01 Jul

Ray Carrington Makes Tremendous Youtube Videos

Ray Carrington

I own a very nice television that in theory could show me great TV shows. If only the TV shows themselves were great. It has become harder and harder for me to find anything to view on TV that isn’t saturated in murder, revenge, curses, rebellion, sex, or the occult. I don’t think it was like this just 10 years ago. I do not remember it being like this. Television has fallen so extremely fast. I do still watch some sports. Mind you it isn’t hard to find faults with sports broadcasts either – but at least the content isn’t 100% filth all the time. So I spend my free time browsing the internet finding alternative viewing options that aren’t soaked in evil. I look for Youtube videos that present some truth to me. Remember this. We are all human. It is very difficult to find videos / blog posts that you agree with 100%. But I look for content that might teach me a thing or two. I hope you do the same. I have found some people worth writing about. There are wonderful people in our world ladies and gentlemen. Not perfect people but wonderful people who aren’t sold out to Lucifer. They are a joy to hear from and a breath of fresh air. One of those people is Ray Carrington.

I wrote God Math a few weeks ago. I did it because there is a rising sentiment that nothing is true unless its “scientific” or “has numbers behind it”. And so I was inspired to prove God’s existence to the best of my ability. If you would just give a 50 / 50 proposition on his existence I could show you some things. If you would meet me half way I was able to demonstrate how quickly the numbers avalanche into the favor of his existence. It was an article for the skeptic and the atheist. I have been down that road. I was raised in the house of the Pharisees and I had to spend my days sifting through what I would call “educated lies”. I am no better than the skeptic or the atheist. But I am not a skeptic or atheist. My belief in the God of Abraham and Jesus of Nazareth is intense. And my words and everything I say may be far from perfect. But I put statistics behind the existence of God of Abraham. If you have not read it feel free to read my post God Math. It just may be more entertaining than a TV show.

Let us keep the conversation going on math and statistics. I propose a question. What odds do you place on hell existing? Kind of a unique question. It is common to ask “do you believe in hell?” or “does hell exist?”. These are popular questions. But isn’t that a binary question? At 51% you are going to answer “I think so”. Maybe “yes” but a timid yes. At 49% obviously you will answer “I don’t think so” or “probably not”. Certainly your mind could change. Maybe you assign 80% or even 20% confidence on it. We all have different confidence levels. The sobering reality is that being in the gray doesn’t do you much good. I want to show you a video by Ray Carrington. This is how I found out about Ray. I was on Youtube and I saw his video thumbnail suggested to me as “Celebrities In Hell”. Who isn’t going to click on that? I certainly clicked.

Ray’s vision of celebrities in hell …

Ray’s vision of celebrities in Heaven …

I quickly found out Ray has many fascinating insights on many fascinating things. I found myself binge watching his videos. While the rest of the world binge watches the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones or whatever I binge watch Ray Carrington on Youtube. And praise Jesus King of kings that I did. Let me tell you why. I was one of those people in the gray about the very existence of hell. I was in the gray on Jesus himself. We are told so many lies on a day to day basis. Sometimes its hard to know what to believe. I will tell you why I was in doubt.

I research the occult a lot to be able to write for this website. That is the source of many lies. Most of the occult attacks the Torah (first 5 books of the Old Testament). Mind you that tells you a lot about the truth found in the Torah. But Jesus wasn’t walking in the flesh during the Torah years. I thought “well maybe its just all about the God of Abraham”. You see right there I was in the gray on Jesus himself. I ask for repentance from Jesus about this. I intensely pray for forgiveness about this. It was Ray’s videos that brought me out of the gray 40% and 60% propositions. He corrected my own faulty logic. And maybe he will do that for you too. At worst he will entertain you (probably more than this junk on TV). At best his insights will educate and inspire you. I want to highlight some of his videos below.

Friendship with Father God …


Friendship with Jesus and super cool heaven visions …


On romance in heaven (for the lonely) …


You came for the celebrities in hell. I hope you left with something far greater. I suggest you watch all of the videos on TheRaymond86. Ray will be the first to tell you that he doesn’t want fans. He doesn’t want glorified for this. And that is fine and we should respect that. What matters is his Youtube Channel is high quality content!