19 Jun

Kanye West – Devil Worship – Part 2

Kanye West - Devil Worship - Par

I wrote Kanye West Devil Worship Part 1 about a year ago. By the Grace of God I waited until I wrote Part 2 (even though I really wanted to write it much faster). I am glad I waited. I will be much more intriguing because of the delay. First and foremost I want people to pray for this man. Send forth your prayers to save this poor soul Kanye West from himself. As far as I know Kanye West is still human with a soul in there somewhere. Now he could be possessed by a fallen angel or a demon or reptilian or something like this. You and I must come to the aide of our fellow man. I have done many dumb things in my life. I have thought I was in the right when clearly deceived. The Most High will judge. Until then we can help our fellow man with sincere prayers. Until then we can know them by their fruits (Matthew 7:16-20 KJV). And now I will analyze further some of the fruits of Kanye West.

One of the most influential music videos I have ever seen in my life is Kanye West’s short film Runaway which is produced by none other than Roc-A-Fella Records LLC which is owned by Sean Carter (Jay-Z) whom quite obviously idolizes the Rockefeller family by his company’s name. Runaway is a half hour of intense religious and occult imagery which takes multiple sitting to catch all references. I will try to point out significant references to you. Surely I still miss some references to this day – but I have plenty to share right now.

The first meaning I want to point out is the title of the film. I only came to know its meaning recently because I have just read the Book of Enoch within the last year. Have you ever read the Book of Enoch? There are vehement defenders of the Book of Enoch to the point that some think it is a conspiracy that it was excluded from the Bible itself. There are those on the total opposite end of the spectrum who think it is a forgery and a demon doctrine. For our purposes it doesn’t much matter the validity of Enoch. What does matter is the story itself. There are heroes and villians in the Book of Enoch. The heroes are the Lord of the Spirits and the Son of Man. The villains are the fallen angels whom have conspired to descend to earth and mate with women. This opposes the will of the Lord of Spirits and they are eternally cast out of Heaven. And do you know the name given to those fallen angels whom made a pact to descend upon the earth and intimately know the women of earth in Enoch? They are called the Runaways. And so the most significant artistic work of Kanye West’s life and times is a tribute to the Runaways whom are fallen angels that corrupted the bloodlines. An intriguing thing to mention. In the Runaway short film the role is reversed. The woman angel descends to earth to mate with Kanye the man. Simply watch to know …

And for a long time I did not understand the introduction. Until I understood Luciferian doctrine better. Understand this concept. The Luciferians believe that the Most High is the villain. To the Luciferians the Creator is a mean God. This is because the Creator declared the Tree of Knowledge forbidden in the Garden of Eden. Knowledge of good and evil was denied to the first man and the first woman. And it was benevolent Lucifer who educated Eve that the mean creator was unjustly denying the knowledge. It was virtuous Lucifer who offered godhood to woman and in turn she offered godhood to man (the origin of the god and goddess dichotomy). Ye shall be as gods knowing good and evil – Genesis 3:5. And this is the mindset and root and the origin of Luciferianism (and Wicca and Paganism and Satanism) all in one act. It all traces back to Eden and the forbidden fruit and Genesis 3. And now we understand the words of Nicki Minaj as the fallen angel descends from the sky in the opening scene of Runaway …

You might think you’ve peeped the scene/
You haven’t/
The real one’s far to mean/
The watered down one/
The one you know/
Was made up centuries ago/

And this is the meaning of the intro to Runaway. It sets the tone for the whole film. It is a tribute to the origin of Luciferianism which transpired in the Garden of Eden. The Creator (the real one) is mean. The watered down one is the Son of God whom is kind not mean. Christ is denied as even existing by their own words which are Christ was made up centuries ago. Kanye West says the right things in radio interviews about Jesus. But you will know him by his fruits. Be it music videos or lyrical verses or album art or concert performances or the like – these are his fruits. You must become skilled at identifying blasphemy if you are to understand him. I devoted Kanye West Devil Worship Part 1 to that very topic!

And so you have the freedom to believe whatever “good” and “evil” your false self god can talk yourself into thanks to Lucifer tempting Eve in the Garden of Eden. Do not underestimate a major selling point of Luciferianism is the self god concept. Unfortunately because of Lucifer we were cast out of Eden to a prison of mortal flesh and we shall surely die. Lucifer blatantly lied to Eve in Genesis 3:4 when he tells Eve ye shall not surely die. IT WAS A LIE. Luciferianism was built on a lie. The flesh now faces death because of it.

