shot every time there is an occult reference in X-Men Apocalypse. Spoiler alert. You will be dead from alcohol poisoning 15 minutes in. I’m going to blow the doors off this movie in heavy detail. I may not catch every detail. I may not have it all figured out. But my goodness I do have a lot of it figured out.

Do not think for one moment this movie has nothing to do with the Bible. Quite the opposite. This movie does whatever it can to violate the Bible. I need to prove this before we even get started. Divination for example. Divination is forbidden in the Bible. Tarot cards are tools for divination. To “celebrate” this movie 20th Century Fox (the film corporation behind the movie) released these tarot cards to promote X-Men Apocalypse at the San Diego Comic Con. Clearly there is heavy occult imagery in those cards. This is just one example surrounding this movie.

The Four Horsemen are a critical concept to this movie’s plot. If you look at the credits on IMDB you will find actors who played the Horseman of Pestilence, the Horseman of Death, the Horseman of War, and the Horseman of Famine in the movie credits. The concept of the Four Horsemen is straight out of Revelation 6 and no where else. Another name for the Book of Revelation is The Apocalypse of John. None of this is accident. One more point to show these people know what they are doing. Look at the poster to the movie. Now google “skull scrying”. You probably didn’t even know what skull scrying was. Now you do. Skull scrying is something witches and warlocks do for divination. I already told you divination is forbidden in the Bible. I am proving this movie is violating the Bible on purpose the whole way through.

I understand this movie has comic book history behind it. I am familiar with the comic book history of Apocalypse found here. Louise Simonson created this comic book character in 1986. If you look at Louise’s Wikipedia page you will find her comic book writings promote warlocks and magick and witches. Louise is promoting everything the Bible condemns. She has been for decades. Look at the characters these Marvel comic book writers surround Apocalypse with. You will see characters named Baal, Exodus, Moses, Genesis, etc. If you have read the Old Testament then you are well aware of what these things are. If you do not recognize this then its time to start reading your Bible immediately! You should be reading it anyways (or listening to it on audio book).

Basically I am saying this Apocalypse comic book character was an abomination to the Bible long before this movie was created. Now this movie has screenplay writers. They are Simon Kinberg, Bryan Singer, Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris. These people piled on. They piled abominations on top of abominations. This is serious stuff. The people involved in this X-Men Apocalypse screenplay are producing content so offensive to Christianity that Judas Iscariot may as as well be listed in the credits. Of all of the comic book characters available this is the character Marvel chooses to make a blockbuster film about!? These people hate Christianity. I will show you right now.

This movie opens up the scene in Ancient Egypt trying to establish that the ancient Egyptian sun god Ra is the same as the God of Abraham. This Apocalypse character later admits this in the movie when he claims to be Elohim. First of all read Exodus 20. Yahweh brought his people out of Egypt. Yahweh isn’t the same god as Ra. Anyone who says otherwise is in direct contradiction to the Bible.

The beginning of this movie is jam packed full of Egyptian symbolism. If I wrote about all of the Egyptian gods and symbols in this movie this post may never end. See my other posts about Gods of Egypt and Katy Perry if you need to brush up on your Egyptian occult references. You already know that if I am going to push to the side most of the Egyptian symbology in this movie as “not even that important” you know I’m about to show you some giant abominations.

The New Age

Around the 7:20 frame begins an insightful scene. The film rushes through “ages of human history”. I can point them out to the best of my ability. The first is the Egyptian Age as you are shown the Eye of Horus. Then the Age of Christ. Then the star of Ishtar (however this confuses me because Ishtar was thousands of years before Christ so perhaps this is the Persian Empire?). Then the Roman Empire as symbolized by the eagle. Then the Third Reich as indicated by the swastika. Then the Soviet Union and then America (even showing the twin towers for the truthers out there!). Finally this scene presents a vault door and then we are taken in the vault. What was secret isn’t secret anymore. The New Age is here.

We jump right into the classroom scene around the 8:29 frame. “Peace Turned to Chaos – Pandemonium in Paris” is the newspaper highlighted. There is a ton of meaning here. Concerning chaos – do you know who Adam Weishaupt was? He is the founder of the modern day Illuminati created in 1776. He believed in the Law of Fives. Law One is Chaos. Law Five is Aftermath as in Apocalypse. Google it if you like. You may as well google “pandemonium origin of word” while you are at it. Pandemonium is the city of all demons. Right below the newspaper headline is the Beast and they mystic (Mystique). There is a whole lot of meaning in this one Newspaper headline.

The professor presents something to the class very interesting. The professor says of Mystique “she has become the symbol of a New Age” – but she never calls her by name. I have a theory on this. We know the actress who plays Mystique. Perhaps she doesn’t say the name because she is referring to the actress herself Jennifer Lawrence. How ironic this would be. Jennifer Lawrence stars in The Hunger Games movies as well as X-Men. We should talk about The Hunger Games briefly. The Hunger Games is a book / movie series dedicated to the New World Order government of the future in a country called “Panem” composed of 12 districts where children fight each other to the death for District pride. I just pointed out the “Pandemonium in Paris” newspaper headline in X-Men Apocalypes. What is the common thread? Pan is the common thread of course. Pan is a pagan god of nature. The New Age worships nature. The New Age loves Pan. Any religion that is a fan of Pan is not of Christ.

