01 Sep

The Candle is Burning from Both Ends

Batman Villians Covid

Ladies and gentlemen, the candle is burning from both ends. On one end of the candle you have mad scientists across the world cooking up super viruses in their laboratories meant to injure, harm and kill. On the other end of the candle you have mad scientists creating injections that are killing many more than is being reported. This is what I mean by the candle is burning from both ends.

You may as well be brave. You can be killed from a super virus. You can be killed from an injection that you trusted – but trust can be violated – and we are witnessing significant injuries and even death when testimonies of taking these shots escape the iron bars of censorship. The world more than ever before reflects to me Batman’s super villains colluding to kill you with a poison virus or a poison shot. They are the author of both. This is the ultimate hegelian dialectic on display. Death is in the air and death is in the needle.

Now you are starting to see why Christ has to come back. He wasn’t coming back because everything is sunshine and lollipops my dear reader. He’s coming back because there is horror on the earth. I find myself looking to the sky more often than I used to. He sees all this. He knows.

So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.

Matthew 24:33 KJV

There is an artistic work of many of the popular Batman villains playing cards. I photoshopped it to make this art work more appropriate for 2021 …

The candle is burning from both ends. What a time to be alive. What an opportunity to show faith and courage for Christ. Be brave my brothers and sisters. This is all I wanted to say today.