09 Aug

Waking Up the Woke

Waking Up the Woke

It has been brought to my attention to look up the “official definition” of the word “woke”. After literally laughing out loud for an extended period of time upon reading the official definitions, it became blatantly apparent to me that it was absolutely necessary to write a post about how the world defines woke – and so here we are.

Let me be direct. I am flabbergasted by the foolishness I have read as to this word’s “official” definition. I have never seen a word’s definition so butchered as this one. It is so far off the path of correctness one has to wonder whom signed off on this debacle in the first place. Erroneous to the highest degree and astonishingly false come to mind. Also disingenuous applies.

Look at this insanity for yourself.

Google’s definition of woke …

Google Defnition of Woke

Dictionary.com’s definition of woke …

Dictionary.com Definition of Woke

Merriam Webster’s definition of woke …

Wikipedia’s definition of woke …

Wikipedia Definition of Woke

These definitions are so erroneous it is laughable. These dictionary writers are sound asleep …

So man lieth down, and riseth not: till the heavens be no more, they shall not awake, nor be raised out of their sleep.

Job 14:12 KJV

Stop the insanity. Here is a real definition of the word woke

woke – To know the true intent and the true origin. The ability to decipher fact from fiction.

Virtuous Dreams

Where “true intent” describes the reason an event came into existence in the first place. Where “true origin” is the direct responsible party of an event transpiring.

I proclaim the real definition is actually a synonym to the word discernment. True woke has no political party. It transcends ages and races and cultures. It is the purest who, what, where, when, why and how account. It is the righteous judgment of the Most High – because the Most High has access to all angles and knowledge of the hearts of men to judge in righteous fashion. To know this is the genuine and real “woke”.

From personal experience of trying to wake up people – I will convey this observation. Pride is the primary enemy here. It can be like a strong armour of scales on a dragon – very tough to penetrate. The prideful are convinced that truth is already in them. How then can actual foreign truth enter in then? The proverbial inn is full. To those that have ears let them hear – but these “woke” I am speaking of are proudly deaf. The Lord refers to these as “the children of Pride” in the Book of Job 41:34. Leviathan is their Father and their God. These people are not righteous. These people are not awake. But they think they are righteous. They think they are awake. Similar to the movie Inception. They are awake in a dream.

I used to ask “why is it so hard to wake up New Agers?” and “why is it so hard to wake up Luciferians?”. Through personal experience I learned exactly why. Pride deflects truth from entering in.

Like this truth for example. They painted a certain slogan on the streets of New York. Do you realize this is a high insult in most cultures? Iran painted the American Flag on the street so that the Iranian people can walk on the American Flag as a high insult.

I saw a man have 4 fundraisers … I mean 4 funerals. Where is the justice for charitable causes that do not give away their charitable funds raised for their charity purposes? That is called fraud. Know a “charity” by it’s fruits.

But scripture must be fulfilled …

For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.

Matthew 24:7 KJV

In this scripture, the word “nation” translates to “ethnos” in Greek – which literally means “an ethnic group”. Race shall rise against race. And have we heard of any pestilences aka “viruses” going around? These are interesting times.

Will you find “social justice” in promoting your race? Promoting any skin color is to naturally demote others by skin color. Demoting others by skin color is the very definition of being a racist. I have never seen rampant, hypocritical racism like this as we do now in our times. Surely there are some corrupt police officers out there. Do you really believe you are wise enough to judge the hearts of police officers when you weren’t there to witness a scene unfold in person? Please.

In conclusion I want to leave you with this allegory. The road to salvation has many detours. Do not take the Luciferian detour (study what a Luciferian believes to avoid this detour). That path leads to Pride. Do not take the Witchcraft detour (study what real witches and warlocks practice to avoid this detour). That path leads to Idolatry. Both of these detours can be found in many modern day churches. Do not take the “Social Justice” detour. That path leads to Wrath. These are all traps.

Instead find peace. Endure to the end. Get saved by learning scripture and following it. Overcome and abandon your vices. Self educate.

The secret is this. Getting saved is the actual awakening.