Perhaps I will dedicate a post to The Hunger Games. Until then I can’t not tell you this. The Hunger Games is about Molech worship. One way to worship Molech is to burn your children alive as a sacrifice. If you saw The Hunger Games movie then you indeed saw character Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) offered up as a child sacrifice for District 12. “Katniss” is a plant of Sagittara genus known as the “arrowhead”. Sagittarus is the 12th astrological sign which is symbolized as the archer who shoots an arrow. Astrology is definitely embraced by the New Age. When Katniss arrived in Capitol City what do you notice about her clothes that is special? Now you know why I said Molech worship. Katniss is “passing through the fire”. This is Old Testament knowledge (a friendly reminder to read your Bible). One more thing. That movie’s logo a mocking bird on fire sure does remind me of a phoenix rising which is the topic of entire occult books. More about the phoenix below. My point is The Hunger Games is New Age propaganda as well.

Back to X-Men Apocalypse and the New Age. Here I will list 6 major concepts of the New Age. Keep these things in mind as I break down this movie further …

1) Pyramid Power
2) Raising your consciousness
3) The Pineal Gland
4) Psychic abilities
5) Astral Projection
6) The Demiurge

Do you recognize these things? I will explain them to you. If you want to find them in the movie before I tell you where to find them that is cool. Here is the explanation behind these things …

1) Pyramid Power is a real thing in the New Age. See an example of this at frame 3:58 of the movie. Also see frame 7:26 which is a view of the pyramid from directly above which shapes a large “X” for X-Men of course. I have never made the correlation between the X and a pyramid but I did just now. This explains an occult meaning for “XXX” to me aka three pyramids at giza.

2) Raising your consciousness is a key concept in the New Age. It has several meanings. I will highlight some of them for you. It can mean to “open your mind”. It can mean to meditate. It can mean to open up the third eye ajna chakra. It can mean to sharpen your “psychological gifts”. It can mean to channel energy through your spine up to your brain known as the serpent power which is also known as kundalini yoga. It means all of these things. Now I will tell you what few Christians will tell you. Most of the time this is channeling demons and obtaining demon power. I cannot state this any clearer. This is not of Yahweh. This is not of Christ. This is how to 1) call in demons into your body and b) get demon power. You are being programmed to accept yoga and Hinduism and Luciferianism which is NOT Christianity. You have been warned.

3) The Pineal Gland is a representation of the human brain if you cut it in half. You can see this symbol in the movie on the 7:29 frame (it moves by quickly). Also referred to as the Eye of Horus. Also the Third Eye. Also the ajna chakra. Also the All Seeing Eye. Also the Eye of Ra. Also the Grand Architect of the Universe. It is all of these things.

Before you go and open up your third eye know this. What you are doing when you open the third eye is you are connecting your brain directly to Lucifer’s internet. Opening the third eye is tapping into Lucifer’s consciousness. Once again reinforcing that the New Age is Luciferianism its just most of the world doesn’t even know what Luciferianism is. If you won’t listen to me then listen to Chris LaSala or Vigilant Christian or Steve Bancarz. These people have opened up the third eye. They regret it. They will tell you all about it. You have been warned.

4) Psychic abilities are one of the “benefits” of opening the third eye. Again you are tapping into demon powers. Lucifer and the demons have powers like clairvoyance and divination and channeling etc. They can share them with you in exchange for your soul. Misery loves company. They will gladly give you demon power if you will cast yourself out of heaven forever. This isn’t of Christ.

Here is what the Luciferians nor the demons will ever tell you. If you read your Bible and act as Christ instructed in the Bible there are powerful gifts to gain from the Holy Spirit that are not of the demons. I can provide testimony to obtaining some of these powers. You best believe I have some discernment gift. How else would I tell you things about this movie in this way? This movie is a shrine to psychic abilities. You can find an example at the 17:40 frame and many other instances in this movie.

5) When Professor Xavier puts that helmet on his head for psychic powers that is called cerebrum. When he does this he is participating in Astral Projection. In real life you don’t need a fancy helmet to do this. You can see this referenced in the movie at around the 1:07:30 frame. Chris LaSala is the Christian authority on this. Listen to what he has to say about Astral Projection because he has done it.

6) I still need to explain the demiurge to you. How do you know if you are a Luciferian? Turn to Genesis 3. I will show you one of the biggest key differences between a Christian and a Luciferian. If you believe the “good guy” in Genesis 3 is the Creator then you have a chance of being a Christian. If you believe the “good guy” is the serpent who tempted Eve then you are a Luciferian for sure. Luciferians get Genesis 3 backwards.

The other way to tell if you are a Luciferian is if you decide what is good and evil contrary to the Bible. Who needs the Bible when you can just decide what is good and evil by yourself? This is what Luciferians do. Does that mean you actually “worship Lucifer”? Well Lucifer is a brilliant strategist. He convinced 33% of the angels who were already in heaven to listen to him. He did not convince the fallen angels to “worship Lucifer”. That was not his promise. His promise was that the fallen angels would “become their own gods”. He promised this to Eve in the garden. It is the same false promise over and over again. The New Age loves becoming your own god. That means the New Age loves Luciferianism. Make no mistake about it. Now you know.

