16 May

COVID-19 Natural Remedies

Healthy Lemons

Greetings all. Over the last few months as the coronavirus has surged in popularity I have been paying attention to folks providing testimonies on natural remedies that may help prevent COVID-19 – or at least assist in fighting the virus once you catch it. Disclaimer – I am no doctor. I do not claim these to be cures at all. However I like options. I especially like natural options. Therefore I’m going to summarize some of the things I have seen other people trying. You can be the final judge.

I know at least 5 people personally that have caught this virus. These 5 have shown extreme coronavirus symptoms – although not all were tested. These 5 beat the virus. Some of them tried some of these things described (which I will highlight when I get to them). I value the testimony of someone who beat this virus over those who have not. Your opinion may differ.

Before we dive in, I want to teach you something about search engines. Almost all search engines of importance are compromised. What do I mean to say “compromised”? I have been a Google Expert for years. I know most of the important ranking factors of almost every major search engine in existence. You will often be shown lies near the top of the search results – especially if it is controversial. This includes YouTube. How does a person get around the propaganda? Simple. Often the truth is found on page 3, page 4, page 5 and so on. Get acquainted with digging a little deeper when you do a Google search etc. Sharpen your discernment. I cannot tell you any more plainly, Google will show blatant lies on page 1 when you search for something controversial. This is especially relevant for COVID-19.

How can you trust me? Well first and foremost this website is not monetized in any way whatsoever. Secondly this website is anonymous. I simply write when I feel inspired by the LORD of Hosts to deliver a message to my brothers and sisters.

On the topic of whether COVID-19 came from the Wuhan Lab, came from Satan, or came from the LORD of Hosts as punishment – my comment is this on these details. Man may have created it in the lab, man may have extracted it from a wild animal in a lab and spread it, Satan may have helped, but nothing occurs without the approval from the LORD of Hosts. If the LORD of Hosts wants to crush COVID-19 out of existence in the next moment, it would be His will and easily done. The scripture Numbers 25 is a hard lesson. In my own life I use caution to not contract the coronavirus, but if I am to get it – even die from it – the LORD of Hosts will be done. I am reasonable and cautious and not scared. I encourage you to be the same.

Okay! Onto the possible natural remedies. I LOVE OPTIONS …

Quinine / Chloroquine and Zinc Together

I had to dig down like 7 pages on DuckDuckGo to find this article. This is how suppressed this information is on the search engines. But alas I did find this article which is a tremendous explanation of how Quinine / Chloroquine and Zinc work at the cellular level to fight viruses …

I do understand chloroquine is not a “natural remedy” – but quinine is natural and closely related. Quinine comes from the bark of the chincona tree. The combination of quinine / chloroquine AND zinc can possibly be effective against viruses. Zinc and Quinine can be purchased organically. Getting the correct levels of these is not my area of expertise and varies from person to person. Here is my in-depth analysis. “Some is possibly better than none if you have COVID-19”.

Iron Levels

This is an interesting natural remedy that is not talked about much if at all in the mainstream media. On Twitter I saw Dr. David Sinclair talking about an iron levels study related to COVID-19. Disclaimer – I don’t endorse everything Dr. Sinclair says – but he is a scientist that is suggesting things to try without hesitation and for that I am very appreciative. Cooking your food in an iron skillet is possibly a good idea! Vitamin C helps the body absorb the iron! Possibly boosting iron may help. See these tweets about iron levels and COVID-19 …

Vitamin C

I found this article very interesting. It highlights several hospitals giving high doses of Vitamin C to COVID-19 patients. Feedback was positive according to this article …


Vitamin D

Here we have Vitamin D being highlighted as a weapon in preventing COVID-19 complications by scientist David Sinclair …

Licorice Root

Licorice root is one of the things that officials in China have suggested for natural remedies against COVID-19. I find it disturbing that United States officials seem to suggest zero natural remedies to fight viruses, but I digress. Licorice root is well known to fight viruses. See this enthusiast talk about licorice root on YouTube …

Manuka Honey / Propolis

Manuka Honey combined with Propolis is the natural remedy that my friend directly took to fight the coronavirus when my friend was reporting a high fever for longer than one week with brutal coughing and chills. My friend told me that whenever she got the worst coughing, she would take manuka honey with propolis and that would calm down the symptoms. For this reason I am giving you her testimony. It may benefit you. You will have to decide if you would like to try this or not.

Here is an article on the benefits of Manuka Honey …


Here is an article on the benefits of Propolis …

Lemon Water

Lemon water – specifically warm or hot lemon water – has been described as a possible natural remedy for COVID-19 on social media and other outlets. If you Google “lemon water COVID-19” you will be bombarded with “fact check” articles trying everything under the sun to convince you not to do this. It’s absolutely ridiculous how much the mainstream media fears lemon water as a natural remedy. Of course this makes me believe this probably works. In fact this is one thing my friend did and she was able to beat coronavirus without needing to go to the hospital – even though she had a brutal cough to overcome.

Possibly baking soda and lemon water combined provides relief as an elixir. See this post from brother in Christ Raymond Carrington on his YouTube channel …


My brothers and sisters, I have done more for you than all “health” branches of the USA government when it comes to publicly suggesting things you can try to fight off COVID-19 / coronavirus naturally. The United States won’t even sign off on lemon water. Every man woman and child must fend for themselves. I have not claimed any cures. I have suggested some natural remedies that can be tried and I have cited sources.

I love having options. Maybe you are like me.