I’m not even 1 minute into the video and we have discovered much. There is plenty more to say about Runaway that is not common knowledge. I can now clearly see I will need a Kanye West Devil Worship Part 3 (and maybe a Part 4!). Part 2 will become too long if I cover all of Runaway now. Kanye creates too much devil worship material to be covered in 2 posts (sigh). For now we have analyzed the title and the introduction of the Runaway music video. The conclusion is inspiration was taken from the villains of the Book of Enoch (the fallen angels who mated with humans) and fundamental Luciferianism.

Let us examine some more Kanye West rotten fruit. I want to discuss the Kanye West – Power music video. I have never come across someone cracking the true meaning of the Kanye West – Power music video online. To understand it you must first recognize the Thelema religion. This is the religion of the self-proclaimed “666 Beast” Aleister Crowley invented in the early 1900s. The Thelema religion is experiencing a significant renaissance in our life and times. The reason is because we have now lived past 2012 which is a key date in the Thelema and in the occult in general. This is because December 21st 2012 marks the ushering in of the Age of Aquarius and the Aeon of Horus. The Age of Pisces (Christ) is to be ushered out. These are both central concepts to the Thelema religion. Now another key to the Thelema religion is the Thoth Tarot Card deck. The Thoth Tarot Cards are for divination (which is seeking knowledge of the future). They can also be used for magick. These things are forbidden in the Bible as abominations in many scripture verses.

The significance of the Thoth Tarot Cards to Aleister Crowley is not hard to trace. Aleister Crowley invented the Thelema religion of which the Egyptian diety Thoth is a big deal. He also helped design the Thoth Tarot Cards. He also authored the Book of Thoth which explains the Thoth Tarot Cards!

Now let me show you the Thoth Tarot Card for Power. The card is the Four of Disks – Power. So we have a music video named “Power” and a Thoth Tarot Card named “Power”. It looks like this …

Power - Four of Disks - Thoth Tarot Card

And now here we have the Kanye West – Power music video …

It is not hard to see that the Kanye West Power music video is filmed in a scene that looks like an artistic representation standing at the gates of the fortress displayed on the Four of Disks Thoth Tarot Card. And we are to know that this card displays a fortress because Aleister Crowley tells us this in the Book of Thoth (which describes the tarot cards). The color scheme is the same. Clearly the pillars in the music video have meaning. I would argue there is multiple meanings. Pillars can clearly be found on the Power Tarot Card. Also in Freemasonry pillars are built into every masonic temple. These are called Boaz and Jachin. When I Googled Boaz and Jachin I found the following image near the top of the results. Does this image not resemble the very fortress drawn on the Four of Disks Power card?

Boaz Jachin Pillars

Perhaps not. Perhaps the pillars and the color scheme are not enough coincidence to the Power Tarot Card. Then consider the following. Above Kanye’s head is a sword piercing a crown. A sword piercing a crown can also be found predominantly on a different Thoth Tarot Card.

Have a look at the Ace of Swords …

Ace of Swords - Thoth Tarot Card

And consider the following. I can draw imagery from not 1 not 2 but THREE Thoth Tarot Cards. Check out the Thoth Tarot Card known as The Moon …

Thoth Tarot Card - The Moon

For this reason the Power music video is heavy Thelema. There are other obvious Thelema references. Horus is the giant head on the Kanye necklace. The Thelema religion intertwines occult and Egyptian concepts heavily. Horus is a major Thelema diety (so is Thoth clearly). The Aeon of Horus is to usher out the Aeon of Pisces which is essentially the astrological Age of Christ. Christ is to be ushered out. Egyptian gods are to be ushered in. I write about this all the time. Notice the men dumping water on their heads upside down in the Power music video. Ever examined the Aquarius zodiac sign? It is commonly represented like this …

Aquarius Zodiac

In conclusion to this post I will summarize. Kanye West has combined Book of Enoch fallen angel concepts with Luciferian concepts in the Runaway short film – and I’m not even 1 minute into the analysis of his 30 minute Runaway short film (spoiler alert I have watched the whole thing and there are incredible dark concepts ahead in a future post). Kanye promotes heavy Thelema and Freemasonry symbolism in the Power music video which people have been trying to crack for years. I have identified at least three strong Thoth Tarot Card references. I will need to compose a Kanye West Devil Worship Part 3 and probably a Part 4. These are the fruits of Kanye West. May he change his ways. May you pray for him to change his ways.