It gets worse. People who are Luciferians think the Creator is some kind of idiot. They think that the “true god” is the god who convinced Eve to eat from the fruit of the tree of knowledge (Lucifer of course!). They view the Creator as the enemy because he told Adam and Eve not to eat from the tree of knowledge. They have a word for the Creator. They call him “the demiurge”. This page explains the demiurge much better than I could. The demiurge exactly describes this movie. X-Men Apocalypse paints Yahweh as a wicked god who needs to be corrected by New Agers like Professor X and Jean Grey and Mystique. This movie is a giant Luciferian New Age recruiting tool. Did their recruiting work on you?

As repulsed as I am by this movie I have the ability to turn lemons into lemonade by teaching. I show you New Age practices are forbidden in the Bible. I show you Christianity and the New Age absolutely do not mix. This movie hates the Bible so bad. There is more.

Inverted Flood

Did you notice the inverted flood scene? When Apocalypse is recruiting Magneto to be one of his new Four Horsemen he tells Magneto to “feel deep into the earth to raise up the tiny metal particles out of the earth”. Metal will rain upwards creating a metal flood. This will destroy all of creation. This is an inverted flood story. God sent the first flood in the days of Noah to destroy the Luciferians (of which was almost everyone except 8 people on the ark). That was the “first apocalypse” by the way (by water). X-Men Apocalypse inverts this. This movie mocks the flood with a metal rain scene originating from the ground instead of rain water from the sky.

Yahweh promised Noah that he would never send a flood again to destroy all of civilization. What was his symbol for this promise? It is the rainbow. Look closely in the scene around frame 1:02:46. What do you see? Do you see metal rainbows?

Metal Rainbows

Today’s Luciferian culture tries to invert the words of Yahweh and Christ as best they can. They call good evil and call evil good (Isaiah 5:20). The are trying to hijack the rainbow for gay pride. I wrote about this extensively in He Wants His Rainbow Back. Also read about Noah and the flood in Genesis 6 through Genesis 9. Do you want more?

Nuclear Apocalypse

Jean Grey who is an X-Men with powerful psychic gifts sees judgement day as a Nuclear War in a nightmare around the 26:45 frame. Apocalypse takes control of all of the nuclear weapons of the world around the 1:11:00 frame. Notice how all of the humans are being “possessed” and their eyes turn black in this scene. This movie is associating yet another characteristic of demons to Yahweh. It is Lucifer and his demons who possess humans and turn their eyes black. This movie is so deceptive. They have everything backwards and upside down! By the way Jonathan Kleck is a real world expert on the nuclear apocalypse amongst other things. Any video of Jonathan that talks about “CATS” is a reference to the nuclear apocalypse for example. Be sure to watch his videos.

Mocking the Rapture

Not only does this movie have an inverted flood scene but it mocks the rapture as well. I told you this movie absolutely hates the Bible. Now this is straight out of the Apocalypse of John. Here are Bible Verses about the Rapture. You will certainly notice a few verses from Revelation which is the Apocalypse of John. Now this relates to this movie by a character named Quicksilver. Do not think it is lost on me that quicksilver is another name for liquid mercury where mercury is one of the seven planetary metals in Alchemy. Think of Alchemy as the “official science of Lucifer”.

Quicksilver is on his way to meet Professor Xavier. Unfortunately Havoc blew up the mansion while he is on his way. Havoc had to destroy the cerebrum system because it got hacked by Apocalypse. Now there is tribulation at the mansion as it is blowing up and fire is everywhere. Not much different than a mini nuclear apocalypse. But Quicksilver has super speed. He is “saving” all of the X-Men before the tribulation arrives. He is picking them up and carrying them out of the tribulation like angels would pick up the elect to save them from the end of days. This sounds a whole lot like the rapture. You can see this scene around the 1:15:00 frame.

Macrocosm of the Modern Woman

If you are a woman and you are not reading your Bible (which is pretty much all modern women) prepare to be offended. I am sorry but if this is you then you need this. Now the last scene is a crescendo of occult imagery. Pick it up around the 1:57:55 timeframe. Psylocke approaches Apocalypse with a kitana blade in hand. Apocalypse thinks Psylocke will obey her and strike down Quicksilver with the kitana blade as he commands. But no. It’s not really Psylocke. It is Mystique “the symbol of the New Age” shape shifting into the appearance of Psylocke. Mystique strikes at Apocalypse with the kitana blade to his throat. This a macrocosm of the modern woman. Modern women have been utterly destroyed by the New Age of which Oprah is one of their queens of hell. I have hundreds of friends on Facebook. My women friends posts quotes all day long. There are next to zero women who post biblical quotes. Near none of the women read the Bible in our life and times. Many of them attend their yoga classes religiously. Many of them think they are good. They don’t even know what a Luciferian is. Meanwhile they are Luciferians. This scene is quite an accurate macrocosm.

