21 Aug

COVID-19 Red Pill Sheet

Covid-19 Red Pill Sheet Feature Image

Sometimes I am chatting with my parents, brothers, sisters, or even a stranger, and they ask me to justify my position on the COVID-19 vaccine. I try to make various points in an effort to be convincing. Sometimes I do a good job of it with impromptu speech. Sometimes I’m emotional and I don’t say the right words. Then I’ll think about this and it haunts me. I try to tap into the Lord to deliver any important message with perfection, but executing perfection can be really difficult.

A local reporter keeps pushing vaccine mandates in their articles and on social media. I want to red pill the local reporter in a respectful way, but I could not find the right words. I could feel the Holy Ghost pushing me to try the other day, and in my spirit I was defeated – I didn’t have the right words to go about it. That’s when I got this idea. I need to create a red pill sheet, a thorough and detailed one pager, where I can print it out or post it on social media, and my thoughts are collected on this one page. It’s not perfect, it’s only one page, and people could write books on this topic. But if I can break through the spell of lies, if I can crack the spell long enough for a person to reconsider, I have accomplished something.

I only care about the truth. If I am wrong I am willing to be taught my error and change course. But I will not bow down to lies and censorship. The Lord demanded me to take some action. I have created this one pager for you. It is made to fit on an 8.5″ by 11″ standard sheet of paper. Share it. Print it. Make your own version. Here is my COVID-19 Red Pill Sheet (version 1.1) …