Phoenix Rising

Now we have the crescendo of the movie. How is the New Age going to destroy the Creator? With the phoenix rising of course. The phoenix rising is symbolism of becoming a self god. No surprise it is the official bird of Freemasonry (of which Freemasonry is the occult of which the occult is the New Age). Everything that is occult and pagan is embraced by the New Age! Once again this is not Christian. The Bible despises the occult and pagan practices. Therefore by the transitive property in mathematics 1) if the Bible despises the occult as clearly seen in the Book of Judges, Book of Kings, and Book of Chronicles and 2) the occult is the New Age then 3) the Bible despises the New Age.

And so the great writers of Freemasonry adore the phoenix and the concept of the phoenix rising. Manly P Hall one of the fathers of Freemasonry wrote a book entitled “The Phoenix” the concept is so loved. Meanwhile the phoenix is analogous with Lucifer by their own writings. And so it goes that this movie concludes with New Age X-Men Jean Grey overcoming “wicked Yahweh” unleashing her Luciferian demon power as the phoenix rising.

Jean Grey Phoenix Rising

To no one’s surprise Jean Grey is also called Phoenix in the comic book world. The Luciferians who created this movie consider it a Great Work and a victory over the Creator. They are succeeding tremendously as this world happily adopts the New Age. In conclusion all I can say is just know to be a New Ager is to be a Luciferian 1) a traitor against your Creator and 2) a traitor against Christ. Now you know.

01 Oct

Deprogramming Yourself – Part 2

Deprogramming Yourself Part 2

In Deprogramming Yourself Part 1 I was philosophical in my reasoning of what we are programmed with (although hopefully I made a strong case). In this post I am going to provide personal testimony and some supernatural events that have happened to me since I started deprogramming this way.

I Was Programmed

This is the person I used to be. I was raised in a Catholic family. I was instructed that Catholicism was the way from a very young age. I also grew up listening to hardcore rap music. For this reason I have knowledgeable backgrounds in both. I was addicted to hardcore rap music for many years. Dare I say I was amazed by it. I thought hip hop artists were the most talented people on earth. Then one day I was listening to the Jay-Z Black Album in my car and I heard a lyric in a song called Justify My Thug. In that particular song Jay-Z rhymes the following …

I am the Michael Schumacher of the Roc roster/
Traveling Mach 5, barreling, my power can stop God/ – Jay-Z – Justify My Thug

When I heard that lyric I said to myself “wow I don’t agree with this”. This shook my hip hop foundation. Now there were certainly other lyrics in other songs that could have sparked the same response but in that moment it became clear to me that hardcore rap had gone too far. The message within the song suddenly mattered. All this time I thought it was just an innocent display of talent. Was there more than just the skill? What of the true message in these songs? I had some major research to do. I started researching the religions of hip hop artists. This was an interesting place to start.

At this time I learned about the religions and belief systems of hip hop artists. I came to realize quickly that I never knew some of these existed. I learned about all kinds of things called the Occult, Freemasonry, Luciferianism, the Thelema, the New Age, Hinduism, and the Kabbalah to name a few. I knew nothing about these things until one little lyric in a rap song by Jay-Z piqued my interest. What started as curiosity in the religion of hip hop stars went off on a tangent. I wanted to know what was the religion of the world rulers as described in Part 1. These are the real influencers. I wanted to know about their religion. Quite honestly I became mortified by what I found. One thing was certain. This was not a Christian message from these world rulers or from these pop stars. I described this realization at length in Part 1. Slam Catholicism all you like (and on many topics I do) but at least the light bulb went off on that one night when I heard Jay-Z tell me that he could “stop God”. Thank you to my parents for laying down a foundation “good enough” to begin deprogramming myself. A better foundation than most – and that is scary because I was book smart but very programmed.

The Luciferian Defectors

Now when you want to learn about things like Freemasonry and Luciferianism and Devil Worship you may be hard pressed to find someone to open up about these things. I looked to people who used to be involved but claim to be involved no longer. I have quite a collection of books and bookmarks. You would think my religion is very dark if you judged me by my bookshelf. I do not own these books to be like the Thelemites. I own these books to understand them. Now a tragic truth. The dark occult religions are shrouded in mystery and secrecy by rule. This is the popular “Illuminati” stereotypes. How do you learn of such secrets? You learn from someone who was told the secret but no longer honors the secrecy. I call these type of people the Luciferian Defectors. Some are listed on this website on the right. Do you know what is interesting? They have all turned to Christianity to deprogram themselves from the Occult. Is that shocking to you? I learn much from them. I suggest you do the same. I always say this phrase. Learn from opposites. Do you know what else all these Luciferian Defectors have in common? Most claim the Bible is the way and one particular version is referenced often.

The King James Bible

I will make this logic very simple. If a devil worshiper whom now rejects that devil doctrine tells me they read the King James Bible to come out of that hellish trap then I am going to take note. And when many in that trap repeat this same thing over and over I am going to take action. Now reading the Bible can be a challenge. The words do not flow in the way we speak English today. It is similar to understanding a heavy accent. This may help you. Buy mp3 audio books of the King James Bible online (mine came as 2 CDs). You can get these for around $10. Personally I have found it much easier to listen to the Bible than to directly read it. If you enjoy reading it then by all means do that. Fortunately for me I have a boring day job which provides ample opportunity for listening to the Bible with headphones on and my cd player. Sometimes I need to play a Chapter several times over before I understand. I have Google nearby to Google words / people / places that I have questions about (or just write them down for later).

Also I suggest a free software for Windows called e-sword. With e-sword you can get the original meaning of a word in scripture that you have a question about. For example the phrase “knew her” in the Bible often means sexual relations which it does not really mean that today. Also “sleep with his fathers” definitely has a different meaning today lol. You will pick up on these things as you listen to / read the Bible. These kinds of instances prove extremely valuable for e-sword.

Taking Action

In Part 1 I was reasoning with myself what to do to begin deprogramming myself. In this post I am taking action and telling you about it. I got results when I started doing just a few simple things. Here is what I did …

1) I started listening to the Bible on audio books often / daily if possible.
2) I started applying the words of the Bible to my life.
3) I started watching Youtube videos by a select few (Raymond Carrington, William Schnoebelen, Jonathan Kleck, Black Child) to fill in the gaps.

Have you ever witnessed a child watching a superhero cartoon? What happens shortly after? The child imitates the superhero in the living room. This is an important lesson for adults too. You become what media you absorb. If you absorb the Bible then naturally you have a better chance to act like the heroes in it. If you absorb horror movies and hardcore rap and pornography and filthy tv shows then guess what you will act like? This is the programming we have been cursed with. They call them TV Programs for a great reason for goodness sakes! And so the 4th step is to cut out the bad programming. This is implied if you are acting on the instructions of Jesus in the Bible in the first place. I will make it easy for you. Here are some things to do to accelerate the deprogramming process. Stop cursing. Stop watching shows with many curse words. Stop watching horror movies. Stop listening to hardcore rap. Stop pornography. Stop gossip. Stop slandering. Stop being jealous. Stop complaining. Stop saying incredibly mean things about people and friends. I do not drink or do drugs but include these as well. And it is very hard to quit these things overnight. I can tell you from experience. Why? Because we have been programmed to do these awful things! There are days I fall flat on my face and relapse on these things. But I can say I have significantly throttled these vices back. I can say I can string together a few good days. Before this I couldn’t even string together a few good hours. This is deprogramming in action.

I Got Results

I wouldn’t write this unless I got results. This is what happened to me over several months when I started doing these things as I have described. I started having what I would describe as supernatural experiences. This is my testimony. Your results may vary. For example my imagination has come alive. There are times I feel like I could just take off and fly! It would be ever so cool if someday I actually do lol. But it feels like I could if that makes sense. Sometimes I feel like I can strafe (which is to move sideways as if pushed on ice) which is a strange feeling but kind of cool.

My dreams are the most significant result. I am talking about the real ones I have during real sleep. In my dreams indeed I can fly on occasions. I have premonitions sometimes. Which means on occasions something in the dream will happen in the real world usually within a few days. But most significantly are the guest appearances that started coming into my dreams. I assumed I would start to see things like angels and heroes from the Bible in my dreams – but that is not what happened. Do you know what happened when I started reading / listening to the Bible? The exact opposite.

Fear Not

What happened to me may scare you. It was scary and confusing to me at first. Raymond Carrington talks about this in his Youtube videos. However these things happened to me before I found his Youtube channel. Do you know who started showing up in my dreams? Demons started showing up. Before you get too scared read on.

It turns out demons didn’t like that I was listening to the Bible. It turns out devils didn’t appreciate that I was actively cutting the junk out of my life either. They didn’t take to kindly to me rejecting their programming. They let me know their displeasure in dreams from time to time.


These dreams really happened to me shortly after beginning to listen to the Bible on CD. I will now describe some of them.

I had a female succubus try to have sex with me in a dream. She looked a bit like Medusa from the film Clash of the Titans but not as large. She had me under some kind of love spell but I actually escaped this one. I shoved her off of me in the dream and she turned to stone. Pretty cool!

One night while in a dream the fan above my bed started to drip blood. That was setting the scene. I knew I was in for an interesting night when that happened. I had a fight with a demon that resembles Jim Carrey. He attacked me in a dream. He had the ability to stretch his arms and legs in combat. He put up quite a fight with me but I am able to hold my own in these dreams. As I get stronger in the spirit I get stronger in dreams. It is very re-assuring that the Bible contains the truth when you experience this.

I have been entirely surrounded by demons resembling zombies in a zombie apocalypse setting in a strange neighborhood that I did not recognize. In this dream zombie demons were surrounding me to kill me or do me great hurt. So in this dream I told them “do you know who I am”? Like I was some kind of authority figure on my own lol. They could care less who I was. Now here is the power. In that same dream I said “Jesus is with me so you best back off”. Something like this I said to them. Demons are mean. Sometimes you have to physically fight them. With strong belief that Jesus approved I threw a 7 foot tall demon over my shoulder with tremendous force in a dream. And another challenged me soon after this and I uppercut a 7 foot demon 20 feet into the air. These things feel extremely real when they are happening in the dream world. Who needs virtual reality when you have dreams like this. It feels like super powers for 8 hours out of the day! Again, these demons do not like deprogramming from their ways. They don’t like you reading the Bible and believing in it as truth. They show up from time to time to express anger. It just re-enforces what I am doing to me!

Not all dreams I have are demon infested. I had a dream where I was playing what I would describe as flying basketball. Basketball is much different when you are 20 feet above the hoop. Dribbling the basketball is much more challenging 20 feet in the air. You have to be careful that no one flies under you and steals the ball haha! People are amazed when LeBron James jumps 12 feet in the air. When you are playing flying basketball LeBron is not as impressive. I had to perform a 20 foot nose dive to dunk the basketball in that dream! I also had a dream where I was playing football on water. Yes not only was I walking on water like Peter I was playing football on top of an ocean field. The point is dreams like this are not normal. These are supernatural. These were quite fun dreams. Perhaps a glimpse of life in Heaven.

I do not have a supernatural experience every dream. Perhaps once a week. I am just conveying to you that indeed I am experiencing unique things when I started listening to the Bible daily and trying to do what Jesus says to do. Now there are days I fail. Some days I fail miserably. I suggest quickly repent and I get back on the horse. Sometimes I fail multiple days in a row. I am not totally deprogrammed yet. This is the true deprogramming experience.

I am describing a deprogramming that you likely are not used to. I am describing a scenario where we have been programmed by demons and the majority do not understand this. Probably not a lot of people are telling you this message. This is why I wrote this post. I hope that you find this useful.

05 Sep

Deprogramming Yourself – Part 1

Deprogramming Yourself Part 1

I have wanted to write a blog post about “deprogramming yourself” for the longest time. It is near impossible to write such a post without experiencing and succeeding in the process on my own first. I have been deprogramming for quite some time. I am a work in progress like everyone else. Today I googled “deprogramming yourself” and I was appalled by what I saw. If you Google “deprogramming yourself” you will actually find pages and pages of the exact opposite way that I will suggest. Only one of us is right. I provide this disclaimer to you up front. You will have to choose whom is correct.

This is a process. I am still deprogramming myself. Perhaps you will experience overnight success. Probably not. With that said I have some very interesting things to share with you about my experience of deprogramming. I am going to give you some things to think about and some action items to do to get started. There is hope. There is tremendous hope.

One final disclaimer. If you have an awful view of Christianity – if you think Christianity is the problem – I ask that you give me this blog post to change your mind. I guarantee no one has ever explained this to you like I am about to. Let us start the process with a question …

Who runs the world?

To start the process of deprogramming simply ask yourself “who runs the world?”. If you shouted out “GIRLS” because of a popular Beyonce Knowles song do not be troubled. This is part of the normal deprogramming process lol. I joke – but there is some truth to that.

There are multiple correct answers to this. You can answer with the literal rulers of the countries of the earth. The Presidents and the Kings and the Queens and the Diplomats and the Dukes and the Duchesses etc. You can answer with simply the world’s richest people. You can answer with the corporate elites of the largest banks and the Fortune 500 companies and these types. You can answer with the mega celebrities. Or perhaps the obvious which is the notorious families of the 13 Illumiati Bloodlines. All of these have some truth in the answer to this question.

I say to you that these – the rulers of this world – are incredibly influential on this earth. Now I ask you. Is Christianity programmed to us by the rulers of this world? Excellent question. Do you say Christianity is the virus? That it has been put in place to suppress you? Many claim this. When I googled “deprogramming yourself” this is what most said. I say to you the exact opposite. Hear me out this once.

Why do I say the exact opposite? Because Jesus condemned the rulers of this world. He condemned these rulers time and time again. Henceforth by logic Jesus condemned what you are being programmed with to this day. Here are just some of the words Jesus used to rebuke the rulers of this world …

Now when Jesus heard these things, he said unto him, Yet lackest thou one thing: sell all that thou hast, and distribute unto the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, follow me. – Luke 18:22 KJV

How many rulers of the world do you know that gave away their riches to the poor? Directly to the poor without strings attached? Few to none.

Again, the devil took Him up on an exceedingly high mountain, and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. And he said to Him, “All these things I will give You if You will fall down and worship me.”

Then Jesus said to him, “Away with you, Satan! For it is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only you shall serve.'”

This scripture indicates Satan has power over the kingdoms (and rulers) of this world. Jesus does not rebuke this claim.

And also these John 15 and Woes of the Pharisees are relevant. Just sit down and read all of the Gospel of Luke. It will become blatantly obvious.

To blame Christianity very much reminds me of the Beelzebub parable found in the King James Version Bible as seen in Matthew 12 and Mark 3 and Luke 12. This is an ancient accusation. Have you ever heard of the saying “a house divided cannot stand”? It is this same parable. What ruler would create a false religion condemning themselves over and over again? It makes no sense at all!

The following is much more logical. The rulers of this world are not pushing Christianity on you to suppress you. Christianity exists because Christ exists. Deny history that actually happened and you make the gravest error a human can make. True Christianity suppresses the rulers. The elites truly desire that the message of Jesus goes away and quickly! Or they wish to distort, warp and corrupt the original words. These are their efforts. And they carry out great lengths to do this. With their power they inject false doctrine and false religions into Christianity. This is how the church has been polluted and weakened to this day. Herein lies the true nature of the virus we are programmed with.

Some Things are Hard To Believe

Now there are hard to believe things for humans regardless of your religion or culture. Let us look at some quick examples. Is it easy to believe that Nazi Germany killed over six million Jewish people in the Holocaust from 1933 to 1945? Is it easy to believe that there are 60,000 miles of blood vessels in the human body which could circumnavigate the earth 2.5 times? Is it easy to believe that when you look up at the stars you are actually looking back in time because the light that just reached your eye originated many years ago? None of these things are “easy to believe”.

As humans there is much we can know. There is also much we cannot or do not know. Thus we “believe” in things to bridge the gap between contemplating and knowing and we do this all the time. It is perfectly logical and essential. You are not a fool or any less of a human if you believe in things. Quite the contrary. It is rather necessary. In fact the worst you can do as a human is to promote a lie / not believe / declare 0% truth when something is in fact 100% entirely true. This is the worst you can do as a human. A state of total deception. Keep that in mind from this day forward. You may need to reconsider things you have previously dismissed. No one ever said the world around you is easy to understand. Some things we will never understand.


We start with a fundamental belief in God. I do not know how strongly you believe in God. If you are having difficulty believing in God please see my post called God Math which may help. Actually see all of my posts which may help. If you do believe in God is it so hard to believe that angels exist? Is it so hard to believe that the angels have a history? That is where things get truly interesting. Is it so hard to believe that angel history effects us to this day? Today is a history lesson of the angels. Much can be learned from this.

They don’t teach this in public school …

A fantastic video response by Ray Carrington …

Further accelerate your deprogramming by watching the Youtube Videos of Raymond Carrington. His content on Christianity is incredible.

I bring up the ancient Angelic War to bring us back full circle. Not only was the War In Heaven the first deception it was also the birth of a new religion. This new religion is Luciferianism. Let me describe its main concepts. Now it is elaborate but essentially the concepts include a) becoming a self god b) following Lucifer as god c) and denying Jesus. Now this is this a great exercise to begin deprogramming. Study the rulers of this world. Study the ways of Luciferianism. See if you find any common ground. Understand that according to the Angelic War Lucifer is now a demon in our times. Henceforth by the transitive property if the rulers of this world are Luciferians and Lucifer is now a demon then by the transitive property these people worship demons at the top. What is worse they promote demon worship unto you. Spend your days proving me wrong. It will be time well spent deprogramming!

I know about the concept of monarch programming. I know about the concept of sex kitten beta programming. I know of these things. Perhaps you came to this post looking for the solutions to these things. I will do you one better. I say beware of a grander conspiracy. The conspiracy is this. The rulers of this world are followers of Lucifer. More precisely we are being programmed to accept the religion of the fallen angels. Overcome this and no programming will have any power over you.

Do you find my theory hard to believe? Do you think I bear false witness when I claim the ways of the fallen angels are being programmed unto us? I will show not tell. Let us discuss birthdays. Do you know anyone who celebrates birthdays ever? It is probably the most popular thing we do in the United States. Here is a bitter dosage of deprogramming. Birthday parties are not Christian. Enjoy this article about the topic of birthday parties in the Bible which discuss birthdays being a curse each time brought up in the Bible. I now draw a parallel to a popular Christian birthday. The Bible is vague on the exact day of birth of Jesus himself. Now on the other hand the highest Luciferian holiday is the celebration of one’s own birthday. What is Christmas? A giant celebration of the birthday of Jesus on December 25th. Or so you are told. December 25th is not even historically accurate. Actually not even the season of winter is historically accurate for the birth of Jesus. And did you know that many competing pagan deities do have a birthday on December 25th? But alas. That is a conspiracy for another day. My point is birthday parties are an example of the infiltration of Luciferianism into society. This is the programming I speak of. This is the true virus that must be remedied in you.

It is time to learn about Lucifer and his nature and his religion and the rulers of this world to begin the deprogramming. I will explain much more in Part 2 including validation for me and real power as a result of deprogramming correctly.

01 Sep

Thursday is Thor’s Day

Thursday is Thor's Day

Ladies and gentlemen paganism is promoted to you on a daily basis. Literally on a daily basis. In this post I will show you just how much paganism is a part of your every day life. Before we get to that though we must talk about the concept of paganism itself. People throw that word around like you should just know what it means. Like they teach it in public schools or something. They sure do teach it – but not how you think.

Let me summarize for you what paganism is. I will extend you a courtesy that likely no one has ever done for you. We start with earth, wind, water, and fire. The elements are extremely significant to pagans. It is a common thing for pagans to use these elements and other items found in nature in magic rituals. Magic is a pagan thing. Not only are there magic rituals but there are entire pantheons built around the elements (and other natural events). A pantheon is a group of gods. Popular pagan pantheons include the Norse gods, the Greek gods, the Celtic gods, and the Roman gods. In the Wiccan pantheon it is common to find the horned god and the goddess ruling. Pagan holidays honor (not surprisingly) pagan gods which often fall on equinoxes and solstices (the sun). Astrology, the zodiac, the horoscopes, and sun worship are all pagan. They have their own symbols as well. These are basic concepts of what is going on.

So there you have it. Someone has finally explained to you the basics of paganism. As a Christian what are the problems with paganism? Focus on the magic. If you are practicing magic I ask you which god(s) perform the supernatural effects that bring the magic about? The answer is whatever god will hear you and its not the God of Abraham or Jesus or the Holy Spirit. Therein lies the incredible danger to the Christian. Personally I think pagan ways do have power. But where that power comes from gets disgusting. I believe that pagan gods are ancient fallen angels (Lucifer and his rebel angels) and the children of ancient fallen angels (the Nephalim found in Genesis). Their magic and rituals and astrology are real if you ask me. But its not the highest power. The ways of the fallen angels are the broad and crooked way to the hell fire.

You hear often that Christianity and paganism have so much in common. You also hear paganism is older than Christianity. But consider this. Lucifer has been around before the beginning of the human race. Lucifer had plenty of time to blaspheme and counterfeit true Christianity pre and post Jesus Christ. The fruits of such a conspiracy is paganism. It is not Christianity that has borrowed concepts from paganism by the imagination of man but it is paganism that has borrowed concepts known by Lucifer as he influences men and women since the beginning. True Christianity and paganism do not mix!

But perhaps the pagan gods are only popular in places like Greece and Rome (if any place at all!). What about the United States? Let me give a small personal testimony. When I was a young student in the American public school system I was recruited to pursue the Greek pantheon. There was a special program for the “gifted” children around the age of 12. It was required to pass kind of an IQ test to get in. When I took the test I came up slightly short. My feelings were crushed. Now there was a burning question. Exactly what were they studying in that special “genius” class? Well I came to find out what my gifted classmates were studying. They showed me even though they really weren’t supposed to. My classmates were learning the Greek pantheon in the sixth grade! And there it was. Can you believe it! I did not realize what was happening until a much older age. What was that special class? Well, what would you call the teaching of extremely intelligent children pagan gods and pagan ways in secrecy while everyone else is learning gym class and social studies? Ladies and gentlemen that is called a mystery school. There was a mystery school in my public school in the USA. I saw it firsthand.

I find it fascinating that children are taught to be disappointed if they cannot join in the mystery school. The tone is set at an early age. We are taught sooo many lies! I pray that an intelligent child reads this when googling something about paganism. Or perhaps a mother or father reads this and discovers what the “gifted” program is all about. Now you understand what is happening in some gifted programs. Investigate for yourselves in a school near you.

Enough of elementary school. I have shown paganism is found in some public schools by a personal testimony. But what of work? Well, do you use the American days of the week at your workplace? Do you use a calendar? Do you know what the days of the week mean? Would it shock you as an American that you honor the Norse pagan gods multiple times every week?

What was hidden is now brought to the light. Here it is …


The name comes from the Latin “dies solis” meaning “sun’s day”. Also the name of a pagan Roman holiday.


The name comes from the Anglo-Saxon “monandaeg” meaning “the moon’s day”. This second day was sacred to the goddess of the moon.


This day was named after the Norse god Tyr.


The day named to honor the Norse god Wodan. Same as Odin.


The day named after the Norse god Thor. Thursday means Thor’s Day!


The day in honor of the Norse goddess Frigg. Same a Freya.


This day was called dies Saturni, “Saturn’s Day”, by the ancient Romans in honor of Saturn.

What does this mean? It means every single day of the week in the United States is rooted in paganism. Every single day. Is this shocking to you? Did you already know this? If so I congratulate you. It was news to me too not too long ago. This is why it is amazing and I am sharing it in a post.

Now maybe you think “well these days of the week were established a long time ago and no one cares about paganism today”. Ohhh really? Well I went to the local retail store to find out. I picked up a copy of the movie Thor (2011) with Chris Hemsworth and Anthony Hopkins. After all Thursday is Thor’s Day. I wanted to know what this movie Thor was all about – or maybe more succinctly what is being promoted in the Thor movies. To no one’s surprise I found a few important things that need be shared.

The first thing you will notice if you pay attention closely is the symbol on Thor’s Hammer in the movie (the hammer is called Mjölnir). There is a brazen symbol on the hammer in this movie and it is called the triquetra. The triquetra is one of the most popular pagan symbols in existence. It symbolizes mind, body and soul. It also symbolizes earth, water and sky (remember the worship of the elements?). So right away in the movie we see a pagan symbol and it is branded right on Thor’s hammer.

thor mjolnir hammer

The Tree of Life is sketched by Thor in the movie. I want to make a very simple point about scripture. The Bible does not analyze the Tree of Life. Now it is mentioned in Genesis 2:9 (both Tree of Life and Tree of Knowledge). But you will not find a complex diagram about the Tree of Life in the Bible. You will find a complex diagram of the Tree of Life in many pagan religions such as the Norse pagan Tree of Life called the Yggdrasil. You will find a complex Tree of Life in Cabala / Kabbalah / Quabalah of which they adopted it from the ancient Babylonians. And you will find a complex Tree of Life in much of self-proclaimed Beast 666 Aleister Crowley’s work including Liber 777 and The Book of Thoth. Beware the pagan diagrams of the tree of life. Do not put your faith in an esoteric tree. Put faith in Jesus.

Norse Tree of Life Yggdrasil

Finally if you watch the Thor movie closely you will see them open a book that says “Thursday is Thor’s Day”. This wasn’t an accident. This movie is all about promoting pagan gods. Now you know.

Thursday Thor's Day